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The Gunga Mountain Villa Raid is a police raid on Gunga Mountain Villa orchestrated by a team of heroes led by Hawks and Edgeshot with the intention of arresting all the members of the Paranormal Liberation Front.

This mission takes place at the same time as the raid on Jaku General Hospital where Doctor Kyudai Garaki and Tomura Shigaraki are located.


The Villa Raid Team on the move toward the villains hideout.

Thanks to a Hawks' intel, the Police Force and the Pro Heroes know that the commanders of the Paranormal Liberation Front are all assembled at the Gunga Mountain Villa. Their plan is to seal off all their escape points and arrest every villain in one go.

Edgeshot leads a team of dozens of Pro Heroes through the forest of the mountains leading up to the villa. The Backup Team, mainly composed of Class 1-A and some Class 1-B students, remains on standby deep in the forest. Edgeshot says the heroes have every Paranormal Liberation Front base surrounded and not one of the villains will get away.[1]

Cementoss warps the cement within the villa to open a passageway for the heroes to invade.

As the mission commences, the Villa Raid Team begins to move quickly through the forested area. Denki Kaminari wants to be with his class back at the rear guard, but the Pros need his Quirk. The heroes reach the entrance to the villa and Cementoss creates an opening that splits the front of the building open using his Cement manipulation Quirk.

Skeptic immediately notices and places the blame on Twice for trusting Hawks with sensitive information. As the concrete fissure in the building widens, Skeptic calls for the conference to be cancelled and for word to reach the assembly hall where Re-Destro is. He also orders Violent, Brown and Black Regiments to the front entrance to clash with the invading heroes and asks that Carmine gather in the assembly hall.

The Amplivolt villain, one of the advisors of the Brown Regiment admits to Skeptic that the heroes caught them off guard. However, he appears more than ready to shake things up. As Cementoss completely opens the front side of the villa, Amplivolt walks outside confidently and claims these things happen when villains spend too much time waiting around to act. He calls for the big plan to start now and signals the beginning of the Liberation Revolution.[2]


Chargebolt absorbs the enemy's widespread lightning attack.

The heroes continue to storm their way toward the mansion and Edgeshot reminds everyone not to let a single villain escape because each one is well trained and dedicated to their cause. Denki gets overwhelmed by the magnitude of the operation but Midnight encourages him by telling him to think of the person who means the most to him in the moment. He can hear Kyoka cheering him on just as the Brown Regiment Commander charges up his Amplivolt Quirk using a taser on his hand.

The Amplivolt villain attempts to unleash the maximum voltage of his Quirk to neutralize the heroes numbers using Supreme Discharge Thundernet. However, Denki is able to absorb the lightning attack completely with his Electrification Quirk. Meanwhile, Hawks corners Twice in the upper parts of the villa.[3]

As heroes surround all possible exits around the villa, deep underground in the Assembly Hall, a member of the front warns Re-Destro about the dire situation the entire organization has come under, instantly spiking the former Grand Commander's stress levels.

Back outside, the Amplivolt Villain notices Denki's Quirk and decides to try and overwhelm his voltage limit. However, Edgeshot leads the charge and strikes down the electric villain and several others around him using Thousand Sheet Pierce. He pierces all their lungs and Midnight immediately users her Quirk to put them all to sleep. Anyone who managed to avoid both attacks are trapped in Kamui Wood's Lacquered Chain Prison.

Hawks corners Twice.

The unfortunate state their ranks are in begins to rattle some of the warriors. Before they know it, the ground beneath them turns to mud and their legs sink into the ground. Even those who can keep their balance with their Quirks are covered with mushrooms. This crowd control is thanks to Mudman and Shemage using their Quirks under the instruction of Gang Orca.

Back inside where Hawks renders Twice immobile, the No. 2 Hero reveals his true allegiance is to the heroes, much to Twice's despair. This is the second time he's allowed a traitor to hurt his friends, causing Twice much grief. Hawks offers to help Twice start over once he's served his sentence because he's a good person. However, this enrages Twice, who claims he stopped caring about himself and is angry because Hawks has betrayed the League.

Twice activates Sad Man's Parade while declaring he would trade his soul for his friends happiness. At the same time, Dabi climbs the steps of the villa, realizing that Hawks is a traitor. He doesn't blame Twice for trusting him because Dabi believes scummy heroes are always to blame.[4]

Re-Destro clashes with Dark Shadow!

At an above-ground entrance to the villa's underground sanctuary, Fat Gum's team which includes Suneater and Tsukuyomi act quickly to block off an exit which was out of Cementoss' range. Warriors of the liberation front try to stop Fat Gum's team but Suneater quickly dispatches them using Vast Hybrid: Centaur!

While Fat Gum uses his large body to cover the exit, Tsukuyomi moves inside and charges Dark Shadow with darkness to increase its mass. By firing Dark Shadow in a giant concentrated blast, Tsukuyomi covers the entire corridor leading up to the exit. Re-Destro rushes to the front of the warriors trying to escape and raises his Stress levels close to their maximum, increasing his size close to Dark Shadow. Initially, Re-Destro is able to hold the massive shadow back, but his prosthetic legs give way to the force and he's sent crashing through the rear wall, revealing the sanctuary inside.

Dabi ambushes Hawks in an attempt to rescue Twice from the traitor.

Dark Shadow notices Gigantomachia's presence within that room and warns Tsukuyomi about it. Fat Gum confirms that Gigantomachia won't move without Tomura Shigaraki's orders. He takes Fumikage within his fat and leaves the area for the next wave of heroes to clean up the remaining villains.

Elsewhere, Hawks destroys all of Twice's clones with ease using the extremely quick and precise barrage of his feathers. Not even the replicating speed of Twice's Sad Man's Parade is enough to keep up with the fastest hero. Hawks continues to try and get twice to come quietly, but Twice refuses and continues to make clones of his allies only for them to be cut down quickly.

Twice charges at Hawks with defiant passion, only to be quickly cut down by Hawks using a slash of a long feather blade. Hawks prepares to incapacitate Twice for good and says he'll pass on his sentiments to the rest of the league. However, the room is flooded with Dabi's flames. The Blueflame Villain tells Hawks that he heard Twice loud and clear and he steps on the heroes head and continues to pour even more heat on him.[5] Dabi releases a large blue flare, but Hawks manages to dodge it, putting Twice to safety.

Hawks manages to evade Dabi's flames in order to neutralize Twice.

Hawks calls out Dabi for nearly burning his friend to death but Dabi admits that he expected him to save Twice. Despite this , Twice breaks free from Hawks' grip, yelling at Dabi to incinerate him. Dabi launches another barrage of flames straight at the Winged Hero, causing a large explosion outside the crumbling mansion. Dabi then encourages Twice to go wild and fight at full power, high-fiving his comrade while holding back Hawks with his flames. Unfortunately, Hawks flew outside out of Dabi's range, shocking the flame villain once more.

Dabi proceeds to call Hawks by his real name to catch the hero off-guard while unleashing another flamethrower. This gives Twice barely enough time to escape, only for Hawks to land a fatal blow on the villain, killing him in the process. Before being stabbed, Twice manages to create a clone of himself that runs out of there to save Himiko and Mr. Compress from a hero. The two villains thank him, but they found to their astonishment that he is a double who begins to melt away. The double apologizes to them because it was his incredulity that caused all this. Himiko hugs him, thanking him one last time for saving her, while the double ends up melting in her arms, indicating that the real twice had died.[6]

The last double of Twice melts away in his friend's arms.

Back to Hawks and Dabi, Upon realizing that Twice has died, the blue flame villain stomps on Hawks while ruthlessly burning him. Hawks tells him that he doesn't look like he is suffering over his friend's death, and Dabi replies that he can't cry due his tear glands are burned. Hawks then questions Dabi's who he is, and is shocked when the villain reveals his true identity to him. As Dabi explains that he never cared about the League of Villains as well as Hawks' life, he prepares to kill him with his flames.

A few minutes before this happened, outside the mansion, Fat Gum used his Fataxi to take the students out the battlefield as their assistance was no longer required. When they were about to leave the place, Fumikage noticed a blast of fire coming out of the mansion, fleetingly seeing Hawks in trouble.[7] Seeing him, Fumikage wanted to come back to help. Fat Gum tried to stop him, but Fumikage managed to jump out of his body and fly back. Fat Gum ejected Chargebolt, Shemage, and Mudman from his body and told them to run the rest of the way before running off to stop Tsukuyomi.

Fumikage protects Hawks from Dabi.

Fumikage manages to reach Hawks and prevent Dabi from killing him, although he is horrified to see his back completely charred. Dabi faces Tokoyami and points to Twice's corpse, revealing that Hawks killed him, which shocks Fumikage. Then Dabi rhetorically asks Fumikage why he is saving Hawks when his hands are dirtier than those of villains. Fumikage simply replies that he had come there because he is concerned about his mentor, only for Dabi to call him thoughtless before attacking him. Following Hawks' instructions before he falls unconscious, Fumikage manages to dodge the attacks, but Dabi ends up anticipating him and is about to cremate Fumikage and Hawks.

Suddenly, huge wall of ice created by Geten disrupts him, allowing Fumikage to escape with Hawks from the battlefield. It turns out that outside Geten was using his Quirk against the heroes, taking down several of them but not knowing that he had inadvertently hindered Dabi.[8] Fumikage meets Fat Gum while fleeing, and the latter tells him that medics should be by the rear guard, so Fumikage continues to take Hawks there.

Gigantomachia breaks through the villa floor.

While all this is happening there, in Jaku General Hospital, the raid team couldn't prevent Tomura from waking up. Once awoken, Tomura decays the area around him, killing dozens of heroes. After he finishes, he picks up Kyudai's phone and ordered Gigantomachia to rally the Front's members and bring them to him, to which he replied roaring.

Back to the villa front, enraged by Twice's death, Himiko decides to kill as many heroes as she can in revenge. Mr. Compress tries to make her see reason, but despite his best efforts to stop her, Himiko goes out to confront the heroes. He stays seated by a balcony railing, observing the fight below, as Dabi meets up with him. They both then observe Himiko's killing spree of heroes until Gigantomachia emerges from the underground.[9] Following Tomura's orders, he grabs the original members of the League of Villains and heads towards Tomura, though Dabi also takes the opportunity to take Skeptic with them despite his complains.

Mt. Lady clashes with Gigantomachia, swearing she wouldn't let the giant pass, but he completely ignored her presence and throws her aside violently. Other heroes also try to stop the giant but they are attacked by Geten, who is wondering how the current situation became a total mess. Then, he is attacked by a wave of cement that caused by the Pro Hero Cementoss.

Re-Destro ready to face the heroes.

Re-Destro emerges from underground while battling Edgeshot, saving Geten. He then mentally notes that if Gigantomachia is active, then Tomura must be awake. He stops the Heroes in their place and orders the other members to follow the giant and begin their revolution. Several of the PLF members decide to follow Gigantomachia.

Kamui Woods is carrying Midnight on his back while swinging across the trees to get to Gigantomachia's face, as Midnight needs to be near it to make him fall asleep with her Quirk. However, Dabi engulfs the two in a wave of blue fire. Mr. Compress then notices that Midnight's still getting close to Gigantomachia's face, so he throws a few marbles, which turn into rubble that slam her, sending Midnight to the ground as Gigantomachia makes his way.

A PLF soldier attacks a defenseless Midnight.

Wounded, Midnight tries thinking of various people who could put the giant to sleep before contacting Momo. After confirming she knows the situation, Midnight tells her that she needs to put Gigantomachia asleep with an anesthetic, even if it is against the law. Before Creati can ask what is going on, Midnight is ambushed by several Liberation soldiers.

Momo loses contact with Midnight as the others around her wonder what she was talking about. Determined not to disappoint her teacher, Momo rallied the other students to prepare a trap against the enemy. She asks Kyoka and Mezo to use their powers to determine Gigantomachia's location. They inform her that he is being slowed down by the injured Kamui Woods and Mt. Lady.

The League of Villains ambushed by U.A. students.

Momo uses her Quirk to create a large number of vials of undiluted sedative, giving each student a vial. The plan is to try to get Gigantomachia to swallow at least one vial filled to make him fall asleep.[10] Following Momo's lead, the students set the trap for Gigantomachia, with Mudman using his Quirk to soften up the ground. They also position several chords covered in Grape Juice's orbs.

As they planned, Gigantomachia step into the students' trap and he falls to the ground. The strings covered in Minoru's orbs stick to his chin, and while the giant tries to get out, several students pull the strings to force him open his mouth, while the others charge at him to give him the sedative. Dabi and the others defend the monsters and themselves from the students’ assault. The giant himself gets blows away several students with his powerful breath. Several heroes come to help the students, with Mt. Lady pushing Gigantomachia down on the ground to open up his mouth for the sedative to be administered.[11]

Eijiro successfully chucks his canister into Gigantomachia's mouth.

Although Gigantomachia shakes off the heroes, Eijiro Kirishima manages to throw a vial into his mouth. Momo says that now that Gigantomachia has ingested the sedative, they need to make him move around so it will spread faster. Majestic, Fat Gum and the other pro-heroes move in on his location. Annoyed by the constant interruptions, Gigantomachia transforms,[12] taking on an armored appearance, and with his enormous strength he finally manages to get out of the trap and easily defeat the heroes, and continues on his way to Tomura, destroying everything in his path.

The students of U.A. watch with complete horror at the destruction left by the monster, with Momo pointing out that the the only reason none of them are dead since they weren't considered worthy enemies. It is also revealed that Majestic used his Quirk to help the students get to safety. Some of them wonder if the sedative will really work on the giant.[13]

The battle at Gunga Mountain Villa is over

Shortly after, they tell Mirio about the sedative when he was going to the same place that Gigantomachia. As the battle against Tomura continues, and the sedative finally worked, Momo coordinates her teammates to rescue, aid and assist the wounded heroes.[14] To their misfortune, the students find Midnight's lifeless body in the forest, and can't help but cry over the death of their teacher.

Finally, the battle at Gunga Montain Villa ends, with the heroes claiming victory. 16,929 members of the PLF, including some of its leaders such as Re-Destro, Geten, Trumpet and others, are arrested and sent to prison. However, it's a pyrrhic victory. At Jaku's front, the heroes failed to prevent Tomura and some of his allies from escaping. Similarly, 132 members of the PLF are missing. Although he ended up being defeated and captured, Gigantomachia destroyed many cities in his path when he headed towards his master, causing the death of hundreds of innocent civilians. In addition, dozens of heroes died fighting villains on various fronts, and there is larger number of wounded.[15]

It will soon start a crisis that will cause the mistrust towards heroes and today's society to begin to falter.


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