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Hawks' Team vs. Robbery Gang is a battle fought between Pro Hero Hawks' Team of Deku and Katsuki against a Robbery Gang led by an unnamed Arachnid Villain.[1]


Hawks' team squeezed in their hiding place.

Izuku and Katsuki are requested by Hawks to assist him in a Team-Up Missions. The objective is to end a villain organization that has some notoriety for its incredibly fast crimes, and which is recently increasing its ranks by recruiting a lot of new members. The three manage to infiltrate an abandoned warehouse that the thieves use as a hideout, and hide in a narrow storage area from which to spy on.

Hawks explains to Izuku and Katsuki that the group had already defeated and injured numerous heroes who tried to stop them and that the main threat is precisely their leader, a villain who is tremendously fast thanks to his speed Quirk. Fortunately, Hawks had already devised a plan to defeat and arrest them all, but he needed the collaboration of both to achieve it. Hawks tells Izuku and Katsuki to act as a diversion to distract the leader and lead him to a dead-end, while he searches the hideout to locate all the thieves and deal with them. To help them, Hawks lend Izuku and Katsuki two of his fierce feathers.

When everything is clarified, the team disperses to put the plan in motion.[1]


Izuku and Katsuki are captured by the villain.

From a hiding place, Izuku and Katsuki watch over the Villain leader and his minions, who seem not to have noticed their presence, but before they know it, the leader suddenly disappears from their sight, only to appear immediately in front of them thanks to his super speed Quirk. Izuku and Katsuki flee immediately, being chased by the villain. Meanwhile, Hawks takes advantage of the distraction to defeat the minions one by one.

Being faster than the two students, the villain leader is about to catch up Izuku, so Katsuki has to shoot him a blast, which although he does not hit the leader, manages to knock him back. Katsuki yells at Izuku for being about to get caught, and they continue running. Finally. they both arrive at a dead end, and before they can react, the villain spits webs to stick Izuku and Katsuki onto the wall. The villain mocks them and boasts that no hero can escape him thanks to his speed.

Hawks blocks the escape route.

Thanks to the feathers he had given to the boys, Hawks notices that his Fierce Wings are reacting, indicating that something has happened to Izuku and Katsuki, and flies to their position and confronts the leader.

Izuku and Katsuki try to break free from the webs, but they are unable to do it. The villain taunts Hawks and orders him to do nothing if he does not want something bad to happen to the students. To the villain leader's surprise, Hawks cut the webs that Izuku and Katsuki were stuck in, congratulating them for guiding the villain to that place. The leader wonders how did that happens since his threads are too strong to cut by hand and Izuku shows him the feather that Hawks had given him before, while the wing hero tells him that he has fallen perfectly into their trap.

Izuku and Katsuki defeat the villain.

Nervous, the leader immediately calls his subordinates to deal with the heroes, but no one comes to help. Hawks shows him that while he was distracted chasing the students, he captured everyone within the hideout.

Realizing that he cannot face them, the villain uses his speed Quirk to escape, certain that they will not be able to capture him but is suddenly proven wrong when Hawks appears in front of him to block his escape route, proclaiming that he is even faster than him. The villain stands shocked, and Hawks uses this time to tell Izuku and Katsuki to attack him.

Izuku uses his St. Louis Smash while Katsuki uses his Howitzer Impact to defeat the villain leader and end his criminal career for good.[1]


Hawks invites Izuku and Katsuki to eat.

The police arrive at the warehouse and arrest all the members of the criminal gang. With the mission completed, Hawks decides to invite Izuku and Katsuki to eat at Yakitori Yoritomi Midori. Izuku is impressed by Hawks' abilities and Katsuki believes he didn't need their help to defeat the gang, but Hawks assures he wouldn't have been able to do it by himself and compliments them.

The waiter and waitress outside notes that Hawks is there again and always brings people he likes to their restaurant.[1]


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