Flashfreeze Heatwave ( (ぼう) (れい) (ねっ) () Bōrei Neppa?) is a Super Move performed by Shoto Todoroki using his Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk.


Shoto's Heatwave clashing with Izuku's One For All.

This technique starts after Shoto uses his ice to thoroughly chill the air in the area around him. By switching to his fire, Shoto rapidly heats the air around him and expands it.

This environmental control allows Shoto to release a superheated blast that devastates anything in its path.

Shoto first used this move during his match against Izuku Midoriya in the U.A. Sports Festival.[1] The technique gets its name when Shoto uses a smaller-scale version of the attack to subdue villains.[2]


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