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The Genius Office (ジーニアス Office (オフィス) Jīniasu Ofisu?) is a Hero Office owned and controlled by Best Jeanist.


Genius Office interior.

The Genius Office is very fancy and spacious. The furniture is colorful and trendy, following a modernist approach, with two long tables equipped with various computers in each, in addition to trophies and ornaments adorning shelves on the walls.

The outside building is pearly white, with green windows. The English words "Genius" and "Office" are written on the building, albeit far from each other.


After watching Katsuki's unheroic behavior during the U.A. Sports Festival, Best Jeanist extends a sponsor offer to him. Katsuki accepts and goes to this place for a week as part of the Hero Agency Internships. Far from what Katsuki would have expected, Best Jeanist tries to iron his temper out of him and teach him the values of a true hero throughout the internship.[1] However, he is not very successful and Katsuki considers that he has wasted time with him.


Genius Office

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