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Fukuoka ( (ふく) (おか) Fukuoka?) is a city in Kyushu, Japan. It is the base of operations of the Hawks Agency and the main setting of the Pro Hero Arc.[1]


Fukuoka is a large and heavily populated city on the northern shore of Kyushu. It has several landmarks including Hawks Agency and Fukuoka Tower.[2]

Central Fukuoka is the site of a villain attack conducted by Doctor Ujiko and Dabi using High-End.[3] It is also where Fumikage Tokoyami participated in both his internship and work-study with Hawks.[4]


Fukuoka Tower

The Fukuoka Tower is a skyscraper with a scenic observation deck. Hawks takes Fumikage here to inspire him to use his wings and fly. [4]

Hidamari Kindergarten

Hidamari Kindergarten is a school where Dabi and High-End plotted their attack on the city.

Umai Building

The Umai building is a skyscraper where the floors are made up of numerous restaurants. The best known is the Yakitori Yoritomi Midori, sometimes called simply "Yoritomi", is a restaurant on the fifteenth floor of the skyscraper. It is Hawks' favorite place to eat because of its skewers. The top of the building was destroyed during the battle between Endeavor, Hawks and Hood.

Hawks' Agency

Hawks' Agency is located on top of a building. This is where he and his sidekicks retire after each mission to take care of the paperwork.


Fukuoka Inhabitants
Hiroshi Tameda Portrait.png
Hiroshi Tameda
Quirk: Unknown


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