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Hercules (エルクレス Erukuresu?)[1] is a car used by Toshinori Yagi.


The Hercules is pitch dark resembling a supercar and it is shown to be incredibly durable when it survived a point-blank grenade explosion with Toshinori noting that any other car would have been blow to bits.

Hercules was owned by Toshinori and he drives it to follow Izuku Midoriya in his search for Tomura Shigaraki.[2] However, one rainy night Toshinori was ambushed by two villains who threw a grenade at him.[3] Toshinori was unscathed thanks to the car enduring the blast. However the villains attacked again and this time Hercules got wrecked when two propelled spears pierced through its armored glass, forcing Toshinori to jump out of the moving vehicle at high speeds and dive into a roll as Hercules reeled towards a wall and crashed.[1] It was later revealed that Hercules is still intact and fit to drive.[4]



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