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Fumikage Tokoyami vs. Dabi is a battle fought between the Pro Hero Hawks' Trainee Tsukuyomi and the Paranormal Liberation Front Lieutenant Dabi.


To prevent Twice from assisting the Paranormal Liberation Front in the battle, Hawks held him in a room. However, Dabi's arrival disrupted his plans, unleashing a fight in which he had to face both. Hawks was forced to kill Twice to prevent him from escaping and making use of his Quirk, though by doing so he ended up with his wings burned, leaving him at Dabi's cruel mercy.[1]

Tsukuyomi arrives in the nick of time to rescue Hawks from Dabi.

While all of this was happening, Tsukuyomi had helped the Villa Raid Team along with other schoolmates, and when their help was no longer needed, Fat Gum used his Fataxi Ultimate Move to carry them in his fat to the back lines, so that they can be safe. However, Tsukuyomi notices the destruction around Hawks' location, and worried about his mentor, he decides to come back to help him. Fat Gum tries to stop him, but Tsukuyomi manages to jump out of his body and fly back.

Inside the mansion, Dabi tortures Hawks by repeatedly burning his back until his wings are reduced to ashes in retaliation for killing Twice. After leaving his back completely charred, Dabi sets out to unleash a incinerating move to finish the Pro Hero off. Fortunately, Tsukuyomi arrived just in time to prevent Hawks from being burned to a crisp by Dabi's flames.[2]


Tsukuyomi protects his mentor from Dabi.

Upon arrival, Tsukuyomi stands between Dabi and his mentor, while Dark Shadow quickly covers Hawks with Fumikage's cloak. Horrified after seeing his back, a sobbing Dark Shadow informs Tsukuyomi that there is nothing left of his wings. Dabi is surprised that the heroes have brought kids into the battle, and then shows to Tsukuyomi the corpse of Twice that is behind him.

Trying to break Tsukuyomi's spirit, the blue flame villain reveals to him that Hawks murdered Twice from behind when he was trying to provide backup to his friend. Tsukuyomi is shocked by this revelation, as Dabi continues with his speech, assuring him that in reality, the Pro Heroes have dirtied their hands much more than the villains. Hawks attempts to speak to Tsukuyomi, albeit weakly. Then, after a few seconds of tension, Dark Shadow surrounds Hawks, while Tsukuyomi tells Dabi that he only wants to protect his mentor. Dabi to call him thoughtless and attacks with a blast of flames.

Tsukuyomi tries to carry Hawks to safety while fending off Dabi.

Tsukuyomi tries to dodge the attack, but due to the narrowness of the place they are in, he cannot avoid the attack completely, and his left leg ends up getting burnt. Also, the cramped area isn't his only problem. Tsukuyomi knows he is clearly at a disadvantage against Dabi, because the light generated by his flames weaken Dark Shadow. Due he can barely fight back, he decides that the best option is to escape as quickly as possible.

Dabi prepares to blast Tsukuyomi and Hawks.

A weakened Hawks tells him that now Dabi is going to talk, and sure enough, instead of attacking them, Dabi continues with his speech. Tsukuyomi ignores him and requests Hawks for an order. Hawks whispers that Dabi is in a tight spot too. Earlier, Dabi had a chance to kill him but he wasted a lot of time chatting. And now it's happening again. This has made him deduce that Dabi cannot use his fire as many times as he wants. By talking, he wasn't holding back his opponents, he was buying time for himself until he can use his flames effectively.

Then Hawks tells him to escape now before Dabi can attack again. As Dark Shadow attacks Dabi, Tsukuyomi jumps to the other side of the ledge with Hawks in his arms. Dark Shadow grabs the rail of the floor to fling the two of them away, but it doesn't have much strength because of the light from the flames, and all it does is to crash them on the lower level. Tsukuyomi immediately checks Hawks, calming down after verifying that he is just knocked out for the bump.

Tsukuyomi calls Dark Shadow and prepares to escape using the Black Fallen Angel, but when he prepares to fly off, Dabi jumps down to where they are, staying in the air by expelling flames from his feet. The cunning Dabi tells Tsukuyomi that he had already foreseen that they would take advantage of his Quirk's drawback to run away, so he was holding back in order to saved up his power.

Dabi prepares to unleash a powerful blaze to incinerate them both, but luckily for Tsukuyomi, tons of ice appear seemingly out of nowhere. It turns out that outside the mansion, Geten is facing the heroes, indiscriminately using his Ice Manipulation Meta Ability to attack them, without knowing what had disrupted Dabi from carrying out his attack. Seeing Dabi is momentarily distracted, Tsukuyomi makes his escape with Hawks.[3]


Tsukuyomi and Hawks escape the battlefield.

Dabi gets up off the ground, annoyed because of Geten his prey escaped. Having nothing else to do there, he decides to meet with Himiko Toga and Mr. Compress.

For his part, while flying at full speed, a bereaved Tsukuyomi tells to the unconscious Hawks that he doesn't think he's dirty for killing Twice, believing in his judgement, so he can't afford to die on him.[3] They are spotted by Fat Gum, who had returned in his search, and upon seeing the injured Hawks, he yells at Tsukuyomi that there should be medics in the rear guard.[4]


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