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Note: This article contains major SPOILERS regarding the series My Hero Academia, Movies and My Hero Academia: Vigilantes. Read with caution.

Kamui Woods & Mt. Lady vs. Giant Villain Kamui Woods vs Giant Villain.png
Sludge Villain Incident Sludge Villain Incident.png
All Might vs. Sludge Villain
All Might captures Sludge Villain.png
All Might vs. Sludge Villain: Rematch
Sludge Villain attacks Izuku.png
U.A. Entrance Exam Entrance Exam Arc Anime.png
Quirk Apprehension Test Katsuki's Pitch.png
Battle Trial Battle Trial.png
Izuku & Ochaco vs. Katsuki & Tenya
Izuku and Katsuki clash.png
Shoto & Mezo vs. Mashirao & Toru
Team B Wins.png
Pro Heroes vs. Habit Headgear Mt. Lady and Habit Headgear face off.png
U.S.J. Incident Villains appear at USJ.png
Eraser Head vs. Villains
Eraser Head vs. Villains.png
Thirteen vs. Kurogiri
Thirteen vs Kurogiri.png
Izuku Midoriya, Tsuyu Asui & Minoru Mineta vs. Villains
Deku and Tsu vs villains.png
Katsuki Bakugo & Eijiro Kirishima vs. Villains
Katsuki & Eijiro vs Villains.png
Momo Yaoyorozu, Kyoka Jiro & Denki Kaminari vs. Villains
Momo, Denki, and Kyoka vs. villains.png
Shoto Todoroki vs. Villains
Shoto vs villains 3.png
U.A. Students vs. Kurogiri
Mezo Stops Kurogiri.png
Eraser Head & U.A. Students vs. Tomura Shigaraki & Nomu
Eraser Head strikes Tomura.png
All Might & U.A. Students vs. League of Villains
All Might quickly defeating villains.png
U.A. Teachers vs. League of Villains
U.A. Teachers vs. League of Villains (Anime).png
U.A. Sports Festival U.A. Sports Festival Arc.png
Obstacle Race
Episode 15.png
Cavalry Battle
Cavalry Battle.png
Izuku Midoriya vs. Hitoshi Shinso
Izuku defeats Hitoshi.png
Shoto Todoroki vs. Hanta Sero
Shoto freezes Hanta.png
Denki Kaminari vs. Ibara Shiozaki
Ibara defeats Denki.png
Tenya Ida vs. Mei Hatsume
Mei tricks Tenya.png
Yuga Aoyama vs. Mina Ashido
Mina defeats Yuga.png
Fumikage Tokoyami vs. Momo Yaoyorozu
Dark Shadow overwhelms Momo.png
Eijiro Kirishima vs. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu
Eijiro vs Tetsutetsu 2.png
Katsuki Bakugo vs. Ochaco Uraraka
Ochaco surprises Katsuki.png
Izuku Midoriya vs. Shoto Todoroki
Izuku vs. Shoto.png
Tenya Ida vs. Ibara Shiozaki
Tenya Ida vs. Ibara Shiozaki.png
Fumikage Tokoyami vs. Mina Ashido
Fumikage vs Mina.png
Katsuki Bakugo vs. Eijiro Kirishima
Katsuki vs Eijiro.png
Shoto Todoroki vs. Tenya Ida
Shoto vs Tenya 1.png
Katsuki Bakugo vs. Fumikage Tokoyami
Katsuki vs Fumikage.png
Katsuki Bakugo vs. Shoto Todoroki
Katsuki vs Shoto.png
Hero Agency Internships Class 1-A leaving for Workplace Training.png
Izuku Midoriya vs. Gran Torino
Gran Torino rams Izuku.png
Izuku Midoriya vs. Gran Torino: Rematch
Izuku vs Gran Torino rematch.png
Tsuyu Asui, Sirius & Selkie vs. Innsmouth
Episode 32.png
Hosu Incident Hosu City Incident.png
Pro Heroes vs. Hosu Nomu
Pro Heroes attack Hosu Nomu.png
Gran Torino & Endeavor vs. Nomu
Gran Torino kicks Nomu.png
Endeavor vs. Nomus
Endeavor saves a hero.png
U.A. Students vs. Hero Killer: Stain
Izuku and Tenya defeat Stain.png
Rescue Training Race Rescue Training Race Outcome.png
First Term Final Exam U.A. Teachers (Anime).png
Team Sato & Kirishima vs. Cementoss
Team Sato & Kirishima vs Cementoss.png
Team Asui & Tokoyami vs. Ectoplasm
Team Asui & Tokoyami vs Ectoplasm.png
Team Ida and Ojiro vs. Power Loader
Team Ida & Ojiro vs Power Loader.png
Team Todoroki & Yaoyorozu vs Eraser Head
Team Todoroki & Yaoyorozu vs Eraser Head.png
Team Uraraka & Aoyama vs. Thirteen
Team Uraraka & Aoyama vs Thirteen.png
Team Ashido & Kaminari vs. Nezu
Team Ashido & Kaminari vs Nezu.png
Team Koda & Jiro vs. Present Mic
Team Koda & Jiro vs Present Mic.png
Team Hagakure & Shoji vs. Snipe
Team Hagakure & Shoji vs Snipe.png
Team Mineta & Sero vs. Midnight
Team Mineta & Sero vs. Midnight.png
Team Midoriya & Bakugo vs. All Might
Team Midoriya & Bakugo vs All Might.png
Nana Shimura vs. All For One Nana Shimura vs All For One.png
Toshinori Yagi vs. L.A. Villains Young All Might debuts in America.png
I-Island Incident I-Island Incident.png
Katsuki & Shoto vs. Daigo & Nobu
Katsuki, Shoto & Eijiro ready to fight.png
U.A. Students vs. I-Island Security Bots
I-Island Security Bots 2.png
Deku vs. Swordkill
Izuku Midoriya vs Swordkil.png
Deku vs. Wolfram
Izuku Midoriya hit by Wolfram's Quirk.png
All Might & Deku vs. Wolfram
All Might goes Plus Ultra against Wolfram.png
Quirk Training Camp Quirk Training Camp.png
Pixie-Bob vs. Class 1-A
Dirt Monster.png
Vanguard Action Squad Invasion Vanguard Action Squad Invasion.png
Tiger & Mandalay vs. Spinner & Magne
Pussycats vs Vanguard Action Squad.png
Eraser Head & Vlad King vs. Dabi's Doubles
Eraser Head vs Dabi.png
Izuku Midoriya vs. Muscular
Izuku vs. Muscular.png
Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu & Itsuka Kendo vs. Mustard
Mustard kicks Tetsutetsu.png
U.A. Students vs. Moonfish
Katsuki and Shoto vs Moonfish.png
Ochaco Uraraka & Tsuyu Asui vs. Himiko Toga
Ochaco & Tsuyu vs Himiko.png
Momo Yaoyorozu & Yosetsu Awase vs. Nomu
Nomu chases Yosetsu and Momo.png
Bakugo Escort Squad vs. Vanguard Action Squad
Izuku, Shoto and Mezo tackle Mr. Compress.png
Kamino Incident We are Here.png
Hideout Raid Team vs. League of Villains
Hideout Raid Arc (Anime).png
Hideout Raid Team vs. All For One
All For One attacks the Hideout Raid Team.png
Toshinori Yagi vs. All For One: Rematch
Episode 48.png
Katsuki Bakugo vs. League of Villains
Katsuki evades Twice.png
Super Move Training Class 1-A prepare to create their Super Moves.png
Provisional Hero License Exam Takoba National Stadium interior.png
The Crushing of U.A.
Provisional Hero License Exam Arc anime.png
Inasa's Hot Blooded Battle
Inasa eliminates 120 students.png
Izuku Midoriya vs. Fake Camie
Camie scratches Izuku.png
Shoto Todoroki vs. Seijin Students
Shoto blocks a giant object.png
U.A. Students vs. Seiai Students
Momo vs Saiko.png
U.A. Students vs. Seiji Shishikura
Katsuki and Eijiro defeat Seiji.png
Izuku's Gambit
Izuku dodges an ambush.png
Class 1-A's Comeback
Yuga light beacon.png
Gang Orca's Invasion
Deku vs. Kacchan 2 Deku vs. Kacchan 2.png
Vinegar Riverbank Incident Vinegar Riverbank Incident.png
Class 1-A vs. Mirio Togata Class 1-A vs. Mirio Togata (Anime).png
Overhaul vs. League of Villains Magne attacks Overhaul.png
Hero Work-Studies: Round 1 Hero Work-Studies (Manga).png
Izuku Midoriya vs. Sir Nighteye
Izuku unable to beat Sir Nighteye.png
Ryukyu Agency vs. Villains
Nejire Hado against Giant Villains.png
Fat Gum Agency vs. Villains
Blade Trigger.png
Shie Hassaikai Raid Shudder! The Underground Labyrinth.png
Ryukyu Squad vs. Rikiya Katsukame
Ryukyu Squad crashes into the battlefield.png
Suneater vs. Setsuno, Hojo & Tabe
Suneater vs. Setsuno, Hojo, and Tabe.png
Battle of Spears & Shields
Tengai defends Rappa from Eijiro.png
Nighteye Squad vs. Toga & Twice
Himiko Toga attacks Rock Lock.png
Nighteye Squad vs. Mimic
Nighteye Squad vs. Joi Irinaka.png
Lemillion vs. Shin & Deidoro
Mirio defeats Nemoto & Sakaki.png
Lemillion vs. Overhaul & Chronostasis
Lemillion vs. Overhaul.png
Nighteye Squad vs. Overhaul & Chronostasis
Deku fights Overhaul's second form.png
Deku vs. Overhaul
Deku vs Monster Overhaul.png
League of Villains vs. Snatch Tomura Shigaraki vs Sand Hero Snatch.png
Gran Torino vs. Kurogiri Gran Torino vs. Kurogiri (Anime).png
Provisional Hero License Course Team Gobi is ready.png
Izuku Midoriya vs. Gentle & La Brava Gentle tries to crush Izuku with brute force..png
U.A. School Festival School Festival.png
Hero Billboard Chart JP Hero Billboard Chart JP (Anime).png
Endeavor & Hawks vs. High-End The final struggle between Endeavor and Hood.png
Class 1-A vs. Nejire Chan & Suneater Class 1-A vs. Nejire & Tamaki.png
Joint Training Battle Joint Training Battle Class A Vs. Class B.png
Round 1
Round 1 Teams.png
Round 2
Round 2 Teams.png
Round 3
Round 3 Teams.png
Round 4
Round 4 Teams.png
Round 5
Round 5 Teams.png
Katsuki & Shoto's Hero Debut Episode 100.png
League of Villains vs. Creature Rejection Clan League of Villains invade the CRC.png
League of Villains vs. Gigantomachia Gigantomachia finds the League of Villains.png
Tomura Shigaraki vs. Gigantomachia Tomura Shigaraki vs. Gigantomachia.png
Revival Celebration League of Villains vs. Meta Liberation Army.png
Himiko Toga vs. Curious
Himiko tries to stab Chitose.png
Dabi vs. Geten
Dabi encounters Geten.png
Twice vs. Skeptic
Twice gets attacked by Skeptic's Puppets.png
Spinner vs. Trumpet
Shuichi faces Koku.png
Twice's Doubles vs. Re-Destro
Twice creates multiple Doubles of the League.png
Tomura Shigaraki vs. Re-Destro
Tomura faces Rikiya in their final stand-off.png
Pro Heroes vs. Twice's Doubles Rock Lock chase the League of Villains.png
Hero Work Recommendation Project Shota explains the Hero Work Recommendation Project to his students.png
U.A. Students vs. Mummy
Mummy turns Katsuki into his puppet.png
U.A. Students vs. Chimera
Chimera punches Rikido.png
Deku & Bakugo vs. Nine
Nine tries to steal One For All.png
U.A. Students vs. Chimera: Rematch
Tenya protects Shoto from Chimera.png
Tsukuyomi & Pinky vs. Slice
Fumikage vs. Slice.png
U.A. Students vs. Nine
Class 1-A stand together.png
Deku & Bakugo vs. Nine: Rematch
Izuku and Katsuki clear away the sky.png
Hero Interview Training Hero Interview Practice.png
Hero Work-Studies: Round 2 Hero Work-Studies - Round 2.png
Endeavor & Hawks vs. Starservant
Hawks helps Endeavor in a split-second.png
Ryukyu Agency & Oki Mariner Crew vs. Smugglers
Selkie defeats a smuggler.png
Endeavor Agency vs. Ending
Ending is apprehended by Shoto.png
Endeavor’s Mission Endeavor blasts Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto.png
Mission: Humarise Mission - Humarise.png
Otheon Team vs. Humarise
Izuku descends on Humarise headquarters.png
Bakugo & Shoto vs. Jewelry Villains
Endeavor's Trainees spot jewelry heist.png
Deku vs. Rody Soul
Izuku chases after Rody.png
Deku vs. Otheon Police & Beros
The police surround Rody.png
Deku vs. Beros & Rogone
Izuku and Rogone clash.png
Endeavor's Trainees vs. Beros & Sidero
Sidero prepares to crush Rody.png
Pro Heroes vs. Humarise
Ryukyu Agency vs. Humarise.png
Bakugo vs. Serpenters
Katsuki fights one of the Serpenters Twins.png
Shoto vs. Leviathan
Shoto vs Leviathan.png
Deku vs. Flect Turn
Izuku vs. Flect Turn.png
Paranormal Liberation War Gigantomachia finally arrives at the battlefield.png
Gunga Mountain Villa Raid Liberation Revolution.png
Villa Raid Team vs. Paranormal Liberation Front
Ken Ishiyama opens a passage through the Villa walls.png
Hawks vs. Twice & Dabi
Hawks vs. Twice & Dabi.png
Tsukuyomi vs. Dabi
Dabi attacks Fumikage Tokoyami.png
Villa Raid Team & Trainees vs. Paranormal Liberation Front
The students ambush Gigantomachia.png
Jaku Hospital Raid Jaku Hospital Raid.png
Hospital Raid Team vs. Nomu
Hospital Raid Team vs. Nomu.png
Mirko vs. High-Ends
Mirko vs. High-Ends.png
Crust vs. Nomu
Crust vs. High-End.png
Hospital Raid Team vs. High-Ends
Heroes vs. High-Ends.png
Hospital Raid Team & Trainees vs. Tomura Shigaraki
Deku uses multiple Smash attacks on Tomura.png
Hospital Raid Team & Lemillion vs. Near High-Ends
Pro Heroes vs Near High-End Nomu.png
Uravity & Froppy vs. Himiko Toga: Rematch
Himiko Toga ambushes Ochaco Uraraka.png
Best Jeanist & Trainees vs. Paranormal Liberation Front
Heroes continue fighting the PLF.png
Assault on Tartarus Assault on Tartarus.png
Grand vs. Muscular Muscular ambushes Yo and Tatami.png
Deku vs. Muscular: Rematch Izuku strikes Muscular with one blow.png
Deku vs. Lady Nagant Lady Nagant uses her Rifle Quirk as a makeshift weapon.png
Deku & Dynamight vs. Dictator Katsuki saves Izuku from Dictator.png
Deku vs. Class A Deku prepares to fight Class 1-A.png
"Tomura Shigaraki" vs. Star and Stripe Star and Stripe uses her Quirk to crush Tomura.png
Deku & Invisible Girl vs. Can't Stop Twinkling Toru stops Yuga's Navel Laser.png

Nice Guy & Knuckleduster vs. Soga, Moyuru & Rapt Koichi charges at Soga.png
Knuckleduster vs. Eraser Head Knuckleduster vs. Eraser Head.png
Naruhate Vigilantes & Eraser Head vs. Mario, Soga, Moyuru & Rapt Koichi vs. Instant Villains Soga, Moyuru and Rapt.png
The Crawler & Knuckleduster vs. Akira Iwako Koichi & Knuckleduster vs. Akira.png
Naruhata Vigilantes vs. Teruo Unagisawa Koichi & Knuckleduster vs. Teruo.png
Pro Heroes vs. Instant Villains The heroes arrive.png
Pro Heroes vs. Suicide Bomber Endeavor attacks Suicide Bomber.png
Knuckleduster vs. Junkie Villain Knuckleduster vs. Junkie Villain.png
Ingenium vs. Bat Villain Tensei vs Bat Villain.png
Team Idaten & Naruhata Vigilantes vs. Bat Villain Tensei and Bat Villain race.png
Stendhal vs. Abegawa Tenchu Kai Stendhal slaughters the Abegawa Tenchu Kai's executives.png
The Crawler & Stendhal vs. Akira Iwako Stendhal saving Koichi from Akira.png
The Crawler, Knuckleduster and Soga Kugisaki vs. Akira Iwako Stendhal vs Knuckleduster.png
The Crawler, Ichimoku & Jube vs. Emeperor Yoysuura High-Speed Double Sweep.png
The Crawler & Captain Celebrity vs. Thief Koichi Haimawari chases Biker.png
Captain Celebrity vs. Kaiju Villain Captain Celebrity show.png
The Crawler & Team Idaten vs. Monster Cat Tensei and Koichi Team Up.png
Soga Kugisaki vs. Controlled Girl Soga vs controlled girl.png
Eraser Head vs. Teruo Unagisawa Shota Aizawa restrains Teruo.png
Knuckleduster vs. Kuin Hachisuka Knuckleduster attacks Kuin Hachisuka.png
The Crawler & Captain Celebrity vs. Kirihito Kamachi Koichi Haimawari & Christopher Skyline vs. Kirihito Kamachi.png
Ingenium & Captain Celebrity vs. Bat Villain Tensei Ida vs Next-Level Bat Villain.png
Eraser Head vs. The Hotta Brothers Hotta Kick.png
Fat Gum & Police Force vs. Number 6 Number 6 defeats Police Force.png
The Crawler, Eraser Head, the Hotta Brothers & Kirhito vs. Octoid Koichi, Shota & Hotta Brothers vs. Octoid.png
Number 6 vs. Octoid Octoid attacks Number 6.png
Captain Celebrity vs. Bomber Number 6 trap.png
Onomura Pharma Corp. Raid Onomura Pharma Corp Raid.png
Sky Egg Bombing Koichi protects Captain Celebrity.png
Knuckleduster vs. Number 6 Knuckleduster vs Number 6.png
Team Purple Revolution vs. Robber Villain Purple Revolution Agency vs. Robber Villain.png
Eraser Head & Loud Cloud vs. Robber Villain Robber Villain attacks Shota Aizawa.png
Aizawa & Shirakumo vs. Sensoji & Yamada Blast Quirk.png
Buster Union vs. Garvey Buster Union fires at Garvey.png
Purple Revolution Agency vs. Garvey Shota Aizawa vs Garvey.png
The Crawler vs. Thugs Koichi dodges the thugs.png
The Crawler vs. Bee☆Pop Bee☆Pop rejects Koichi.png
Endeavor vs. Bee☆Pop Karmic Raze - Hellfire Storm attack.png
The Crawler vs. Bee☆Pop: Rematch The Crawler vs Bee☆Pop.png
The Crawler vs. O'Clock Number 6 pursues Koichi.png
The Crawler vs. Endeavor Endeavor attacks Koichi with blasts of fire.png
Underground Masquerade Underground Masquerade.png
Drunk Lee vs. Master Beast
Drunk Lee vs. Master Beast.png
The Ripper vs. The Rapper
The Ripper vs. The Rapper.png
Tiger Bunny vs. Masquerade Attendees
The audience wants to fight Tiger Bunny.png
O’Clock, The Rapper & Tiger Bunny vs. the Hooded Man
O'Clock slashes and severs the Hooded Man.png
All Might vs. Transformed Villains
All Might easily restores order.png
The Crawler vs. Pro Heroes Eraser Head continues chasing Koichi.png
Operation Anonymous Nightmare Night.png
The Crawler & Eraser Head vs. Anonymous
Shota saves Koichi from the Anonymous.png
Police Force, Soga, & The Crawler vs. Number 6 & Anonymous
Number 6 arrives at the hospital.png
The Crawler vs. Number 6: Rematch
Number 6 attacks Koichi.png
Knuckleduster vs. Number 6: Rematch
Knuckleduster beating Number 6.png
The Crawler vs. Number 6: Final Match
Koichi and Number 6 fight to the death.png
The Crawler & Pro Heroes vs. Number 6
Naruhata citizens cheer on Koichi.png