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Gyrate ( (せん) (かい) Senkai?) is the Quirk used by Sen Kaibara.


Gyrate allows the user to rotate any part of their body at high speeds.

The effects of Gyrate turn Sen's limbs into something akin to a drill. This enhances his hand-to-hand combat capabilities significantly.[1]


Gyrate doesn't prevent Sen from being grappled and carried around, although he is still capable of fighting back to an extent.


Gyrate is suited to close range combat, which appears to be Sen's specialty.

Sen wears a pair of spiral-patterned gloves that cover only his fingers. These gloves increase Sen's offensive capabilities as they can be used to damage his foes greatly and make physically defending against his Quirk impractical. Thanks to his Gyrate Quirk, these spirals act like drills and can cut into an enemy.


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