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Operation New Improv Moves (新技即興オペレーション Shin-waza Sokkyō Operēshon?) is the ninety-third episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the fifth episode of the fifth season.


Shota recommends that his students reflect on their experiences in the first round.

With the first round concluded, Eraser Head asks his team to comment on what they learned or need to improve on. Eijiro says that outside is combat, his Quirk has very little application. Koji wishes to give more detailed instructions to his insects. Denki is happily jumping in the air lamenting about how good he was. Tsuyu wishes Koji and Eijiro weren't captured so early to preserve their coordination. Hitoshi is frustrated about his inexperience using the Binding Cloth fighting style.

Shota tells Hitoshi to carry that frustration with him for improvement, as the former took six years to fully master the fighting style. Yuga notices that Tsuyu and Eijiro took their flaws the hardest because of their participation in the Shie Hassaikai Raid, with Hanta agreeing. Kyoka laughs at Denki for how chaotic his actions were by comparison.

All Might disturbed at Midnight's enthusiasm.

Shota recommends that Eijiro try to set up his opponent for a one-on-one fight, and agrees with Koji's self-criticism, as well as adding that he should focus on exploiting an enemy's weakness. Shota scolds Denki for not taking the match seriously until his teammates started getting captured, and tells Tsuyu to focus on making up for her mistakes rather than dwelling on them.

While Hitoshi is reflecting on his match, Midnight writhes in pleasure at the thought of Hitoshi not being downtrodden in his failure. All Might looks at her with mild disturbance. Vlad King, meanwhile, is scolding his team for splitting up their members as part of their plan, blaming their loss on a lack of cooperation. Jurota, downtrodden, believes that their splitting up allowed the opposing team to strategize as a group, and apologizes to Ibara for leaving her out in the open as part of the plan. Neito, after calmly agreeing with the sentiment, obsessively rushes over to Hitoshi to devise a plan for their match.

Izuku's team discuss the plan for their match.

Izuku and Minoru notice this and start to formulate a plan with their team. Tenya's team follows suit, and Katsuki's team tries the same, but not before he screams for his team not to get in his way. Midnight, once again, squeals with glee at seeing the students work together. All Might looks at his class proudly and notices how their demeanor has changed since all the major events that took place over the year.

Vlad King asks All Might what he thinks of Hitoshi's performance, to which the retired Pro Hero notes how much he's open to learning and improving, and expects to him to be much more proactive in his next match. Shota tells All Might to treat this as Hitoshi's test to make it in to the hero course. Vlad King then shouts for the Round Two teams to take their positions.

Itsuka admits that she always wanted to challenge Momo.

The Preparation for the second round starts, As both teams make way to their starting positions, Itsuka asks Momo why she didn't participate in the U.A. School Festival's beauty pageant. Momo says that her teacher didn't inform her class about the event, possibly due to deeming it unnecessary, and wouldn't have been able to since she was participating in Class 1-A's band for the concert. Itsuka says she asked because of their involvement in the commercial during their internship with Uwabami, thinking both girls were put into the same box by other people. Toru likens it to idol worship in a J-pop group, and remembers all the people that were cheering for Momo and Itsuka during their respective events.

Itsuka says she doesn't enjoy that type of comparative mindset, and personally treats Momo as a rival due to her superior Quirk and academic prowess. Because of this, she exclaims her excitement for finally being able to fight Momo in a battle. Momo expresses the same sentiment and accepts Itsuka's challenge. Similarly, Shihai strikes a rivalry with Fumikage due to their shared interest in dark paraphernalia. Fumikage takes notice of this, and mentions Shihai's Quirk, Black, which allows him to slip and move through darkness.

Tetsutetsu exaggeratedly praises Itsuka.

The second round starts, and both teams start moving. Back in the viewing area, Hanta asks Tetsutetsu what's Itsuka's role in the class. The other students yells (to Hanta's annoyance) that she's the class representative of Class 1-B, and goes on about how smart, brave, and level-headed she is. He even goes as far to treat her as his class's big sister. Offhandedly, Shoto wonders if Momo's "Operation" would work well in her match.

Back at Ground Gamma, Momo instructs Fumikage to scout for the opposing team as planned. Fumikage complies, and tells Dark Shadow, who can now move at an increased range, to not return until he pinpoint's the other team's location. On the other side, Itsuka's team decided to wait and watch for their opponents from afar in order to scout out their new techniques. Just then, Dark Shadow manages to find the team next to a cluster of nearby chimneys, with Fumikage relaying the information back to his team. Dark Shadow then tries to lunge at the opposing team to try and capture a member. Itsuka says to split up for now and let Shihai handle Dark Shadow on his own. With a boost from Manga, he phases into a wall and jumps down from an overhead pipe and over Dark Shadow's "umbilical cord".

Toru uses Warp Refraction to stop Dark Shadow's rampage.

Class 1-A's team sees Dark Shadow return, and Fumikage notices him acting strangely. Fumikage warns his teammates to step back before being punched and sent flying by Dark Shadow. Dark Shadow, while struggling, manages to take back control for a moment, explaining to Momo's team that Shihai has taken control of it. Momo instructs Toru to use Warp Refraction, weakening Dark Shadow and allowing Fumikage to recall him. Shihai is forced out of Dark Shadow, and tries to make an escape.

Momo creates and throws nets to try and restrain him. Shihai gets pinned down on to a pipe by one of them, but simply merges with the pipe's shadow and appears from above, laughing with glee. Shihai diverts his attention towards Fumikage, saying he'll defeat him out of their shared destiny. Fumikage, accepting his challenge, takes off his cloak and declares he'll use his new Super Move: Black Fallen Angel. Shihai tenses up at the name.

Fumikage is able to fly thanks to Black Fallen Angel.

As Shihai glides around the pipes, Momo instructs the remaining teammates to stay close, and tells Fumikage to stay alert, believing him to be Shihai's target. However, Shihai's true target turns out to be Yuga, as his Quirk is a threat to him, and he snatches up Yuga, dragging him through a maze of pipes, snickering to himself that no one will be able to catch up with him. Suddenly, Shihai looks behind him in shock, to see Fumikage soaring up at him, with his cloak over Dark Shadow, who's claws are stretched out like wings.

Seeing this on the screen, Yosetsu, Setsuna, and Togaru yell out in bewilderment, while Mina asks Izuku how it works. Izuku explains that since Dark Shadow floats, if it is given enough power, it can allow Fumikage to fly by simply holding him a loft. The other students are slightly confused by Izuku's explanation.

Kinoko uses her Quirk to cover the battlefield with mushrooms.

Fumikage grabs Yuga back, and instructs him to fire his Navel Buffet☆Laser, lighting up the area, while Fumikage files around, preparing to intercept Shihai when he exits the shadows. Shihai jumps out and onto the pavement., and Momo yells for Toru to follow him. The two eventually corner Shihai, where Momo proclaims they are ready for any plan that Class-1B might come up with. Shihai sneers at them and tells them not be so sure of themselves. When Momo is about to retort, a mushroom suddenly appears on her nose, and several appear on Toru, effectively removing her stealth. Shihai uses the distraction to slip away. Meanwhile, on the other end, Itsuka and Manga wait in hiding.

Elsewhere, Kinoko smiles and praises how Itsuka managed to predict their opponents moves. Kinoko then repeats to herself what Itsuka said to her: if the enemy team's area lights up, that means Plan A involving Shihai has failed, giving Kinoko the signal to activate Plan B. Kinoko grins saying that she'll cover everything with her mushrooms, as more of them begin to appear around her.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime shows how Shihai entered Dark Shadow, which involved help from his own team.
  • The anime adds additional commentary from the students.
  • In the manga, Shihai popped out of Dark Shadow on his own. In the anime, Shihai was forced out by Fumikage recalling Dark Shadow.
    • The anime also added Toru using Warp Refraction to blind Dark Shadow prior to Fumikage recalling his Quirk.
  • In the anime, Shihai was pinned down by one of Momo's nets before merging into a shadow and into the overhead pipe. In the manga, he dodged both nets and straight into the overhead pipe.


  • In the official English localization of the anime, Shihai's Hero name is presented as Vantadark. This is likely due to "Vantablack" being a trademarked name, with the rights for its artistic use being exclusive to the artist Anish Kapoor.

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