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Hospital Raid Team vs. High-Ends is a battle between the Pro Heroes of the Hospital Raid Team against four High-End Nomu.

The Nomu are attempting to buy time for Doctor Garaki to awaken Tomura Shigaraki while the heroes fight to save Mirko and stop Tomura's awakening during the climax of the Jaku Hospital Raid.


As Crust's team struggles against the Super Regenerative abilities of a High-End Nomu blocking the path, Endeavor and other reinforcements arrive. Eraser Head nullifies the large Nomu's Quirk and the two squads of heroes work together to take on the five High-End Nomu guarding Doctor Garaki's evil laboratory.[1]


Heroes vs. High-Ends!

Endeavor immediately flies to the entrance pathway to the inner sanctum of the lab and stops the tentacle-wielding High-End. It was attacking Mirko, who's was fighting the High-End's beforehand and is currently trying to prevent Tomura Shigaraki from re-awakening.

The Flame Hero smashes the High-End head into the ground with a powerful flaming punch, however, layers of bone manage to protect its head. Eraser Head was late to spot this High-End with his Quirk and asks Endeavor to finish that one off quickly, promoting Endeavor to heat up his fist further.

Shoot Shield!

At the same time, Crust thrusts his shields into the body of the elephant-like High-End while Present Mic fends off the Woman High-End with his Voice Quirk. The Woman High-End quickly surmises that Eraser Head is the one nullifying her Quirks and uses her speed to move out of his path of sight.

X-Less attempts to stop her with his Laser Quirk but it only hits her arm and she heals moments later. After hiding behind the tanks within the laboratory, Woman activates her Liquification and Rupture Quirks, creating a barrage of liquid bullets.

Reinforcements arrive to take on the High-Ends.

Crust expands his shields to defend the team except for Endeavor, who's hit and knocked off guard, allowing the High-End he was holding down to use its tentacles to pierce Mirko's body and drag her away before she completely destroys Tomura's healing tank. Endeavor prioritizes saving Mirko and uses his flaming speed to get her out of harms way. She yells outside to the others, telling them that Tomura and the Doctor are inside the inner sanctum, and they must be stopped at all costs.[2]

The High-Ends are no match for the teamwork of the heroes.

While the Flame Hero cauterizes the Rabbit Hero's wounds, Woman surprise attacks the No. 1 Hero, demanding he entertains her further. Thanks to Eraser head constantly nullifying the High-End's Quirks, the Heroes are able to fight them back. He knows he must stay in the outer area to deal with these Nomu, so he asks Mic and X-Less to go further inside the lab. The tentacle High-End guards the entrance, but Crust knocks it off balance using his Super Move: Shoot Shield!

Thanks to Crust's quick save, X-less and Present Mic are able to make it inside the laboratory just as the Mad Doctor prepares to awaken Tomura. Present Mic uses his Ultimate Move: Loud Voice to shatter the tank completely, stopping the doctor. Present Mic restrains the Doctor while X-Less tends to Tomura, who's apparently stopped breathing

The High-Ends nearly defeated.

Moments later, the remaining members of the Hospital Raid Team enter the lair and back up the others. Ryukyu and Kido use their abilities to restrain Woman, allowing Endeavor to land a finishing blow that decapitates her instantly.[3] Present Mic attempts to bring the Doctor to the outer area where he can order the High-Ends to stop rampaging, but Tomura Shigaraki suddenly awakens, surprising X-Less.

The three remaining High-Ends are all but defeated by the heroes overwhelming numbers. However, the inner area of the lab is instantly consumed by Tomura's incredible decaying power.[4]


Upon awakening, Tomura begins destroying everything.

Gran Torino quickly swoops in to grab Present Mic before the decay kills him and the Doctor. As he flies away, Gran Torino warns the others to retreat and avoid the decay at all costs. Before long, the outer area of the lab begins to crumble away. Ryukyu grabs a number of heroes and tries to save Eraser Head as well, but a Nomu grabs his leg before he can jump on the dragon's back.

Crust sacrifices his life to save Eraser Head and cuts the Nomu's arm off with Shoot Shield, allowing Ryukyu to carry him away from danger. The heroes with flying capabilities including Endeavor, Gran Torino, and Ryukyu try to carry the others away at top speed as the hospital begins to collapse from the quickly spreading decay.

Outside, Wash attempts to use his Quirk to lift civilians to safety. Pixie-Bob attempts to use Earth-Flow to stop the decay but it's to no avail. Before long, the destruction spreads across the city, symbolizing Tomura preparing to tear down everything the heroes have built.[5]


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