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Now, let us begin… the salvation of humanity.
Flect Turn in "Long Time No See, Selkie"

Flect Turn (フレクト・ターン Furekuto Tān?) is a villain and the primary antagonist for My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission.


Flect Turn is a tall and slim man with luminescent light blue skin, a shaved head of dark blue hair, and a cloatee mustache and arrow-shaped earrings.

He wears a red robe, a golden belt, two glove-like prosthesis accompanied with finger tips, his pants are also grey and he wears combat boots. His clothes have small disks in which he contains the energy of his quirk, his villain costume is a long white cloak with dark red parts inside.


Flect Turn was a cold, calculated, and charismatic extremist, obsessively focused on the notion of destroying the Quirk society. He viewed Quirks as a disease to mankind and lived by the Quirk Singularity theory. Despite the brutality of his methods, he viewed them as a necessary way to preserve mankind and as the only way he could cleanse it, possessing not even an ounce of remorse for his actions.

This hateful disposition towards Quirks and the hero society was due to his upbringing and early life. Because of his powerful Quirk, everyone who had touched him would get hurt, resulting in him never having friends or forming any sort of emotional bond. He saw first hand that Quirks have clouded the judgement of humanity as the majority wouldn't notice the ones struggling with their newfound power. Flect Turn was obsessed with the idea of destroying Quirks, no matter how many deaths it took, viewing it as "humanity's salvation". No matter how villainous his actions may seem, he mostly bore no ill will towards humanity, as he viewed himself as its savior and prophet.


Overall Abilities: Flect Turn was well renowned as the strongest member of the Humarise cult, as well as its leader. His level of skill allowed him to effortlessly contend with the likes of Izuku Midoriya, who is one of Class 1-A's strongest students, as well as severely injure him on several occasions in their fight.

Genius Intellect: Flect Turn was an tactical genius, carefully manipulating and planning the destruction of the Quirk society for several years. He was a capable leader, as he amassed a significant following of several powerful villains over his years as the Humarise cult leader. He easily manipulated several aspects of his grand plan, effortlessly predicting the heroes' plans on his arrest.


Reflect (リフレクト Rifurekuto?): Flect Turn's Quirk allows him to reflect any attack and its effect back at it's user. He can also store the attack to use later, rather than just reflecting it immediately. This Quirk isn't well suited for enduring several powerful attacks and will wear out in prolonged battles. A more powerful attack cannot be reflected by the Quirk, showcased when he couldn't reflect Izuku's United States of Smash in the climax of their battle.


Arachne (アラクネ Arakune?): Flect has a high-tech support item that is worn like a belt around the waist with nodes that lead up his spine. Protruding from the spinal frame are four segmented mechanical arms with spiked mirrors on the ends that can be used in conjunction with his Quirk. He can channel absorbed energy through the mirrors to act as thrusters, allowing him to navigate in the air.



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