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Fat Absorption ( () (ぼう) (きゅう) (ちゃく) Shibō Kyūchaku?)[1] is the Quirk used by Taishiro Toyomitsu.


Fat Absorption grants the user the ability to adhere any objects to their body and make them sink into their body fat upon contact with it.[2]

Fat Gum absorbs the energy of Kendo Rappa's punches.

This Quirk provides a high degree of protection, making Taishiro very resistant to blades, bullets, and attack-heavy Quirks. Those who attempt to physically strike him may end up getting stuck to his body, allowing Taishiro the opportunity to restrain them.

Fat Absorption also lets Taishiro absorb the raw force behind enemy attacks and then release it back in a singular counterattacking punch; however, utilizing this technique requires him to burn down his fat as he stockpiles said force, weakening his defense in the process and leaving him practically powerless if the counterattack doesn't bring down the target.[3]


As a prerequisite for this Quirk to work properly, Taishiro requires a high level of body mass, achieved via gluttonous eating. This Quirk will not work if the user has a slim build.[4]


Fat Gum absorbs an explosion with his Quirk.

Taishiro uses Fat Absorption as an effective way of restraining criminals, enveloping them with his large figure. Despite his size, Taishiro makes sure to subdue targets as quickly as possible. In combat, Taishiro frequently acts as a human shield for his allies, since most attacks barely faze him anyway.

Should he find himself against an enemy that is able to bypass his defenses through sheer power alone, Taishiro has the option of trading his fat away for a counterattack powered up by the sum of all the impact energy dealt by the foe on his body.

Named Super Moves

Fataxi.png Fataxi ( () (じん) タクシー Kojin takushī?): Taishiro can use his Quirk to hold anyone smaller than him within his body as passengers. He uses this move to escort his allies in or out of battles.


  • The process Taishiro goes through to regain weight is briefly depicted in Volume 19's extras.


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