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Float ( () (ゆう) Fuyū?) was the Quirk used by Nana Shimura and later inherited by Izuku Midoriya.[1]


Float allows the user to levitate and suspend themselves in mid-air.

With the added enhances of the stockpiled energy from One For All, Float becomes drastically more powerful, allowing the user to fly at high speeds.[2]


Nana used it to float in the air alongside Gran Torino.

Izuku first unlocked and used the Quirk during the war on the Paranormal Liberation Front to dodge one of Tomura Shigaraki's attacks while pulling his allies to safety using Blackwhip.[1]

Izuku later uses this during his second fight with Muscular to stay suspended above him, clear from his attacks.[3] He continues to use this as his primary mode of transportation, traveling through the city to face the next threat.


  • Float is very similar to Air Walk as both allow their users to levitate in the air.


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