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Godzillo (ゴジロ Gojiro?) is a Pro Hero that appears in My Hero Academia: Two Heroes.


Godzillo has the appearance of Ghido Goji, the Heisei Godzilla design from Toho's 1991 movie, Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. He possesses a very dragon-like appearance, with a long tail and clawed paws for hands, although his head more closely resembles that of a bear. He is covered in dark gray scales and appears to be of quite a wide build, most prominently around his legs and torso.

His hero costume consists of a white coat with a high collar, ripped to match its tattered hem, and a pair of baggy white pants. Red flame patterns decorate his collar and most of the lower portion of his pants, all lined with yellow, and he wears a thick, golden belt with similar patterns around his waist. His clawed feet are decorated with bands of spikes, and he also wears silver-plated knee-pads.


Not much is known about his personality at this time, except that he seems friendly, as he greets both Melissa Shield and Izuku Midoriya as they walk through I-Island.


It is noted that he has starred in many films. He is originally from Japan, but moved to the United States for unknown reasons.[1]


My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

Melissa and Izuku see him at the preview of the I-Island expo, where he greets the many onlookers and fans surrounding him.



Toho ( (とう) (ほう) Tōhō?): Godzillo's Quirk gives him the attributes of a kaiju; in addition to his lizard-like appearance, he is very large and very strong. He can also produce nutrients in his own body via Photosynthesis.


  • Godzillo's design and name are heavily inspired by the famous movie monster, Godzilla, which is owned by Toho.
    • The Zillo portion of Godzillo’s name maybe a reference to Star Wars own Kaiju-like alien reptile known as the Zillo Beast.
    • His current residence in the United States alludes to the 2014 American-produced movie Godzilla by Legendary Pictures, the most recent Godzilla movie at the time.
  • According to the official website for My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Godzillo is voiced by Godzilla, meaning his voice is recycled from Godzilla's roar from the Heisei Godzilla series of films.
  • His Quirk name, Toho, is a reference to the company of the same name that co-produces and distributes the My Hero Academia TV series, films, and OVAs.
  • His white pants and jacket appear to be a nod to iconic late musician Elvis Presley, who was regarded as the king of rock'n roll, much like how Godzilla is often referred to as the king of the monsters.


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