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The Hideout Raid Team was a team comprised of Japan's Top Heroes created by the Police Force to apprehend the League of Villains and rescue Katsuki Bakugo.


The Police recruit the top Pro Heroes.

Following Katsuki Bakugo's kidnapping at the hands of the Vanguard Action Squad, Naomasa sent out a call to arms to various strong Pro Heroes. He recruits them to help infiltrate the League of Villains' hideout in Kamino Ward.[1]

They hold a strategy meeting the day before they decide to embark on their mission. The Police work closely with U.A. faculty to put on a ruse to trick the villains. Principal Nezu pretends to know nothing about the operation during a media press conference that the villains surely watch.

Best Jeanist's squad secures the Nomu Factory.

All Might captains the first squad that is tasked with invading the villain's main hideout and rescuing Katsuki. The second team led by Best Jeanist is meant to secure the Nomu Factory to prevent reinforcements from supporting Tomura Shigaraki and his party.[2]

Initially, the raid goes off without a hitch. Edgeshot distracts the villains, All Might breaks in, and Kamui Woods restrains all of them. The Police and Endeavor remain outside to prevent anyone from escaping. Best Jeanist's team also effortlessly restrains all the Nomu at the other hanger.[3]

All For One attacks the Hideout Raid Team.

However, All For One makes a rare appearance and takes matters into his own hands. He arrives at the Nomu Factory and crushes Best Jeanist's team before Warping the Nomu to the main hideout. The Nomu provide enough of a distraction for All For One to warp all the villains and Katsuki back to his location.[4] The remaining heroes have their hands full at the main hideout and All Might goes to the Nomu Factory to stop All For One.[5]

All Might and All For One engage in their fated rematch while the other villains try to recapture Katsuki. U.A. students intervene to rescue Katsuki and All For One warps all the villains away including Tomura.[6] All For One eventually gets the better of All Might until Gran Torino, Edgeshot, and Endeavor arrive to support him.[7] With their help and the support of the thousands of people watching the event, All Might defeats All For One.[8]


Hideout Raid Team
Hideout Raid Squad
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