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Hell Minefield (ヘルマインフィールド Herumainfīrudo?), full name Raging Assault - Hell Minefield ( (れっ) () (じゅう) (りん) ヘルマインフィールド Rekka Jūrin Herumainfīrudo?), is an Ultimate Move performed by Endeavor using the Hellflame Quirk.


The explosion caused by the second phase.

This attack consists of two phases.

The first phase has Endeavor ignite his fist and slam it into the ground, causing the surface to crack. Endeavor then lights his fire into the cracks, sending a wave of intense flames towards his opponent.

In the second phase, Endeavor creates an intense eruption of flames underground, resulting in a violent explosion above ground that increases the range and strength of the attack.

This technique was first used against The Crawler.[1]



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