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Hopper's Cafe (ホッパーズ カフェ Hoppāzu Kafe?) is a cat cafe-shop run by the brothers Ichiro and Jiro Hotta along with their friend Kirihito Kamachi.


Hopper's Cafe staff.

Hopper's Cafe is located in a low-rise building at east Naruhata. Since the establishment is a theme café whose attraction is cats, inside there are several cat trees. The place is also conditioned for customers of different physical conditions, with bathrooms adapted for large-size one.

The staff is made up reformed minor criminals, like the Hotta brothers, former Trigger dealers, and Kirihito Kamachi, Ikajiro Takobe and Teruo Unagisawa, former Instant Villains. Because of this, they have no qualms about giving jobs (sometimes by force) to other villains and minor thugs in the establishment, with the goal of reforming them and helping them to leave behind their old criminal life.[1][2]


The idea for Hopper's Cafe begins during the Instant Villain incidents. The Hotta brothers' warehouse had been destroyed during the confrontation against Ikajiro when he was still the Next-Level Villain Octoid.[3] After the effects of Trigger disappeared from Ikajiro, the Hotta brothers realized that he is not a bad person, and they allow him to live in a tent where their warehouse used to be, along with Kirihito.

However, the situation could not last forever, so the four spoke to open a cafe-shop, using for it the villain damage insurance payment for the destruction of the warehause, and the welfare subsidy that Tako and Kamayan got for ovesized housing. The idea of turning coffee into a cat theme one came up by chance when Koichi brought a kitten to the Recycle Shop: Hoppers and Tako adopted it.[1]

Several years later, Hopper's Cafe is quite successful.


Hopper's Cafe Staff


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