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Match 3 (第3試合 Daisan Shiai?) is the ninety-fifth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the seventh episode of the fifth season.


Aftermath of the second round.

In the aftermath of Round 2, Kinoko offers Fumikage a cough drop for his sore throat. Fumikage refuses help, and the girl tells him to go see Recovery Girl at the very least. Itsuka is walking with Momo, who is unconscious and being carried on a chair by two robots. The rest of the match members are sitting by the cage.

At the viewing area, Hitoshi notices that the damage is much worse compared to the previous match. Eraser Head tells him that this what he should expect from the hero course, though the Pro Hero admits that this is a little overboard. Vlad King tells Manga and Itsuka over the microphone to keep damage to a minimum, followed by a nervous apology from both students. Due to Kinoko's mushrooms having another two hours until they disappear, Shota tells Vlad King that everyone should take a break for now.

All Might asks to talk privately with Izuku.

Neito takes advantage of the victory to show off and boast about Class B to Izuku's team, which ends with Itsuka hitting him to shut him up, apologizing to Izuku and his teammates as she dragged Neito away. Both Minoru and Mina wonder why Neito always behaves like this if he knows that she is going to hit him. Except for this unpleasant moment, the students are relaxing and complimenting others for their improvements during the break. Izuku updates his Hero notebook, commenting on how everyone's mental growth has made their Quirks stronger as well. Ochaco tells him that he has improved too, and Izuku hopes so.

All Might approaches them and asks Izuku to accompany him for a moment, as he must talk to him. As they walk away, Mina and Minoru comment that they have been spending a lot of time together lately, and Ochaco says it's because All Might has been helping Izuku with his Quirk. Mina teases Ochaco that she knows many deets about Izuku, which makes Ochaco nervous and accidentally causes Mina to float in the air by touching her with her Zero Gravity Quirk activated.

Katsuki complains they are pretty bad at keeping the OFA secret.

In a quieter corner, All Might asks Izuku if he has felt something strange with One For All again, to which he replies that he hasn't. All Might comments that his master Nana had never mentioned to him that the Quirk could be activated spontaneously, so he has thought about calling Gran Torino to ask if he knows anything about it. He also asks Izuku to be careful in the 5th match because he will face Hitoshi, who triggered the vestiges during their battle at the U.A. Sports Festival.

Suddenly, Katsuki appears behind Izuku, scaring him. Katsuki scolds them because even though they must keep the OFA a secret, they behave in such an obvious way that someone will end up suspecting that they are hiding something. Then Katsuki asks them if something happens to the OFA and Izuku tells him that it activated on it's own in the early morning. Katsuki doesn't know if that means Izuku improves or worsens in his control over the Quirk, but demands that he master it. Izuku assures him with what he is doing. All Might wonders if Katsuki is being considerate on his own way, but seeing him aggressively yelling at Izuku he thinks he could be wrong.

Fumikage talks with Shoto.

All Might ponders the matter, and thinks the fact that Izuku saw the vestiges again and that he is going to face Hitoshi, the one who triggered that, must be connected in some way. He wonders what the previous users are trying to do.

In the infirmary, Recovery Girl tells Momo that she will soon recover after having used her Quirk on her, while in Ground Gamma, Vlad King informs there is already another arena ready for the third match. Izuku comments that Tenya's team is balanced, and Minoru is sure that they will get an easy victory since Shoto is a powerhouse. As the 1-A team heads out into the arena, Fumikage stops Shoto to to apologize for his poor performance in the previous, and the rest is up to him. Shoto is confused and asks why him, and Fumikage comments because they carry the weight of Endeavor and Hawks, the No. 1 and No. 2 heroes.

Team 1-A walk to their positions.

This makes Shoto to remember the harsh training session from his childhood, when his father trained him very hard to learn a new technique, to the point of making him cry. Enji yelled at a young Shoto to get up and stop pretending to be weak. Enji mentions that Shoto's brother, Toya, possessed a firepower greater than his own, unfortunately he inherited the weak constitution of his mother Rei, so he was not suitable for learning his techniques it, but he tells Shoto that he is, and he will fulfill his ambitions.

Tenya calls out to Shoto as he thinks of this, asking if there is something wrong, as he looks puzzled. Shoto thanks him for caring and ensures him that everything is okay. Mashirao is a bit surprised that Tenya was able to notice something in Shoto, considering his face expressions rarely changes. Tenya says that as Class 1-A rep, he must help his classmate when they are troubled. Mezo notices he is feeling more upbeat than usual, which Tenya attributes to his brother Tensei is making progress in his recovery. He then gets ready to show his team what he is made of, both as the class president of 1-A and as Ingenium's successor.

Sen can't stop Tetsutetsu from continuing with his plan to force a match against the rival team.

On the B-team side, Tetsutetsu tells his teammates that even though people often think he is dumb, he managed to get into U.A., so he's not someone who doesn't think about what he does. Confused, Sen asks what's gotten into him all of a sudden. Tetsutetsu says that they don't have anyone good at scouting on the team, so they have only one option to deal with Class A team. Sen is about to remind him that they had already talked about it when suddenly Tetsutetsu begins tearing through entire structures in his search for the other team while proclaiming that the only possible option is to have a head-on fight. A shocked Sen proclaims that his plan is stupid, and outside the battlefield. Vlad regrets that Tetsutetsu has completely ignored his directions. The destruction caused reveals their location to the Tenya’s team.

Sen tried to warn Tetsutetsu that he is being too reckless, reminding him that they have Shoto as an adversary, and Pony also does not agree with what he does, but Juzo considers that Tetsutetsu's approach is not that bad, in fact, it can work with their strengths. Sen calls him flexible because of this. On Class 1-A side, knowing where their adversaries are, Tenya and his teammates head to their position to face them.

Endeavor stops a villain before he does more damage.

Meanwhile, in the city, Endeavor and his sidekicks are chasing a wheeler villain down a highway. Trying to evade Endeavor, the villain turns off the road and heads into a harbor to escape. There, he sees three children playing and decides to go for one of them to use as a hostage, but is intercepted by Endeavor before he does. The wheeler villain tries to resist, but Endeavor begins to burn him with his fire, so he finally gives up and surrenders.

After the villain was arrested and taken away by the police, Kido and Onima congratulate Endeavor that the plan to divert the villain to a sparsely populated area has worked. The three children approach Endeavor and thank him for saving them. The hero asks them to be careful on their way home.

Endeavor more concerned in knowing if his son replied to him than in the requests for teaming up.

Then Onima informs him that they are received another requests for team-up, and Endeavor orders him to compile to list of the request, being more interested checking his messaging app, trying to get in touch with Shoto. Internally, Endeavor gives his thanks to Fuyumi for helping him to register Shoto's account, as he wants to tell him something about the technique he tried to teach him years ago, although his son has ignored all his messages so far despite his efforts to change from his past self. Frustrated for no getting any replies, Endeavor yells Shoto's name while engulfed in flames. Onima suggests that Shoto is probably in class at the time, while Kido express concern about the mental state of Endeavor.

Back at the Ground Gamma, Shoto suddenly sneezes, surprising Tenya at the idea that he had caught a cold. A Team run towards their opponents and they decide to spread out when they are close enough. Tetsutetsu continues to knock down structures, while Pony tells him that his plan to attract the rival team is not going to work because it is too obvious, but Juzo, who has been touching different areas with his hand, is sure that Team 1-A will perform a direct attack on them using Shoto for it.

Juzo softens Shoto's ice, freeing his classmates.

Before Juzo can finish his sentence, as he has expected, Shoto captures all four of them with a giant ice wall. Outside the battlefield, the students are impressed by Shoto's power, with Mineta complaining about how unfairly strong he is, and Ochako noting that his control over his ice power has improved.

The restrained members of team B try to find out where the members of the rival team are hiding, but it is impossible for them because of the ice. Hidden in the maze of pipes, Tenya and Mashirao are sure that Shoto's attack slows down Class B movements and makes it impossible for Juzo to use his Quirk. Determined to capture them as soon as possible, Tenya uses his Recipro Burst and runs towards them. But then he stops when he feels the ice soften as Tetsutetsu yells welcoming the challenge. The members of Class 1-A are surprised to see that Juzo has managed to soften the ice with his Softening Quirk , allowing his teammates to break free and counterattack.

Juzo traps Tenya in the softened ice

Upon verifying that the plan had failed, Mashirao tries to retreat, but loses his balance when stepping on a pipe that Juzo had previously softened, revealing his position. Sen activates his Gyrate Quirk and decides to personally defeat Mashirao, who can barely defend himself using his tail. Tenya tries to come to his aid, but also loses his balance when he steps on another area altered by Juzo and falls on the softened ice, sinking into it. Juzo tells him that it is hard to deal with him, so he decides to leave him trapped there.

Shoto is concerned about how Team B has managed to turn the tables, and can't go help his teammates so they don't leave Mezo alone. To his surprise, some flying horns effortlessly overcame his icy defense and take Mezo away. Pony was sure Shoto was protecting Mezo, so she used her Horn Canon Quirk to separate them. Then she helps Tetsutetsu to barrels his way through the ice barrier and knocks Shoto down.

Pony pins Mezo down with her horns.

With Tetsutetsu facing Shoto, Pony pinning Mezo with her horns, Sen constantly attacking Mashirao, and Juzo canceling his Quirk to solidify the ice and keep Tenya imprisoned, the Class 1-A team is quickly overrun by their Class 1-B opponents. Tenya curses that situation, and Juzo reproaches him for using his Recipro Burst so early in the match considering it has a short time limit for being used.

As Juzo leaves to go help Tetsutetsu, Tenya claims it was foolish for him to considers that he still has such time limit to use his Engine Quirk since the last time he saw it, and to prove this, he activates an upgrade version: Recipro Turbo! With this new technique, Tenya manages to break free from the ice and heads towards the shocked Juzo.

Tenya breaks the ice with his Recipro Turbo.

As he moves, Tenya recalls a conversation he had with his brother Tensei, who tells him about a unique technique that the Ida family developed to improve their quirk and to make them more powerful: by removing their current mufflers and then train harder, so a new set of mufflers will grow, allowing for increased performance.

Tenya proclaims that raising the horsepower of Recipro and lowering the fuel consumption to the minimum he is now unstoppable in terms of speed for ten minutes.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime slightly extends the banter among Izuku's team.
    • Mina makes a dig at Minoru's height.
    • Mina teases Ochaco over why she knows so much about Izuku's relationship with All Might. Ochaco gets nervous and accidentally causes Mina to float, to Minoru's annoyance.
    • Mina teases Minoru for hypocritically looking down on Class 1-B.
  • Tetsutetsu's Steel Quirk is introduced a second time.
  • In the manga, the scene of Endeavor talking about interview requests with his sidekicks while tries to reach out to Shoto over a messaging app takes places in his hero office. In the anime, this scene takes place in the street, being preceded by an original scene of him pursuing and apprehending a villain.
  • The anime adds additional commentary from the students.


  • In the Japanese dub, Pony speaks English when she gets angry at Tetsutetsu. In the English dub, she instead speaks slight gibberish as pointed out by Sen.

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