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Hospital Raid Team & Trainees vs. Tomura Shigaraki is a battle between a few Pro Heroes who survived the destruction of the Hospital Raid Team and hero student trainees against the Grand Commander of Paranormal Liberation Front Tomura Shigaraki during the Paranormal Liberation War.


Only a few heroes manage to escape the destruction of Tomura.

The heroes had managed to storm the laboratory under Jaku Hospital and stop Tomura's adaptation process with the All For One when he was at 75%. However, despite being declared dead, Tomura awakens after experiencing a dream-like state where he saw his family and his master. While at Jaku City, Izuku can feel that the vestiges are warning him that something terrible is about to happen and looks at the hospital.

Seeing the lab overflowing by heroes, Tomura unleashes a massive wave of Decay that utterly obliterates everything and everyone around him. The heroes are forced to beat a full-scale retreat, but Tomura's Decay expands far more rapidly than before and most of them don't make it out alive. Only a few heroes manage to escape from the hospital before it’s destroyed, taking doctor Garaki with them.

The wave of destruction continues to spread, reaching Jaku City in the span of seconds.[1] Deku and Shoto use their Quirks to try and stop it, to no avail. Seeing the devastation from Tomura’s Quirk, Burnin orders everyone to flee, grabbing the civilians in arm’s length they run. She tries reaching out to the Hospital Raid Team hoping for a response on the situation, but receives none.

Endeavor immediately rushes to confront Tomura.

In the wake of the destruction, there's nothing left the area anymore but a giant crater. Tomura approaches a Quirk Erasing bullets machine, which he had avoided destroying with his attack, but had been damaged during the heroes' raid. Tomura laments that only a few bullets can be useful. Suddenly, he hears a voice in his head and is confused by the intrusion in his thoughts. Ignoring this, he notices that he now has control over his Decay Quirk, and picks up a communication device from the ground and summons Gigantomachia, telling him to bring everyone towards him.

Coming from the sky, he sees Endeavor falling towards him like a raging meteor, determined to stop Tomura from escaping and causing more destruction. Tomura just greets the Number One hero almost casually.[2]


Endeavor engulfs Tomura in a sea of flames.

As he sees Endeavor approaching him ready to attack, Tomura gets distracted when the voice urges him to get the One For All, unconsciously activating the Quirk Search. This distraction makes him unable to avoid Endeavor's scorching Super Move Hell's Curtain. Endeavor unleashes a large number of flames, trapping and engulfing Tomura in a fiery inferno, assuring him that he has no way to escape from.

Even though Tomura is on fire, Endeavor does not intend to allow him to take any step further, and decides to neutralize him as soon as possible with a Jet Burn. Before he releases his attack, Tomura jumps out of the flames in his direction and tries to touch him with his hand, but Endeavor bends backwards to dodge it. The hero is surprised by his speed and especially that he has managed to resist the intense heat of the flames. And then he realizes that Tomura has Super Regeneration that allows him to withstand the burns.

Tomura blasts Endeavor with Air Cannon.

Using his flames to spin in midair, Endeavor grabs Tomura, throwing him violently against the ground without releasing him, and continues to burn him. The Hero radios in and orders all the heroes that can move without touching the ground to create a perimeter around them. One of Tomura's hands emerges from the flames to try to touch him again, but Endeavor successfully grabs it. Suddenly, Tomura uses his new Air Cannon Quirk to blow him far away.

Tomura realizes he has inherited all the Quirks his master collected with his Quirk. Before continuing to fight Endeavor, Tomura salvages a couple of Quirk-Destroying bullets from the wrecked machine and pockets them. He also retrieves the amputated hand that he uses as a mask as Endeavor charges back at him.

Deku realizes Tomura is after One For all.

As he fights the number one hero, Tomura feels that despite all the incredible new powers he has, he doesn’t feel satisfied, as if something of his is still missing. The voice inside him tells him what it is, and Tomura mentions out loud that he must get the One For All. Endeavor, who was close to him when he said that, radios this information to his sidekick Burnin. Although she doesn't know what that words mean, she replies that help is on his way. She doesn't realize that Deku has overheard her conversation. The second she mentions the words "One For All," Deku figures out Tomura is after him.

Burnin orders the students and civilians to evacuate with the Heroes as Deku tries calling out to her with no avail. Using the Search Quirk stolen from Ragdoll, Tomura pinpoints Deku’s location, and urged by the desire to get the One For All, he stops fighting and jumps away in his direction. Endeavor pursues him, reporting that Tomura is heading to the evacuation zone for some reason, and gives the proper orders.

Deku and Bakugo plan to lure Tomura away for the evacuation area.

As all the others start worrying about Tomura's arrival, Deku is aware that if he remains there, he will endanger civilians, heroes and his classmates, so he immediately starts leaping away from them, to lead Tomura to a deserted area. Bakugo, who also knows what is happening, decides to follow him. Shoto and Ochaco call them out, but Deku claims they have to go to other direction. Then he contacts Endeavor via the private frequency and tells him that Tomura is looking for him.[3]

Endeavor, while pursuing Tomura, is confused by Deku. He promises he will explain later, but now he needs him to tell the direction Tomura is taking, as the dust and smoke is obstructing his vision. Endeavor is about to tell him he doesn't have time for that, when suddenly Tomura lands on the ground to locate Deku's position at that moment. Endeavor attacks him with a blast of fire. However, Tomura dodges and changes his direction. Endeavor tells Deku that he is heading southwest, and Deku says he will buy time for evacuation before hanging up. Endeavor immediately informs the rest of the heroes Tomura is heading southwest, and he has a Super Regeneration Quirk.

Tomura disables the Heroes' communications.

While in the air, Tomura becomes frustrated with the fact that the heroes are communicating electronically. To get off Endeavor and disrupt communications, he uses Air Cannon Quirk in conjunction with a Radio Waves Quirk, to release a blast that jams all the communicators. After pinpointing Deku once more, Tomura finally catches up with him and Bakugo. He reaches his hand out to Deku, demanding to hand over One For All, as both students experiences the image of their deaths.

Right before Tomura can make contact, Gran Torino saves them by dragging Deku and Bakugo away to safety. He explains that he heard everything over the comms, and that they should not fface Tomura, because his Decay is now much more powerful and now has All For One. Deku tries to protest but Gran Torino reminds him that there are other Heroes that can still fight, and as powerful as he has become, he can't beat all of them.

Ryukyu ready to send Tomura into the air with a claw slap.

Sure enough, as soon as Tomura steps on the ground, Ryukyu attacks him in her Dragon form and swipes him with her claws. Tomura catches Ryuku's claw, believing she'd be disintegrated by now, but to his shock, the Decay doesn’t work, and he gets swatted into the air. In turns out that Eraser Head is using his Erasure to cancel Tomura's Quirks. Although he does not know why Deku and Bakugo are there, he angrily states to Tomura that he won't allow him to lay a single finger on his students. Tomura sees him and, as a call back of their first battle at U.A, he says he is rather cool.[4]

As more and more heroes appear to face him, Tomura decides to implement a backup plan so, while still in the air, he uses the communicator to command an unknown recipient to kill anyone in sight. Meanwhile, Eraser Head is being helped by Rock Lock and Manual because his leg was crippled by a Nomu. Manual is also using his Quirk to moisturize Eraser Head’s eyes and prevent him from blinking, so that Eraser can use his Erasure on Tomura uninterrupted.

Tomura dodges Endeavor's flaming attacks.

With Tomura still in the air, Ryukyu calls for Endeavor, who charges towards his sidekick Kido as he forms a loop with his bandages for Endeavor to fly through. He uses his Traject Quirk to change Endeavor's trajectory straight up at Tomura. Upon reaching him, Endeavor unleashes a large blast of fire but Tomura dodges it, though his left arm gets burnt.

Heroes are shocked that Tomura managed to push himself aside, as his Quirks are supposed to be nullified. Eraser Head also claims that at no point has he stopped using his Erasure on him. This makes Endeavor realize that Tomura hadn't been using Quirks to perform the large leaps from before or to move around in midair, but rather he's been using sheer raw strength. It is revealed, by a restrained Kyudai, that Tomura's strength may not be on par with All Might's, but is still outstanding. Eraser Head even compares Tomura to a perfected Nomu. Calling him a monster, Ryukyu flies towards Tomura, only for the latter to use his enhanced strength to position himself just above Endeavor and slam him right down at her, sending both heroes plummeting into the ground.

Meanwhile, Gran Torino drops off Deku and Bakugo to a safe place as he orders them to get as far away from Tomura as possible. Both Deku and Bakugo want to fight Tomura, but Gran Torino refuses to let them do so. Since Tomura is now the owner of All For One, they cannot take the risk of him taking the chance to steal One For All from Deku. Gran Torino states that if Deku lost One For All, that would be the worst-case scenario. They see a large amount of heroes descend on the villain, but are immediately shocked when they see Tomura's backup plan kick in: more than twenty Nomu show up and attack the reinforcements. The confused Heroes wonder how they survived.

Tomura triumphantly standing over Endeavor and Ryukyu.

Back with Tomura, he stands triumphantly on the defeated Endeavor and Ryukyu. To add insult to injury, he raises his right arm, copying the triumphant pose Endeavor did at Kyushu, although mockingly asking him if he’s raising the wrong arm. Enraged, Endeavor tries to strike him again but Tomura dodges and moves away from him, telling that even though he now has better control over his Decay, he wasn’t able to save every one of them. While being detained, Dr. Garaki calls them Near High-End Nomu, as they lack the intelligence of the High-Ends and haven't entered the testing phase yet.

Two of the Near High-End Nomu begin to rush towards Eraser Head, and Gran Torino moves to his location to protect him and tells Deku and Bakugo to hide. The Nomu are intercepted by Native and Kesagiri Man, but Tomura also dashes towards Eraser Head, intending to take out the Hero due to his Erasure being a nuisance to him. Shota is worried if he will die, but refuses to let himself be killed since he still needs to watch over and protect his students.

Deku rams Tomura in order to protect his teacher

Rock Lock readies to defend Eraser Head from Tomura as Gran Torino tries to tackle him, but neither of them manages to stop the villain, who bypasses them and reaches his hand out to strike Eraser Head. Suddenly, to Gran Torino's and Eraser Head's surprise, Deku flies in and intercepts Tomura, pushing him away from his teacher. Bakugo also arrives, declaring that this time, it's their turn to save him.[5] Deku yells that as long as Tomura's Quirk are erased, he and Bakugo can fight him too, and proclaims that the worst-case scenario they could face is losing his teacher. Speechless, Eraser Head remembers the day he told Deku that he could never be a Hero with his power.

While Deku restrains Tomura with Blackwhip, Bakugo strikes the villain with A.P. Machine Gun, unleashing multiple blast in rapid succession. Tomura is barely affected by Bakugo's attack, dismissing it as “mere fireworks”, as he moves towards him. Noticing Deku is holding him back with his tendrils, he uses his enormous strength to stand right in front of Bakugo, dragging Deku with him. Since he is no longer interested in Bakugo, Tomura decides to finish him off.

Endeavor attacks Tomura while he was dealing both Deku and Bakugo.

Suddenly, Endeavor returns and blasts Tomura away from the two students. Endeavor asks the two of them where his son is, and Deku answers that it is just him and Bakugo present. Tomura endures the attack, and Gran Torino comments that Tomura's strength is beyond human. Deku is shocked when Endeavor thinks it’s almost on par with All Might's. Nevertheless, Eraser says that as long as he erases his Quirks, they can still win the battle.

Tomura rushes towards Deku to try and steal One For All, but as he does, he hears the voice in his mind once again, and when he demands the student he gives him One For All, he ends up calling him his "little brother". This leaves both of them confused, which distracts Tomura for long enough for Endeavor to attack him with Hell Spider. As he dodges the beams of fire, Tomura realizes that it wasn't him who said that, but the manifestation of All For One’s will speaking through him, which has some lingering mental power over him.

Endeavor strikes Tomura with Vanishing Fist.

As he fights the heroes in the real world, Tomura has some kind of confrontation with All For One’s image inside his mind. Though grateful for his aid, he actually looks down on him for being defeated by All Might. After declaring he is going to be even greater than him, independent of his master's will, Tomura shreds the mental image of his former master in his mind

As soon as he got rid of the influence of All For One, Gran Torino strikes Tomura with a kick and tells the villain to stop trampling over Nana Shimura's memory, though Tomura doesn't know who he is talking about. Tomura sees behind Gran Torino that Endeavor is approaching to attack him. Using his strength, he frees himself from Gran Torino by striking him and knocks down Endeavor, making a straight dash towards Deku. However, he does not realize that he is falling into a trap. Suddenly, Bakugo appears over him, yelling that Deku is acting as bait before unleashing a huge explosion from his gauntlets. Tomura is unable to dodge the blast, and the explosion leaves him open for Endeavor, who uses his Super Move: Vanishing Fist, striking Tomura square in the chest.[6]

The constant attacks on Tomura leave him seriously wounded, but his will remains strong and refuses to submit. Because of this, when Endeavor assures him that the heroes will not allow someone like him to triumph, no matter how much power he gains, Tomura uses the exact words of his father to reply that heroes hurt their families for the sake of others,[7] and lectures everyone saying that heroes simply pretend to promote justice and help, when they actually turn a blind eye to many flaws of the current Hero society instead of addressing them, which has resulted in creating the dichotomy of Heroes and Villains; something he believes the Heroes are incapable of understanding.

Gran Torino is brutally crushed by Tomura.

Endeavor responds to Tomura's rant by shooting a blast of fire, sarcastically thanking him for his monologue because it gave him some time to cool down. To his shock though, Tomura dodges by jumping into the air, hovering right above him. Endeavor finds it hard to believe that Tomura can still move despite all the damage he received. Before Tomura can attack the flame hero, Gran Torino quickly pounces on him, smashing his head into the ground. Tomura swings at Torino but misses when the veteran hero jumps back. However, Tomura pushes himself off the ground, grabbing Gran Torino’s left leg and crushes it before slamming him into the ground.

As Deku, Endeavor, and Bakugo try to reach him, Gran Torino witnesses the twisted and warped face of Tomura. This make him recall the moment when Nana left her son at a foster care for his own protection, deliberately altered the family registry to cut all connections so All For One wouldn’t find him. Despite the good intentions, seeing the monster her grandson has become, makes the Hero question if the choice the two of them made was right. Tomura punches straight through Gran Torino's chest, severely injuring him.

Ryukyu catches Tomura before he can attack Eraser Head.

Deku screams in anguish upon witnessing his mentor be pummeled, and charges at Tomura, who only says "power" as he takes something from his pocket. Endeavor orders Deku to stay back, but he ignores it and attacks with Blackwhip. However, Tomura increases his speed and bypasses both him and Bakugo as he is aiming for Eraser Head. Ryukyu appears and grabs him with her draconian claws in order to stop him. However, Tomura's impulse drags her several meters, with his left arm nailed in her hands. Despite this proof of power, Tomura begins to realize that he’s running out of stamina.

Deku grabs Tomura with his Blackwhip, proclaiming that he will never forgive him. Tomura, in turn, says that he won't forgive anyone as he elbows Deku right in the stomach, forcing him to spit up blood. Despite the blow, Deku endures it and maintains his composure by remembering the fifth user's advice of turning his rage into strength, and binds Tomura with Blackwhip as Endeavor charges for one more shot. Tomura, however, has one more secret weapon that the heroes ignore.

Deku tries to smash Tomura to stop him.

He sticks his other hand in the same pocket as before, and as it turns out, that is where he keeps the Quirk-Destroying Bullets, which the Heroes don't know he has. Tomura pulls out a bullet with his right hand while his left digs through Ryukyu's claws carrying another bullet, and his intended target to shoot is Eraser Head.[8]

Enraged by what he did to Gran Torino, Deku activates the One For All 100% with the intention of hitting Tomura, just as the villain manages to pierce Ryukyu's claws. Despite this, the dragon hero notices that what he is holding are the bullets from the Shie Hassaikai Raid and warns the others about it. Deku immediately strikes Tomura with Wyoming Smash to stop him, while Bakugo manages to destroy one of the bullets that he held in his right hand. However, despite their efforts, Tomura grabs Deku's arm with his teeth to prevent further damage, as he hurls the other Quirk-Destroying bullet at Eraser Head, successfully hitting him in his crippled right leg.

Tomura about to crush Shota's head.

Thanks to Ryukyu's previous warning, and thinking about Eri, Shota is able to quickly and rationally use his knife to slice his leg off to prevent the rest of the drug from spreading and destroying his Erasure. Tomura, who is still biting Deku's arm, can't help but think how cool Eraser is by doing that. Nevertheless, because of amputating his own leg Shota's gaze wasn't focused on Tomura, so he's finally free to use his Quirks for a brief moment.

Tomura suddenly unleashes a shockwave to break free of Deku and Ryukyu as well to propel himself straight to Eraser Head in order to kill him. After dodging Endeavor's attack, Tomura grabs Shota's head ready to crush it. After yelling that the game is over, Tomura digs his fingers into Shota's face. Deku manages to catch his legs with Blackwhip and yanks him back at the same time Tomura is struck by a pillar of ice from Shoto. Tomura recalls that when he used Search he detected him following Deku and Bakugo.

Deku sends Tomura flying with an enhanced punch.

Deku strikes Tomura in the gut and sends him flying away from his teacher before going over to him. To his horror, he sees that Tomura had managed to wound his face, damaging his eyes and deactivating his Quirk. As a result, Tomura heals himself with his Super Regeneration. As he menacingly looks to the Heroes, he claims that as much as they delayed it, the only fate that awaits them is total destruction.[9]

Upon seeing his son, Endeavor calls him out, to which he replies that he went to help Ryukyu, and creates ice to help his father cool off. At Eraser Head's position, Rock Lock and Manual are tending his wounds using his binding cloth, with the former telling Deku to get out of there now that Erasure is no longer in effect, but an even more enraged Deku refuses to stand down.

Tomura's body begins to fail.

Tomura announces that it’s time for the heroes to die and prepares to attack again. However, something unexpected happens: his body suddenly tears apart. Tomura wonders why his body isn't healing itself with his Super Regeneration, and he asks Deku the date. Deku realizes that that Tomura’s power is too much for his body, which cannot keep up with it. All of this is because his Quirk Compatibility was cut short before completion at 75%. Having reached its limit, Tomura's body cannot maintain All For One for longer without being damaged by the enormous power it contains, similar to Deku's early experiences with One For All. Nevertheless, Tomura's regeneration finally kicks in, and he decides to end the battle once and for all by unleashing a massive wave of Decay.

Before his hand reaches the ground, Deku jumps as high as possible into the air while carrying everyone with Blackwhip. To the surprise of many, they do not fall to the ground after the jump, but they remain in the air. A semi-unconscious Gran Torino is delighted to see this, as it indicates that Deku has activated Nana Shimura's Quirk: Float for the first time. Deku gets in close to Tomura and declares that he will finish him off with everything that he has.[10]

Deku punches Tomura with all his might.

Knowing that he cannot allow Tomura to touch the ground again to unleash another wave of mass destruction, Deku decides to keep it in the air as long as possible and attack him with everything he has. When he realizes his control over Blackwhip is decreasing, Deku releases his allies and tells them to protect the wounded. Endeavor commands his son to give them first aid, frustrated at the fact that he can't be fighting Tomura too.

Bakugo yells to Deku that he needs to stay away from Tomura now that Eraser Head can't use his Quirk on him. Deku yells back that at the moment he is the only one who can keep Tomura in the air. The villain taunts him by saying that if he likes the sky so much, he promises to send him and everyone else straight to heaven once he takes One For All from him.

Deku overuses One For All's full power.

Deku yells he won't let him hurt anyone anymore as he drags Tomura closer to him with Blackwhip, and with One For All at 100%, he delivers a flying kick to Tomura, who endures it as he is becoming resistant to his 100% attacks. However, Deku notes that the damage is sticking as his regeneration is working more slowly than before. Knowing One For All is a power passed down to fight All For One, Deku throws every attack he can think at full power in order to finish Tomura for good, without caring about injuring himself in the process. And he begins by striking a powerful punch straight into Tomura's gut.[11]

Despite the pain, Deku continues his assault on Tomura, striking him with Detroit Smash, Wyoming Smash, and St. Louis Smash, drawing Tomura again and again towards him with Blackwhip after each blow. Tomura can hardly endure such punishment, as the damage dealt to him is exceeding his Super Regeneration and curses the Heroes for pushing him this far to his limits. Tomura prepares to attack Deku, declaring that One For All is in the way of his dream; a statement Deku says is One For All's purpose before drawing Tomura once more to strike him again with Texas Smash.

While Tomura tries to think of a Quirk who can help him deal with Deku who continues unleashing devastating attacks against Tomura, with no intention of sparing his own body or the villain. The scope is so great that massive blasts emanate from the blows.

Endeavor cremates Tomura with Prominence Burn.

On the ground, everyone is stunned by Deku's display of power, but Bakugo, who knows about One For All and knows Deku's limits better than anyone, claims that he won't be able to continue fighting like this for long, especially against someone who can regenerate. Much to everyone's horror, he states in that battle of endurance, Deku will lose in a few minutes, and the result will be that Tomura stealing his Quirk.

Knowing this, Bakugo tells Endeavor and Shoto his plan: Endeavor has to hold off his flames until he gets him up in the air and Shoto to cool his father off for as long as possible. They both agree to do it, as Rock Lock starts to worry if their plan will work. But the minute Shoto tells him to take care of their teacher, he remembers he already acknowledged the children as Heroes. All three of them fly into the air.

Endeavor then tells Bakugo to aim for when Blackwhip is completely extended and when he gets up there, the two need to get back to the ground or they may get caught in the blast. When the conditions required by Endeavor are met, Bakugo and Shoto launch Endeavor at the villain. Endeavor charges in and holds Tomura, yelling for Deku to get away as he incinerates Tomura with a point-blank Prominence Burn.

Bakugo is seriously injured after he pushes Deku away from Tomura's attack.

While Tomura is burning alive and is on the verge of death, a vision of All For One reappears in his mind and tells Tomura to lend his body in order to help him. Tomura seemingly relents because in the next instant, he activates Rivet Stab to impale Endeavor with black tendrils emitting from his back, injuring him enough for him to let him go and fall again. As he falls, Endeavor can't believe he's still alive. The charred Tomura says something unintelligible before firing the wires at Deku, calling him his 'little brother'.

In that moment, completely parallel to what happened back in middle school, Bakugo, without even thinking, pushes Deku out of the way and receives the full force of the attack.[12]

Tomura faces an enraged Deku.

Bakugo tells Deku to stop trying to win this own his own. Meanwhile "Tomura", says to someone else to "cut it out" as he releases him from the black wires. Deku watches in shock as Bakugo falls to the ground badly injured, being caught by Shoto after he grabbed his father. Speaking through Tomura, All For One mocks the sacrifice of the heroes and especially Bakugo's, which snaps Deku, feeling a strange and painful sensation in his head. Blinded by rage, Deku attacks "Tomura", destroying the tendrils on his way, telling him to take back what he said.

Tomura is shocked at Deku's wrath, but within him, All For one is delighted, as Deku’s anger leaves him open to being touched by his enemy. "Tomura" takes the opportunity and puts his hand on Deku's face and proceeds to extract One For All. But all does not go as planned, as the move brings Deku and his foe into his mindscape. There Deku sees the vestige of All For One trying to merge with Tomura, who tries to reject him. Seeing this, Deku tries to move but falls. The vestige of Nana Shimura appears to help Deku.[13]

The first user praises Deku and protects him from AFO.

When he notices Nana, All For One mocks her while introducing her to Tomura. Then, All For One begins to explain about the consciousness embedded in Quirks and his ability to interact with those consciousnesses. Nana tries to talk to her grandson, but he tells her that he hates her too, and unleashes a wave of Decay against her and Deku while his master applauds him. Enraged by his interference, Tomura attempts to destroy All For One too.

Suddenly, the first One For All user appears and stops the eroding. All For One teases his little brother's stating that Deku is an unworthy successor, and combines his powers with Tomura’s to take One For All. The First Holder rebukes his brother's statement, with Nana Shimura protecting him. They fight one another in a tug of war generating a grand explosion.

Tomura stands up as he tries to reject All For One's presence within him.

Deku wakes up from the dream as he and Tomura fall away from one another in the sky. Deku realizes they failed to steal One For All. Inside the unconscious Tomura's mind, All For One claims that it was due to his body not being fully adapted to his new Quirk. He tells him that his body needs to reach perfection and to retreat, while Deku pleads with Tomura to stop moving.[14]

Shoto catches Deku with his back, while still carrying his father and holding Bakugo's leg. They land pretty roughly but, to Shoto’s relief, the three of them are still alive. Then Shoto tells them that he is going to tend to their injuries. To their horror, just as he is about to administer first aid, Shoto, Deku and Endeavor see that Tomura is still active, using his Rivet Stab Quirk to produce numerous tendrils from his hands and back to be able to move. Within the villain, there is there is a clash of wills as All For One tells him to retreat but Tomura refuses to follow his instructions.

Tenya and Nejire arrive to help the heroes.

Suddenly, he gets blasted by Nejire Chan's Wave Motion as Ingenium runs to Shoto reporting that Gigantomachia is making his way to their current location. Manual and Rock Lock are moving the wounded Eraser Head, Gran Torino and Ryukyu are moved away from the battlefield. The former is so surprised to see Tenya there that can't help but call out his name. This draws Nejire's attention, who, upon seeing her mentor so beaten-up, glares angrily at Tomura.

Shoto tells Ingenium to get Deku and the others out of the there, but Deku orders him to focus their efforts on helping Bakugo and Endeavor, as he needs to stay close to Tomura because he is still after his Quirk. Shoto notices that Tomura is weakened after so much fighting, and states that him and Nejire can take him down. Tomura doesn't hide his displeasure after seeing that more maggots have appeared to face him, before resuming the confrontation.

Shoto and Nejire attack Tomura while avoiding his black tendrils, but in the distance, the imposing figure of Gigantomachia finally comes closer and closer to aid his master in battle, having passed through several cities and defeated all that tried to stop him.[15] All For One is glad for Gigantomachia’s timing, as Tomura is on the brink of collapse from the injuries sustained during the previous fight against Deku and Endeavor, despite having activated Rivet Stab from Tomura's spinal cord with auto tracking to reduce the burden placed on his body and mind. Now all he needs to do is order Gigantomachia to force retreat.

Shoto and Nejire desperately attempt to finish off Tomura.

Shoto also notices the behemoth is coming, and is aware that there is no way for Nejire and him to fight both Gigantomachia and Tomura simultaneously, so he decides that the best option is to defeat Tomura as soon as possible since he's already on his last legs. Both he and Nejire decide to attack Tomura at the same time with their respective super moves. Shoto unleashes a Jet Kindling attack in conjunction with Nejire's Nejire Flood at 100% output. Both attacks strike Tomura at the same time. It looks like he's finally going to be defeated, but then Endeavor yells at the students to run.

Gigantomachia has finally arrived, swatting them aside with his giant hand in order to save his master.[16]


Although he does not hit anyone, Gigantomachia's attack is so powerful that the others try to protect themselves as best they can from the calamity he generates. Ingenium walks away with Bakugo in his arms, yelling at Shoto and Nejire Chan in worry. At that moment Bakugo regains consciousness and weakly tells him to put him down. He tells him that he can’t because of how injured he is but Bakugo insists on achieving a perfect victory.

Gigantomachia finally arrives to save his master.

Gigantomachia brings the now unconscious Tomura close to his back while awaiting his next order, placing him on his back where Spinner tries to tend him. Endeavor managed to move Deku away and approached his son to help him. Endeavor internally apologizes to Hawks for Gigantomachia being allowed to move at all. However, as Japan's top hero, despite being seriously injured and not knowing any weaknesses his enemy might have, Endeavor is willing to give his life to take down Gigantomachia.

Suddenly Dabi emerges from the giant villain’s back, announcing his arrival to Endeavor on the ground, pleasantly realizing that Shoto is also there. Endeavor angrily calls out Dabi's name, but the villain states thats no way to address him, after all, he has a great name. As he washes off the black coloration on his white hair. Dabi then reveals that his true identity is that of Toya Todoroki.

His proclamation shocked everyone but not as much as Endeavor and Shoto, who are horrified to their very core.[16]


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