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If you hadn’t kept believing, Mister Tamaki… I probably would’ve given up back there. So thanks! You’re kinda radiant too… Suneater.
Hime to Tamaki Amajiki in "Who's Prince Charming?"

Hime ( Hime?) is a character from My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions.


Hime is a small girl who has short, slightly curly, light hair, held back with a black headband with butterflies as motifs on both sides. She dresses in a sophisticated manner.


Hime has a quite cheeky personality for her age, being very demanding when she wants something and does not hesitate to say what she thinks even though may be insensitive to others. Despite this, she knows how to be grateful to the people who help her and praise them.

She is also quite inclined to fall in love when she sees a boy she considers attractive, blushing at his presence.


Hime walks the streets of Osaka when she is involved in an Octo-Lover's Brigade revolt. One of the members of this organization tries to attack her, but is saved by a hero with whom she falls in love.

Willing to meet her "prince," Hime sends a request to Fat Gum Agency to find him, although Hime does not know his name or give precise information about her rescuer. Fat Gum, along with Tamaki Amajiki, Tenya Ida and Momo Yaoyorozu, check all the agencies that were involved in the riots but do not find him, which saddens the girl.

Later, the group is attacked by more members of the Octopus Protection Association, although they are defeated by Tamaki and Fat Gum. During the fight, Fat Gum burns his defense-fat, turning him into his slender version. Seeing him, Hime hugs him very happy, because she has finally found her "prince". Fat Gum is shocked to learn that the hero they have been searching for all along is him.

Hime thanks everyone for their help while hugging his beloved Fat Gum, asking him not to get fat because he likes it more in his slim form.[1]


  • Both the kanji and romaji in her name, Hime (?) would translate as "princess".
  • Hime's hair and outfit design shares a similarity with Kise Yayoi from Smile Pretty Cure!.


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