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"Flame On!!"
Flaming Sidekickers' catchphrase

Flaming Sidekickers ( (ほのお) のサイドキッカーズ Honō no Saidokikkāzu?)[1] is the sidekicks group that work for Endeavor. They are usually in charge of minor jobs or to guard the Villains defeated by Endeavor until they are handed over to the Police Force.


Final Performance Arc

The Flaming Sidekickers during the Naruhata Crisis

After the first bombing of Naruhata by Bee☆Pop, Endeavor and his agency also organized the hero patrols, as the villain had promised to return, and Endeavor had a plan to finish her off. As they expected, Bee☆Pop returns and attacks Naruhata again, but this time the heroes deployed there are dedicated to evacuate the civilians. Once they report all citizens have been evacuated, the Flaming Sidekickers send up signal flames to Endeavor to let him know that he can uses his Hellflame Quirk without worry.

Endeavor uses his Super Move Hellfire Storm to defeat Bee☆Pop, but when Burnin spots The Crawler and yells out for Endeavor, he is forced to cancel his attack, much to his displeasure.[2] After this, the Flaming Sidekicks are dedicated to watching the development of events, until The Crawler manages to escape with an unconscious Bee☆Pop in his arms.[3]

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Kido and Onima guarding the Nomu.

Kido and Onima accompany Endeavor and his son Shoto to Hosu, to capture the Hero Killer: Stain, but they end up meeting several Nomu. Endeavor faces the Nomu with the help of various heroes as Shoto ducks into an alley to help his classmates to take on Stain.

After the Hosu Incident and the capture of Stain, Kido and Onima are responsible for guarding the Nomu who was defeated by Gran Torino until they are arrested by the police.[4]

Joint Training Arc

During the Joint Training Battle, Kido and Onima express concern about the mental state of Endeavor, due to his obsession that his son Shoto does not respond to his messages.[5]

My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising

Kido and Onima treating Class 1-A students' injuries.

After a leak reported that three members of the League of Villains would carry out the transfer of a mysterious cargo, Endeavor and his sidekicks ambush them, although the members of the League turn out to be mere copies and the mysterious cargo disappears.

Weeks later, after the Nabu Island incident, several heroes, including Endeavor and his sidekicks Kido and Onima, head to the island to help and provide first aid to the students of Class 1-A after they have managed to defeat the villains.[6]

Endeavor Agency Arc

The Flaming Sidekickers welcome Endeavor's trainees.

When Izuku, Shoto and Katsuki decide to do their second Hero Work-Studies with Endeavor, as soon as they arrive at his agency, the Flaming Sidekickers give them a hot welcome. They are responsible for explaining to the Trainees how the agency works.[1][7] Kido and Onima accompany Endeavor and his trainees when they go on missions. Taking care of the lesser villain's that Endeavor defeats.[8]

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

The Flaming Sidekicks participate in the operation to end the Paranormal Liberation Front,[9] although its members are in different fronts. Kido and Onima are part of the team of heroes led by Endeavor in charge of raiding the Jaku General Hospital Hospital, where Tomura Shigaraki is, while Burnin is in Jaku City, in charge of leading the students in the evacuation of its inhabitants.[10]

Shortly after storming the hospital to arrest its chairman, Dr. Kyudai Garaki, for being an ally of All For One and Tomura, the hospital is invaded by numerous Nomu,[11] and the heroes are forced to confront them while also evacuating the civilians who are there.[12] Endeavor and a small group of heroes go ahead to storm Kyudai's secret laboratory, where he confronts High-End Nomus.[13]

Shortly after, when all the Nomu in the hospital are defeated, Kido, Onima and a great force of heroes storm the laboratory and help defeat the High-End.[14] It seems that the heroes achieve the victory, but Tomura awakens from his slumber and uses his Quirk, Decay, destroying the hospital and killing almost all the heroes that are there. Kido and Onima are among the few heroes who manage to escape in time, thanks to Ryukyu's help.[15]

The Decay extends to the city itself, and some students try to stop it but they fail, so Burnin orders everyone to fall back while trying to escape with the civilians. Burnin tries reaching out to the Hospital Raid Team hoping for a response on the situation but receives none.[16] Once all of them manage to get to safety, Endeavor finally radios her, explaining he is fighting Tomura, but for some reason, the villain is heading to the city in search of "One For All", although neither Endeavor nor Burnin know what that is

Deku overhears her and knows what is going on, and tries calling out Burnin, but she is too busy reorganizing the hero forces to fight Tomura, ordering the students and civilians to evacuate as fast as possible.[17]

Known Members


  • The Flaming Sidekickers' catchphrase, "Flame On", is shared by the Human Torch, a Marvel superhero with fire-related powers.


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