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Fist Bump to the Earth (フィスト・バンプ・トゥ・ジ・アース Fisuto Banpu Tu Ji Āsu?) is an Ultimate Move performed by Star and Stripe using the New Order Quirk.[1]


Star and Stripe uses New Order to create a construct of herself, made out of air she touched, one thousand times her own size. The construct mimics her every move, allowing her to deliver supersized blows to her opponents.

Star and Stripe first used this in her fight against Tomura Shigaraki, where a single punch from the former sent the latter flying in the opposite direction. She then claps her hands together to trap Tomura, creating an extremely powerful impact which parts clouds over a wide area.

The air construct created by this super move is used in the larger-scale Ultimate Moves Keraunos and State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch.

Related Techniques

Keraunos.png Keraunos (ケラウノス Keraunosu?): After creating a giant construct of herself, Star and Stripe uses it to gather the lasers of her accompanying fighter jets to create a giant lance of energy. She then raises her arms and stabs the lance into her opponent, simultaneously piercing and burning them.[2]
State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch.png State-of-the-Art Hypersonic Intercontinental Cruise Punch ( (しん) (がた) (ごく) (ちょう) (おん) (そく) (たい) (りく) (かん) (じゅん) (こう) パンチ Shingata Gokuchōonsoku Tairiku-kan Junkō Panchi?): Star and Stripe touches the Tiamat missiles, using her Quirk to redirect them, before using the giant air construct of herself to swing them around and unleash a giant air punch that releases a powerful supermassive explosion.[3]


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