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Foresight (先を見据えて Saki o Misuete?) is the ninety-fourth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the sixth episode of the fifth season.


Mushrooms spread without stopping through Ground Gamma.

The second round continues, as Class 1-A's team is struck by a surprise infestation of mushrooms created by Kinoko. Momo and Toru struggle to pluck off the ones sprouting on their bodies, and the latter gets frustrated that they expose her silhouette, getting rid of her stealth. In the air, Fumikage and Yuga lost sight of Shihai due to the sea of mushrooms. Kinoko starts using her spray bottles to make the air humid, increasing the rate at which the mushrooms sprout.

Back at the viewing area, Minoru is scared by the fact that mushrooms can even grow on people's bodies, comparing it to a horror movie. Yosetsu says the mushrooms would disappear in about two to three hours, and due to large window of time, Kinoko tends to let them grow everywhere. The other students at the viewing area are surprised at the large amount of them, with some shivering at how disgusting it looks.

Manga creates a huge onomatopoeia that splits the battlefield.

Unknown to Momo and Toru, Shihai took shelter nearby by phasing into the body of a black mushroom. Shihai laughs and thinks back to the details of Itsuka's plan. Itsuka came up with Plan A using Shihai due to Dark Shadow being a Quirk with low risks and high rewards in combat, and capitalizing on the fact that the other team isn't aware of Shihai's new ability to control dark objects. Due to Yuga's Navel Laser being a direct counter to Shihai's Quirk, Plan B was developed using Kinoko's Quirk. Shihai decides to retreat as Plan B starts to take effect.

Toru starts getting frustrated at the mushrooms she scraped off growing back. Momo, silently praising Itsuka's foresight and planning, tells everyone to calm down, and asks the team to focus on regrouping. Suddenly, further in the depths of the pipe maze, Manga is shouting out various sound effects, with the action being followed by a gigantic structure of materialized onomatopoeia barreling through Ground Gamma, and taking the opposing team off guard and splitting them up.

Itsuka begins her attack on Momo.

Class 1-A's team struggles to regroup, and Yuga's attempts to cut through the text using his laser is futile. Vlad King cheers for his team's effort in turning the battle on its head, which annoys some of the members of Class 1-A. Manga then starts whispering more sound effects in Toru's direction. Toru freaks out as she realize they're humidifiers, causing the mushrooms to grow faster and larger.

Itsuka takes the opportunity to ambush Momo, capitalizing on the fact that the opposing team lost their tactician. Momo tries to block her opening attack by creating a tungsten shield, but Itsuka easily crushes it and knocks back Momo using her enlarged fist. Itsuka's plan is to keep rushing Momo with brute strength, in order to not give her time to strategize, as well as forcing her to use up all of her lipids to cut off her options for counterattacking.

Fumikage finds Toru covered in mushrooms.

At the viewing area, Tetsutetsu pumps his fist and cheers on Itsuka for finding a way to turn the tables so easily. Shoto questions the effectiveness of splitting Momo from the group, saying that if Itsuka's team was worried about Momo, they should've focused on defeating her quickly instead of backing her into a corner. As Itsuka knocks away Momo's last shield, she is stunned as Momo confidently sprouts a large cannon out of her abdomen.

As Fumikage and Yuga fly around looking for their other teammates, Shihai pops out from above and starts dragging away Yuga again. Fumikage gives chase, but is blinded by Kinoko's mushrooms sprouting on his face, and is knocked into the ground by Manga's onomatopoeia. Fumikage gets up and is startled by Toru, covered from head to toe by mushrooms. Fumikage, as he's brushing away the mushrooms off his teammate, deduces that Itsuka's team is keeping them all isolated using stealth and sneak attacks. He says that if his team can't find Kinoko, Manga, and Shihai, they'll lose.

Momo manages to shoot before being hit by Itsuka.

Itsuka jumps back as Momo points at her using the cannon. Anticipating Momo is going to break open Manga's wall, Itsuka lunges at her opponent. Momo quickly shifts her aim to the right, faking out Itsuka. Itsuka uses her Double Jumbo Fist to try and stop Momo from firing the weapon, only for Momo fire her ammunition over the wall at the moment of impact. Itsuka, shocked at the misdirection, reels back as Momo's chest starts glowing again. From the air, a pink cloth sack marked Yaoyorozu's Lucky Bag falls in Fumikage's location, which he catches using Dark Shadow (while carrying Toru). Fumikage wonders what's packed in the bag.

Manga struggles to protect himself from Toru's attack.

Shihai meets up with Kinoko, and bashfully tells her that he's captured Yuga. As Kinoko keeps using her spray bottles, he wonders if anyone from Class 1-A knows their current location. Off in the distance, Fumikage is flying straight in their direction, wearing custom-made infrared goggles. The goggles came from the bag produced by Momo, along with three cans of ethanol spray, a common antifungal substance.

Manga notices Fumikage flying past him towards his teammates location, and gets cornered by Toru, completely rid of mushrooms due to the spray, who starts punching and kicking him. During her assault, she figures out that Class 1-B were unaffected by the mushrooms due to being sprayed with fungicide prior to the match.

Kinoko uses her Quirk to knock out Fumikage.

Kinoko and Shihai see Fumikage, but its too late before they are quickly blind-sided by another new move invented by Fumikage: Black Abyss: Sabbath. Fumikage traps Shihai in his cloak, and Dark Shadow restrains Kinoko. Before Fumikage can ask Dark Shadow to send the students to the prison, he starts coughing and reeling over. Kinoko smiles, as she says she sprouted a split gill mushroom in Fumikage's lungs, asphyxiating him.

Toru continues to wail on Manga, and starts speeding up her attacks in order to knock the boy out. Suddenly, she is grabbed and restrained by Itsuka, who is ensnared by ropes sprouting out of Momo, who is clinging to her cannon and slowly slipping out of consciousness. Itsuka, while successfully restraining her opponents, says she didn't felt like won against Momo due to her foresight. Kinoko unfurls Fumikage's cloth to free Shihai, and the boy quietly thanks her. Itsuka is surprised Kinoko did that to Fumikage, and the other girl said that the team would've lost if she didn't.

Class 1-B scores a perfect 4-0 victory for the second round!

As the match comes to an end, Tetsutetsu cheers for his class's victory, and Shoto hopes that Momo doesn't get discouraged from her loss like her battle in the U.A. Sports Festival. Izuku and All Might, despite their loss, commend their team for their improvements over the school year. Midnight gushes from afar at Momo's new leadership skills. Vlad King shakes with pride as he announces Class 1-B's victory, much to the annoyance of the other class.

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  • The anime adds additional commentary from the students.
  • In the manga, Toru is tied up outside of the jail cell, while in the anime, she is inside the cell.


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