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That Which Is Inherited (受け継ぐモノ Uketsugu Mono?) is the ninety-eighth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the tenth episode of the fifth season.


At Tartarus prison, the guards notice how one of the prisoners has become more active since the following day. One guard states he wishes they would hurry up with their sentencing, while the other reminds him of Gigantomachia's recent appearances, as well as the still in-hiding League of Villains, not knowing how many sympathizers of his there are, and not wanting to cause any unnecessary provocation. The prisoner, All For One, suddenly starts to speak, shocking them, apologizing as recent memories started to make his body ache, stating that he can hear his little brother's voice.

Back in the training ground, just as Round 5 is about to begin, All Might receives a phone call, which he anxiously takes realizing it's Gran Torino. Getting right down to business, Gran Torino tells him about a time shortly after Nana Shimura first received One For All, when she had a dream where a dark, fuzzy shadow appeared before her and told her "the time has not yet come." He thanks Gran Torino for the info before going back to watch the match, thinking about when "that time" will be, and what it means.

As the Class 1-A team make their way forward, Izuku thinks about how with Hitoshi on Class 1-B's team, they won't be able to talk much once they engage, while also still being uneasy about what happened with One For All, wanting to be careful to avoid Hitoshi's Brainwashing. Over with Class 1-B's team, Neito talks to Hitoshi about how when he was little, people told him he couldn't be a Hero with a Quirk like his, and how just like him, they have to be able to do both good and bad to succeed. He tells him they are very much alike, but Hitoshi says he doesn't like it. After asking how he managed to brainwash Izuku during the Sports Festival, which he answers by saying he insulted his classmate, Neito adds that in order to become Heroes, they can't always act like Heroes, or else they won't stand a chance against people with greater power. He continues saying how it feels like their hopes and dreams from when they were younger have slowly became a burden, like a curse.

At the viewing area, Tenya notes how Izuku's team's formation is similar to Katsuki's team from Round 4, while Hanta notes that they don't have a "Kyoka" (or scout) on their team so they'll need to be more careful. Izuku plans to become a target, going on ahead and doing flashy moves to draw them toward him, so that once they determine their location they can work together to capture them. He's suddenly attacked by a barrel, which he believes came from Reiko's Poltergeist, only to seemingly hear Ochaco's scream in the distance.

Neito taunts Izuku.

Looking around, he notices Neito on pipes below him and starts to shoot several Air Force shots at him, causing him to dodge. Neito explains how after Katsuki's performance, they knew to be wary of Izuku, taunting him by claiming their best move wouldn't be to take out the strongest opponent first, but to instead prioritize the other three so he doesn't have any backup. Izuku can tell that he's purposefully egging him on to respond, as he potentially could've copied Hitoshi's Brainwashing, as he continues to disorient Izuku, questioning whether that scream was just Hitoshi trying to lure him out. Izuku refuses to budge and give into his taunts, firing more blasts at him, while he uses Poltergeist to attack him with bolts and screws.

With the rest of the Class 1-A team, Ochaco, Minoru, and Mina note how that scream was probably from Hitoshi, with Mina laughing at the idea of seeing him mimic a girly scream like that. Just then, Minoru notices something through his makeshift rope connected to his Pop Off balls around the arena, when they are attacked by screws and bolts controlled by Reiko's Poltergeist, which Mina attempts to stop using her Acid Veil. At the same time, as Reiko controls the objects, Yui uses her Quirk, Size, to make several of the objects smaller, and then bigger. Ochaco uses her Quirk to stop them all and keep them in the air, however, Nirengeki, whose being trying to locate them, uses his Twin Impact to send the objects barreling toward their opponents. The three attempt to run realizing Izuku wasn't able to lure them away, while Ochaco wonders how he's holding up.

Mysterious black tendrils explode out of Izuku.

Izuku continues his barrage on Neito, as he taunts him once more, asking how Katsuki is able to smile so easily knowing that by getting captured by the villains, he brought an end to All Might. This infuriates Izuku as he prepares to shoot him with another blast. However, instead a series of black tendrils suddenly emerge from his arm, shocking and confusing Eraser Head, Katsuki, and All Might, who nervously thinks again what "that time" means.

Izuku is scared and confused as the black tendrils are unable to be stopped as they erupt more out of control. He screams at Neito to run, as he uses Poltergeist on some bolts to fly out of the way, while he crashes into a nearby building. The distressed Izuku ends up directly in front of Hitoshi, desperately trying to hold back the power and telling him to run, while he reacts fearfully. The black tendrils blast their way up into the sky, which both the 1-A and 1-B team notice, as it causes destruction across the entire arena, carrying Izuku and being knocked into buildings. He continues to cry why it's happening as the pain gets to him. At the viewing area, Hanta wonders if Izuku has developed a new move, while All Might quickly approaches Eraser Head and Vlad King, telling them they should stop the match.

Ochaco arrives to save Izuku.

Izuku reflects on how after he first got One For All, he kept hurting himself because he didn't know how to use it, but eventually he was able to get it under control, but now that the power is wreaking havoc and he is unable to do anything, he becomes increasingly upset as he doesn't want anyone else to worry about him. While the tendrils continue to rampage, Ochaco suddenly appears, grabbing ahold of Izuku, telling him to calm down.

Ochaco thinks back to her childhood, how her parents always looked tired, and how when she first saw a Hero in action, her eyes were drawn to the expressions of the bystanders; how happy everyone including her parents looked. She thought about how she always felt it was normal to help people in trouble, but after watching Izuku act and seeing how hard he pushed himself to help others, she starts to wonder, who protects Heroes when they are hurting?

"Fight me!"

Back in the present, Ochaco tries to help Izuku still grabbing ahold of him as the black tendrils continue to spiral all around, realizing it is out of control. She spots Hitoshi nearby, and screams at him to use his Brainwashing on Izuku. Hitoshi wonders what he should say to him, and thinking about their fight at the Sports Festival, how excited he was to have a rematch with him, and wanting to show off what kind of Hero he wants to be, he takes off his Persona Chords and yells at Izuku to "Fight me" which he just barely responds to.

Entranced by his Brainwashing, the black tendrils return to inside Izuku, as he re-emerges back in the vestige dream world of One For All. He is then suddenly approached by a tall, buff man in goggles, which he recognizes as one of the previous users of One For All. The man yells at him, telling him he's not alone and that this power isn't something he can use without thinking anymore. As he continues to shout advice, Izuku realizes he can't respond due to not having a mouth, as well as realizing the users aren't simply vestiges, but fully conscious beings living within One For All.

"Didn't we tell you 'You aren't alone!'"

The user, realizing he's starting to fade away, reveals the black tendrils are actually his Quirk, Blackwhip. He states that the previous users' Quirk Factors mixed in with the original core of One For All, and that it has started to grow. He adds that the reason it emerged was because Izuku thought about wanting to capture Neito, and his Quirk works the best for that function. He says that it is good his was the first one that appeared, while also warning him that it has grown much stronger since thanks to One For All's enhancements. He tells him that if he uses the power in anger, it will react to that, and that it's important to control his heart. He ends by telling him he will be receiving the six Quirks of the previous users, and that he'll be the one to complete One For All.

Izuku catches Hitoshi's Capturing Weapon.

Back in the real world, Ochaco slaps Izuku awake from the Brainwashing, asking if he's alright. Landing on the ground, Izuku realizes Ochaco's been hurt by the Blackwhip, but before anything else can happen, Neito rushes to swipe at Izuku, forcing him to jump out of the way, while Ochaco uses her Gunhead Martial Arts to force him to jump away. Yui and Nirengeki soon arrive, using their Quirks to keep the two contained, as they lament how the black tendrils ruined their plans. Mina and Minoru soon arrive as they do battle with the two, plus Reiko.

Izuku thinks back on the user's words about controlling his anger, when Hitoshi attempts to use his Capturing Weapon to attack Ochaco, which he stops by grabbing ahold of. Nearby in the arena, Eraser Head and Vlad King are keeping watch, as All Might asks what they should do. Eraser Head decides to continue the match, to All Might's surprise, as Hitoshi and Izuku prepare to face off once again.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime adds additional commentary from the students.
  • The anime introduces Neito's Copy a second time.
  • The anime adds an extra scene during Ochaco's flashback, where she helps up an elderly woman using her Quirk.
  • In the anime, Izuku and Neito attack each other before the Blackwhip is activated, whereas in the manga Blackwhip is activated before either of them can attack their opponent
  • In the anime, Neito ambushes Izuku while riding on two small nuts, whereas in the manga he rode on one enlarged nut.


  • In the anime's subtitles, Nirengeki's hero name is localized as Mindz.

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