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The Heights Alliance (ハイツアライアンス Haitsu Araiansu?) is a group of several dormitories inside the U.A. campus, where its students are currently housed.


The establishment of the Heights Alliance was ruminated by the U.A. faculty for a considerable amount of time. Following the intense villain attacks toward U.A. students, Nezu transformed U.A. into a boarding school in order to protect the students. The Height Alliance was built in just three days. It is meant to protect the students and allows the teachers to keep close surveillance on the students.[1]


The Heights Alliance position next to U.A. High.

The Heights Alliance dorms are located on U.A.'s main campus in Musutafu, Japan. There are dorm buildings for every U.A. class and each of them is just a five-minute walk from the main building.[2]

Exterior Design

The Heights Alliance dormitories are large buildings with five floors separated into two wings. Each building has its respective class name posted above a sign that reads "Alliance". Each building is circled by low hedge bushes that leave a path open to the entrance. The entrance is comprised of two sets of double doors. Alongside the pathway are two park benches and two towers with lights on them. The first level of the building is white while the upper levels are colored brown on the outside.[2]

Interior Design

Class 1-A's floorplan.

Each dorm building is designed to hold one class of twenty students. Males are assigned to the left wing and females are assigned to the right wing. The first floor is a common area with couches, tables, television, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. There's a courtyard outside the first level as well.

Dorm rooms begin on the second floor and end on the fifth floor. There are four rooms per gender on each floor with five floors in total. Every student gets their own room equipped with air conditioning, toilets, beds, fridges, closets, and a balcony. Ochaco Uraraka, coming from a lower-income family, compares the size of a building to a mansion. Momo Yaoyorozu, on the other hand, who had a wealthy upbringing, says the dorm rooms are close to the size of the closets at her estate.


Class 1-A


  • The only students from Class 1-A who have not had their bedroom designs revealed are Katsuki Bakugo, Minoru Mineta and Tsuyu Asui.
    • The reasons why their rooms were not shown during 1-A's best room competition are because Katsuki was already asleep, Tsuyu did not want to leave her room as she still felt guilty over her words regarding Katsuki’s rescue, and the girls didn't want to go into Minoru's room because of his perverted nature.


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