Fumikage Tokoyami vs. Mina Ashido is a battle fought between Class 1-A students Fumikage Tokoyami and Mina Ashido during the U.A. Sports Festival's Fighting Tournament.


Fumikage swiftly attacks with Dark Shadow, and Mina attempts to counter by throwing balls of acid, but Dark Shadow evades the attacks and knocks her out of bounds with a single strike.[1]


Minoru and Tsuyu commend Fumikage's Dark Shadow for his swift victory. Fumikage gains the right to advance to the semifinals, where he faces Katsuki Bakugo.[1]

Anime and Manga Differences 

  • Fumikage and Mina's battle was only mentioned by Izuku in the manga.[2] The anime added a scene to showcase the battle before Izuku mentions it later on. 


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