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Gunga Mountain Villa ( (ぐん) () (さん) (そう) Gunga Sansō?)[1] is a hideout and the main headquarter of the Paranormal Liberation Front.


It is located roughly eighty kilometers away from Jaku General Hospital.[1] There is an assembly room where Skeptic organizes meetings and conferences with the Lieutenants to discuss the Paranormal Liberation Front's plans. Under the villa there is a large assembly hall, in which the warriors are often gathered for the speeches. The underground sanctuary has at least five entrances from the villa itself, one secret entrance, and at least three exits: one 800 meters southeast, one a kilometer west and one 800 meters north of the hideout.[2]

During the Paranormal Liberation War, Cementoss used his Cement Quirk to demolish the Villa's walls to create a passage for the Heroes to enter en masse.[3] All of the exits were sealed off by the heroes.[4]

The villa itself was destroyed, by Cementoss' attack, but also by Geten's ice wall[5] and Gigantomachia breaking through the floor, causing the buidling to partially collapse.[6]

The ruins of the villa is later used as the location for where the Heroes warp several Villains, including All For One, to end the League of Villains and Paranormal Liberation Front, and their reign of terror for good.[7]



  • The location is a reference to Star Wars, Otoh Gunga, the underwater Gungan city on planet Naboo.


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