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Garvey (ガーヴィー Gāvī?) is a Villain from My Hero Academia: Vigilantes.


Garvey is a villain of enormous size with a batrachian-like appearance, similar to a frog or a toad. His eyes are and white and his skin have numerous lumps grow on his back, which is where he stores the attacks he devours with his Quirk.



During Shota Aizawa's time as a U.A. student, specifically during his Hero Work-Studies, Garvey launches an attack on the town he is patrolling while under the influence of the quirk-enhancing Trigger drug. The Buster Union, alongside Shota's schoolmates Hizashi Yamada and Sensoji, try to attack Garvey. However, their Quirks are absorbed and released back at them, causing massive damage. Garvey eventually arrives at the area Shota and his friend Oboro Shirakumo are evacuating and releases Hizashi's quirk, Voice, knocking out His Purple Highness and causing debris to fall on Oboro.

As it starts to rain, Shota continues his fight with Garvey, injuring his eye and launching debris into his face. Garvey decides to end Shota once and for all, and releases all the Quirks he has stored up. However, this is the moment Shota was waiting for; using both his quirk and his Capture Weapon, he manages to feed Garvey the quirks, causing them to explode inside of him, knocking him unconscious. The villain is later successfully arrested.


Paranormal Liberation War Arc

During the raid at Jaku General Hospital, Kyudai Garaki revealed to Hizashi that the attack that killed Oboro was actually meant for him to acquire Shota's Erasure Quirk.[1]



Stock (ストック Sutokku): Garvey's Quirk allows him to "devour" incoming attacks and store them in lumps that form on his back when he does so. He can release these stored attacks whenever he wants.[2]


  • Garvey's name, appearance, and Quirk may be a reference to the video game character, Kirby.


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