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Hologram (ホログラム Horoguramu?)[1] is the Quirk used by Mahoro Shimano.


The Quirk allows the user to create holograms of anything they wish, with the largest ones being able to be spotted from a great distance away. Mahoro uses her Quirk to stage pranks, scare off attackers, or to send a signal in case of an emergency.

The holograms have no effect on the world around them, which includes them not possessing shadows. They can disappear by being blown away by force or if Mahoro loses her focus.[2]

List of Holograms Made

  • Praying Mantis Monster
  • Pink Chinese Guardian Lion
  • Cartoonish Izuku Midoriya


  • This Quirk is similar to Glamour. Its concept also resembles the Quirk from one of the students of Seiai Academy, which also involves projecting holograms, albeit from her eyes.


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