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The Full Gauntlet (フルガントレット Furu Gantoretto?) is a support item invented by Melissa Shield and given to Izuku Midoriya.


Izuku equipping Full Gauntlet.

Inspired by All Might's brute strength, Melissa Shield invented a support item that could withstand his incredible power. In its sealed form, Full Gauntlet takes the form of a red wristband. There is a button in the center of the item that activates the glove and shapeshifts it to form fit around the user's forearm.

Full Gauntlet grants Izuku the ability to use three fully-powered One For All smashes without injuring himself. The gauntlet can also stabilize Izuku if he uses a smash lower than 100%, allowing him to utilize a lot more power than normal while donning One For All: Full Cowl.

Izuku first tested the Full Gauntlet at 30% while fighting against I-Island Security Bots. He used Full Gauntlet at 100% for the first time to break through I-Island's central tower wall. Full Gauntlet was destroyed in Izuku's last battle against Wolfram. Izuku also never figured out how to take it off.[1]



  • When unleashed, Full Gauntlet appears somewhat like the taped-up hands of a boxer, or medical bandages wrapped around the palm and forearm.
  • The Full Gauntlet is implied to be the inspiration for the creation of the Mid-Gauntlet, a weaker variation of the Full Gauntlet which also allows the user to safely use their power.[2]


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