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Hero Interview Training (ヒーローインタビューの練習よ Hīrō Intabyū no Renshū?) is a training program for Class 1-A to learn how to properly deal with the media as Pro Heroes.


Mt. Lady guest teaches media training for Class 1-A.

Following the Hero Debuts of Katsuki and Shoto only thirty minutes after receiving their Provisional Hero Licenses, the duo is interviewed by a well-known media outlet.

The boys accidentally showcase how untrained to the media they are as they don't agree on most statements, with Katsuki being overly angry and rude. So much so, that they cut all his footage from the full interview released to the public.

After returning to school, Katsuki is made fun of by Denki and Hanta for losing all his screen time. The students also discuss the good press around heroes recently due to Endeavor's rather than criticize them, forcing Shoto to think about his image. Mt. Lady suddenly arrives and Eraser Head announces she's the guest lecturer for today's class: Hero Interview Training! [1]


Mt. Lady starts the training with Shoto.

Mt. Lady and Midnight set up a make-shift press release podium and Shoto is the first to media train. He's mostly aloof and clueless, as Midnight has to tell him how to properly answer and explain. She asks him about his signature move and he shows off the Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall.

Fumikage wonders if the students should reveal their special moves during interviews. Mt. Lady then answers him by stating that ultimate moves symbolize a hero's true demeanor, and adds that Heroes shout the names of their ultimate moves in order to put others at ease. Minoru and Eraser Head note has Mt. Lady has become more responsible in this new age of rising villains. Everyone is rising to the occasion along with the new number one hero.

Tenya, Ochaco, Momo, Fumikage, Eijiro, Mina, Mashirao, Mezo, Denki and more all go next and do well. However, Katsuki takes the stage, showing his usual rude behavior and Mt. Lady notes he is just as bad in an interview by himself. Shoto apologizes for getting his footage cut but this only pissed off Katsuki. Midnight suggests Eraser Head to teach Katsuki to avoid the media like him.

Deku can barely speak due his nervousness

Izuku takes the stage last, but he gets so nervous that his body turns al stiff and is unable to answer properly. Mt. Lady stop his stuttering by asking about his moves are based on All Might's, breaking him out of his funk and starting to excitedly talk about his dedication to following All Might's steps. Midnight questions him about his new move and he decides to show them. Izuku is able to channel a bit of its power and while he's proud of himself, nobody else is impressed.[2]


Meanwhile, Nezu and All Might meet and the Principal announces its time to announce the next round of Hero Work Studies. [3]


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