Faux 100 Percent ( () () 100% (パーセント) Giji 100 Pāsento?) is a Super Move performed by Izuku Midoriya using the One For All and Fa Jin Quirks.[1]


Izuku draws out 45% of One For All's power, and combines it with the stored kinetic energy generated by Fa Jin. By doing this he is able to draw out the blinding speed of using One For All at 100%, without the recoil that comes with it.

This technique was first used to shove Kai Chisaki away from the shot fired by Lady Nagant.[1]

Related Techniques

Faux 100 Percent Manchester Smash.png Faux 100 Percent: Manchester Smash ( () () 100% (パーセント) マンチェスタースマッシュ Giji 100 Pāsento Manchesutā Sumasshu?): Izuku delivers a Manchester Smash using Fa Jin.[1]


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