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Hero Offices, also known as Hero Agencies, are firms that employ Heroes.


Most Heroes tend to be employed in Hero Offices, which might also serve as a base of operations for them. Hero Offices are often themed after the Heroes who own them.

Most employees tend to be sidekicks who work for the owner Hero. Hero students are also able to attain internships in Hero Offices, with the goal of obtaining valuable experience. Once a Hero Students receives their Provisional Hero License, they're allowed to be participate in first-hand Hero work, being treated as sidekicks.

Known Hero Offices/Agencies

Other Hero Offices

  • iPhome Hero Agency[1]
  • Morning Crow Hero Agency[1]
  • Woman Jenny OFFICE[1]
  • Uwanga Agency[1]
  • Kardog Hero Agency[1]
  • Molotov Hero Office[1]
  • Kakangan Office[1]
  • Karu-Eru Hero Agency[1]
  • Springer Hero Office[2]
  • Nabu Island Hero Office[3]
  • Uwabami Production[4]


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