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Hospital Raid Team & Lemillion vs. Near High-Ends is a battle between a large force of Pro Heroes and Lemillion against a group of Near High-End Nomu during the Paranormal Liberation War.


After destroying the Jaku General Hospital and causing many casualties among the heroes, Tomura Shigaraki goes after Deku with the goal of snatching One For All from him. Several of the surviving heroes such as Endeavor, Eraser Head, and Ryukyu confront him to stop him.[1] More surviving heroes from the Hospital Raid Team assist them in battle, and a much larger group led by Burnin head from Jaku City to where they are.

Tomura summons the Near High-End Nomus.

Even with his upgraded body and multiples Quirks, Tomura understands that he cannot deal with all of them alone, so to avoid the arrival of reinforcements, he has a backup plan. As the heroes descend on him, he summons more than twenty Nomu, commanding them to kill anyone in sight. These are the Near High-End, Nomu that haven't reached the testing phase to be classified as High-End. They can’t think for themselves but they maintain great strength.

Previously, when he used his Quirk to destroy the hospital, Tomura was able to control the Decay wave enough to prevent it from destroying most of these creatures and thus, be able to use them later. He decides to use them now to prevent anyone else from interfering with his goal of obtaining the Quirk One For All.[2]


Heroes face the new threat.

Following their master’s command, the Near High-End Nomus rush against the heroes who came to help Endeavor, Deku and the others against Tomura, unleashing a bloody battle between both forces. Two of the Near High-Ends break away from the group to attack Eraser Head, but some of the heroes who survived the destruction of the Hospital, such as Native and Kesagiri Man, intercept them before they have the chance.

Despite the numerical superiority of the heroes, the Near High-End are powerful creatures, and soon the first heroes are killed by them. With their intervention, Endeavor and a few other allies have to fight Tomura on their own.[2] As the confrontation carries out, only a few allies from both sides reach where they are to support them respectively. While all this is happening, the confrontation between pro heroes and Near High-End Nomus does not stop either, with several casualties both sides. During the first half hour, the heroes had managed to take down half of the Nomu, but in return they had lost more than half of their own.

Burnin is saved from being killed by Mirio.

On Tomura's front, the hero Best Jeanist had used his Quirk to bind him and several of his allies with carbon fiber wires. Having received a signal from their master for assistance, four of the Near High-End Nomu stop fighting the heroes, break away and run towards Tomura’s location. Burnin notes that four Nomus, surprised that in the last minutes of battle the creatures have gotten more and more coordinated. She immediately goes out in pursuit to stop him, unaware that a leech-like Nomu approaches her from behind ready to attack her. Luckily, before it could do any damage, Lemillion suddenly appears, and punches the Nomu away from her, then heads in the same direction the four Near High End took.[3]

The battle between the pro heroes and the Near High End continues, until only eleven of these creatures remain alive.[4]


All For One fleeing from the heroes.

Suddenly, something unexpected happens in Tomura’s front. After being knocked unconscious, All For One's will takes control of his body, and uses Radio Waves to send signals to the surviving Near High-End. Suddenly all the Nomus stop fighting against the heroes, and following the orders sent by their master, they all go to where he is to rescue him and a few allies of his and take them out of the battlefield. Despite Deku and his allies try to avoid this, the Nomu achieve their mission.[4]

Soon after, All For One uses several Nomu to protect their withdrawal against the heroes. The Near High-End’s distraction tactics ensure that he, Spinner, Dabi, Skeptic, and seven others escape while the others are destroyed by the heroes. Hours later that evening, despite their recent escape, All For One gives the Near High-End Nomu a new order; To free his main body from Tartarus prison.[5]


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