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The Glutton God Gang ( (くい) (しん) BOY (ボーイ) Kuishin Bōi?) was a minor villain group that emerged in the aftermath of the Paranormal Liberation War, being quickly defeated by Best Jeanist.[1]


All three members of the gang dress the same way, wearing dark overalls, boots, and masks that cover the upper half of their heads. The leader of the group, in addition to being bigger and obese than the other two members, wears the kanji of "Glutton God" written on his overalls.


Not much is known about the Glutton God Gang, as they were easily defeated shortly after their first appeared. Little is known about them, but it appears the leader has some kind of slime-generating Quirk.

However, from their leader's speech it appears they believe in the ideology of the liberation revolution, wanting to profit from the current situation and the Paranormal Liberation Front's beliefs.


Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The Glutton God Gang is defeated by Best Jeanist.

The recent Paranormal Liberation War caused a deep crisis in Japan's hero society, causing many Pro Heroes to be unable to withstand the pressure and criticism, deciding to give up their jobs and shut down their agencies. This caused many streets of several cities of Japan to be without protection, which is taken advantage of by the increasing number of villains.

The Glutton God Gang is one of these new groups of villains that have emerged who also want to benefit from the new situation the country is going through, and they start by causing trouble at a marketplace. Unfortunately for them, Best Jeanist is passing by nearby, and he easily defeats and captures them with his Fiber Master Quirk. After one of the citizens explained what was happening, Best Jeanist decides to have some sidekicks dispatched to the neighborhood to protect it from more criminals.[1]


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