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The Gale Villain is an unnamed minor villain that worked with the Bomb Villain in a jewelry heist in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


The Gale Villain is a somewhat rugged-looking man with thick eyebrows, side burns and unkept facial hair. His most noticeable feature is his large and long pompadour. He wears a white and red coat with a horned skull on his left side. He wears a golden chain around his neck, wears long pants and has shoes that have two spikes on them.


Not much is known about his personality but along with his partner seem to be greedy as they were mainly focused on delivering the jewellery than engaging with heroes. During his short confrontation with Shoto Todoroki, he showed a bit of arrogance as he bragged about his Quirk when Shoto's flames were repelled before being knocked out from the ice wall made by Shoto when the villain was distracted.



Gale Gale (ゲイル・ゲイル Geiru Geiru?): The Gale Villain's Quirk allows him to manipulate and whirl the wind around his body. He can fly during this state and the blasts of wind surrounding him can deflect attacks such as Shoto's flame. Though, the only part that isn't protected is his head, which makes it a weak spot.


Briefcase: During the jewel heist, the Gale Villain carried a silver brief case that was able hold a large amount of jewels and gems.


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