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Our Brawl (ぼくらの大乱戦 Bokura no Dairansen?) is the ninety-ninth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the eleventh episode of the fifth season.


After Vlad King voices his worries about continuing the match after Izuku’s outburst, Eraser Head says if it happens again he will stop it, as since it was stopped by Hitoshi’s Brainwashing, he knows he can handle it too. He also states he can tell that they are all still determined, Izuku, Hitoshi, and everyone in 1-A and 1-B, to win and wants to keep it going. Vlad King comments how Eraser Head is nicer than he looks, which he reluctantly agrees with.

Back in the fight, Hitoshi pulls his Capturing Weapon Izuku had grabbed ahold of, knocking him off the platform, to Ochaco’s surprise that he was stronger than Izuku. He clarifies that he wasn’t using his Quirk due to being worried about putting everyone in danger again, and when she suggests withdrawing, he denies this as with Hitoshi in their sights it’s their chance to win. After she asks if this means he’ll be fighting Quirkless, he turns and asks her for a favor.

Mina continues to fire Acid Shots toward her 1-B opponents, as Nirengeki throws a Twin Impact shot directly at her. Just then, Minoru uses his Grape Buckler technique to bounce off all of his Pop Off balls he laid around the arena like a trampoline in order to deflect the attack, which he proceeds to use to “accidentally” knock himself into Mina’s chest.

Minoru bouncing around the field.

Irritated at his antics once again, Mina uses her Acid Layback to create their “Grape-Pinky Combo”, tossing Minoru’s body all over the arena across the Pop Off balls, forcing the 1-B team to be stuck in place. In the viewing area, Eijiro and Denki praise Mina and Minoru’s skills, while Jurota and Kosei note how Yui and Reiko are bad for close combat so have to rely on Nirengeki. Kyoka then wonders what happened regarding the teachers and Izuku, while Katsuki watches on.

Ochaco subdues Neito.

Neito suddenly appears before Izuku and Ochaco, thinking to himself how despite not being "the protagonist", due to only being able to Copy Quirks, he doesn’t resent the body he was born with, because he knows that there are also always supporting characters who outshine the protagonist. As his body starts to glow, Izuku quickly realizes he copied One For All, and remembering All Might’s words how an unprepared body when exposed to the power could explode, Izuku screams at Neito to try and warn him, but he refuses to listen. Instead, however, Ochaco uses her Gunhead Martial Arts to knock Neito to the ground, telling Izuku it was a bluff, while he’s annoyed at himself that it turned out to be a “blank”.

Izuku controlling Blackwhip.

Hitoshi tries to use his Capturing Weapon to rescue Neito, but Izuku, using Ochaco’s Zero Gravity to make him weightless, floats up to take him head-on. At the same time, Eraser Head thinks back to his training with Hitoshi, in which he had trouble controlling the Capturing Weapon and wondered if he’ll be able to properly use it since it took Eraser Head six years to learn. He reminds him it took him six years all on his own, and that all he needs to do is practice, since for people like them, that’s the matter of life and death.

Declaring himself to be different from before, Hitoshi uses the Capturing Weapon to pull several pipes from above him directly towards Izuku. Reacting to this, Izuku thinks about how he no longer has any worries about his power, thanks to how the aura of the One For All user he spoke to reminded him of All Might. Controlling his heart, he manages to get Blackwhip to re-emerge, grabbing ahold of the two pipes and keeping them in place.

Seeing the black stuff return, Eraser Head and Vlad King prepare to act, but All Might stops them as he notices it being different than before, while he wonders what happened in the past few minutes. Hitoshi berates Izuku, asking if going out of control was just a bluff, only for Izuku's body to ache and Blackwhip to suddenly disappear. He realizes that, after how much stronger it has gotten thanks to One For All, his 20% body capacity can’t properly handle it, so he won’t be able to use it for a while. Not wanting to risk going out of control with Air Force, Izuku sticks to just One For All at 8%, as he gives chase to a fleeing Hitoshi.

Ochaco proceeds to drag the captured Neito to their prison. She thinks to herself how it’s already been five minutes, while he says outloud that he’s extended his Quirk capacities to ten minutes. He then asks how many Quirks he can copy, which she, silently, responds with three, due to how many clocks he has on him, but he coyly reveals that he can actually copy four Quirks now. He continues that while he can only use one at a time, the after effects, like Yui’s Size, still remain, implying that he did something toward Izuku.

Ochaco takes out Reiko and Yui.

After dropping him off, she prepares to rush over to help Izuku, but then she remembers his favor, which is to go and help Mina and Minoru and leave Hitoshi to him, as she agrees to trust in him. Hitoshi uses his Capturing Weapon to swing across the arena, but Izuku manages to quickly catch up thanks to One For All. Just then, Neito utilizes Twin Impact, causing Izuku to get a stronger punch to the face, due to Neito grazing him from earlier. Neito apologizes to Hitoshi for getting caught first, and hopes this last resort creates an opening for him.

Nirengeki manages to grab ahold of Minoru, while Reiko uses her Poltergeist to shoot nuts and bolts at Mina, only for Ochaco to appear and knock Reiko out with a chop to the back of her neck. Before Yui can retaliate, Ochaco pushes her toward a pipe with several Pop Off balls on it, forcing her stuck to it. Mina then appears to rescue Minoru by punching Nirengeki out.

Izuku brings victory to his team and defeats Hitoshi.

Izuku, meanwhile, manages to quickly recover from the attack, and grabs onto Hitoshi’s Capturing Weapon, using it to push himself forward and directly ontop of Hitoshi. Finally defeated, Hitoshi thinks about how he was looking forward to showing Izuku a different side of him, while also noting just how truly great the Hero students really are and how hard they’ve been working.

With Midnight in charge of commentary (which Kyoka and Toru are happy about), she announces the conclusion of the match with Class 1-A winning 4-0, restating the results for each of the matches, resulting in Class 1-A being the overall winners, which they applaud themselves for. Hitoshi then approaches Eraser Head, telling him he wasn’t strong enough, and recognizing that this was meant to be his entrance exam.

Izuku mentioning how Ochaco and Hitoshi saved him.

In the aftermath during the critique portion, Eraser Head asks Izuku what was going on with him, with Fumikage, Shihai, and Eijiro also being intrigued. Trying to find the best way to explain it, Izuku tells them he wasn’t sure either, just that he was overflowing with power and couldn’t control it. He continues that he was scared, but it was thanks to Ochaco and Hitoshi’s intervention that saved him, also telling Hitoshi it really wasn’t a bluff, while Hitoshi silently states he was just trying to get him to talk to Brainwash him and knew he wasn’t faking it, not realizing that had worried him.

Midnight proceeds to gleefully praise Ochaco’s swift response in jumping towards Izuku, while Mina teasingly points out how hard Ochaco hugged him, causing her to become flustered and beet red. She responds that she jumped without thinking, and that it was better than not doing anything and regretting later, as Eraser Head compliments her on how much she’s matured.

Hitoshi then claims he didn’t do what he did for Izuku’s sake, and only that he knew that the black stuff was attacking Neito and his teammates, and needed to stop it anyway. He continues that he wanted to fight and beat Izuku, and as he starts to say all he was doing was taking care of himself, Eraser Head squeezes him with his Capturing Weapon to everyone's shock.

He tells him that everyone has been training since day 1 to become a great Hero, and that he can’t hope to reach that level right away. He tells him that despite his critiques toward himself, everything he’s done has earned him a passing grade, to his surprise. Hitoshi responds saying he still has a long way to go, and that he won’t be satisfied just passing, to aim higher, with Eraser Head’s encouragement to go that Plus Ultra.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • In the manga, it is stated it took Shota five years to master the Capturing Weapon, while in the anime it is six years.
  • In the anime, Ochaco's pondering about how long Neito's Copy lasts is internal, while in the manga she states this out loud.
  • In the manga, Manga is the one to admit not being very competitive. In the anime, Kosei is the one to say this instead.
  • The anime leaves out the other classmates berating Shota for tugging on Hitoshi with the Capturing Weapon.
  • The anime leaves out Shota's flashback of Oboro Shirakumo and Hizashi Yamada in high school.
  • The anime includes additional dialogue of Hitoshi resolving to work harder to become an outstanding hero.


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