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No, no, no, no! Who do they think they are, fussing over my Rin like that? Me! Only me! I’m the one who cares for Rin! Not them! Me!... Can’t allow it! I won’t! They won’t get away with this!
Hina in "Mixer"

Hina (ヒナ Hina?) is a minor villain of My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. She is a sophomore at Naruhata Women's College who also works as a Trigger dealer. She has a strong affinity for her best friend Rin Yaritezawa.


Hina is a young girl with a look that doesn't attract attention, wearing flat clothes that barely stand out. Her biggest feature is wearing a bob cut hairstyle, with her eyes hidden behind her bangs.

However, when she want to fool her victims, she will not hesitate to present a more attractive and adorable appearance, changing into a more cutesy outfit, and her eyes are no longer hidden.



Hina's jealousy.

In general, Hina is usually a shy girl, and not very good at socializing with other people, especially if they are of the opposite gender. The only person she feels appreciation for is her best friend Rin. However, her personality changes radically when she sees any man show interest in her friend. Due to her extreme emotions of jealously along with a great contempt against men, Hina considers all men as beasts. This makes her incredibly protective of Rin, and she will not hesitate to drug guys with Trigger simply for talking to her.


Sky Egg Arc

At some point, Hina meets the villain Number 6, who gives her a new variant of the Trigger drug, which only needs to be administered orally to work.[1] After this, for weeks she attends several mixers with her best friend Rin, where she drugs the drinks of boys who show interest in her friend, which caused small incidents when they turned into Instant Villains. These incidents grab the attention of the police, although they mistakenly suspect her friend Rin since she is responsible for organizing the mixers, and they ask Midnight to watch over her and investigate her.

Recently, Rin organized a mixer with members of the Mad Hatters band, although Koichi Haimawari went instead of their leader. Midnight meets Kazuho Haneyama, who was tailing Koichi on his way to the mixer. Midnight telephones the Midnight Boys to distract the other two girls who would join the mixer, getting them to cancel their participation, so she and Kazuho can take their places in disguise as "substitutes".

The mixer starts with hardly any problems, but when Koichi shows concern for Rin after she vomits accidentally, Rin starts to fall for him. This awakens Hina’s jealousy, who decides to take revenge on Koichi by drugging his drink.[2] After primping and changing clothes to present a more attractive appearance, Hina drops Trigger in the drinks she offers to Koichi, but for one reason or another, he always rejects them, being drunk by other customers.

As expected, the Quirks of those who drank begin to get out of control. Koichi tries to keep the situation under control, and this makes Rin feel more attracted to him. Being unable to stand it anymore, Hina tries to force Koichi to drink, but Midnight decides to act and uses her Somnambulist to put everyone to sleep except Kazuho, Rin, and Hina, stopping the rampage. Then, Midnight faces Hina, who confesses to being responsible for everything because she hates seeing Rin hanging out with boys. Although Midnight understands her feelings and shows sympathy towards her, she makes Hina fall asleep and apprehends her.[3]

The next morning, Hina is interrogated by the police about the Trigger in her possession, she reveals that she obtained it from a dealer with an acceleration Quirk, who they tie as the same person who destroyed the evidence from the Osaka Incident.[1]


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