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The Hospital Raid Team was a joint alliance between several prominent Pro Heroes led by Endeavor and the Police Force led by Naomasa Tsukauchi. They were formed in order for a mission to raid Jaku General Hospital in order to arrest Doctor Kyudai Garaki and Tomura Shigaraki.


The team storms into Jaku Hospital.

Naomasa Tsukauchi and the Police Force assembled a team of Heroes in order to raid Jaku Police Hospital in order to take Kyudai Garaki and Tomura Shigaraki into custody. Thanks to the help of an agent within the Hero Public Safety Commission and an insider who went undercover within the hospital. After ascertaining ample evidence that Doctor Garaki is in fact the creator of the Nomu, masquerading as the founder of Jaku Hospital, the team began their mission.

Endeavor led the majority of the team to confront and capture the evil Doctor directly. Mandalay and several other heroes evacuated the hospital, anticipating the appearance of Nomu. Mirko headed straight into the lair of the evil Doctor to search for Tomura, and discovered Nomu appearing to confront the heroes.

The entire team joins the fight against the High-Ends.

A large scale battle breaks out between the Heroes and the Nomu. Doctor Garaki is revealed to be a double created by Twice's duplicated Quirk. Mirko and Crust go ahead deeper into the Doctor's evil lair to find his true body. Without an escape route, Kyudai is forced to awaken the High-Ends. He ordered them to defend him while he accelerates the process to awaken Tomura.

Mirko took on four High-Ends alone and was able to initially hold the advantage. However, her injuries piled up and Crust was unable to assist due to a larger High-End blocking his path. Mirko realized her drastic situation and made a direct line for Tomura and the tank he's resting within. The High-Ends impeded her path but Endeavor and the others eventually arrived to back her up.

Reinforcements continued to arrive until most of the High-Ends were been defeated and the Heroes flooded the inner sanctum of the evil doctor.


The Hospital Raid Team is one half of the largest alliance of Pro Heroes ever assembled. The Hospital Raid team was created to infiltrate Doctor Garaki's base, evacuate the hospital, defeat the Nomu and capture the linchpins of the evil organizations.

Such a task required incredible firepower, teamwork and overall strength in numbers. By working together, the Hospital Raid Team was able to quickly and efficiently clear out the Nomu sent to repel them. Mirko alone was able to contend with four High-End Nomu during the early stages of their awakening. With pure numbers and excellent coordination, the entire team was able to overpower all five High-Ends.

Evacuation Team

A subgroup lead by Endeavor's sidekick Burnin consisting of hero student trainees to evacuate Jaku City.


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