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Clash! Class A vs. Class B! (激突!A組VSB組 Gekitotsu! Ē-gumi Bāsasu Bī-gumi?) is the ninety-first episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the third episode of the fifth season.


Izuku and All Might talking about the dream.

Due to the cryptic dream he had, in which he saw the origins of One For All and was able to interact with the first user, Izuku wakes up when he activates his Quirk involuntarily. He is unable to fall asleep again, so he decides to go for a jog, yet he continues thinking about the dream, which concluded with all of his predecessors looking at him with kind expressions. In a flashback, we can see Yuga worried about the mess in Izuku dorms due to One For All.

The next morning, Izuku meets with All Might in private, telling him everything that happened, leaving him surprised by the revelation. Izuku asks him if he had also seen the vestiges in his youth, to which he answers that he had and that his teacher had already explained what it was, but he had never experienced this phenomenon nor did he think it possible that they could be interacted with, which likely makes Izuku the first One For All user to unlock the ability to interact with the predecessors of the Quirk.

Toshinori is concerned about this event.

These revelations make All Might recall a conversation he had with his master Nana years ago about the vestiges of the Quirk, in which she speculated that the One for All accumulates the essence and presence of its bearers. A young All Might found it quite gloomy, but Nana thought otherwise, because that means if they die, they will meet again within One For All.

Back to the present, All Might asks Izuku if he is hurt from accidentally activating his Quirk, to which he replies that he's fine. All Might then tells him that he doesn't understand what happened to him, being confused what the first user meant by the "singularity". Izuku wonders if he has something to do with the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory, according to which Quirks become more powerful with each generation, until they reach a point where they will be uncontrollable. When All Might asks him if there was anything else, Izuku replies that he could see his still incorporeal vestige, and next to him were the vestiges of two predecessors that he couldn't see.

Eraser Head and Hitoshi.

All Might apologizes because he doesn't understand what is going on either, but assures Izuku that this power is his ally, and they will investigate this phenomenon together. Izuku agrees and before leaving, he tells All Might he saw Nana Shimura and she was very beautiful, of which All Might cheerfully agrees.

As Izuku and All Might walk through the halls, they come across Eraser Head, who greets them by sarcastically commenting on how well they get along, which makes All Might very uncomfortable. Then Hitoshi Shinso appears beside Eraser Head, and Izuku excitedly greets him, mentioning that he saw them together before. Hitoshi greets him back before Eraser Head tells Izuku to immediately head to his next class.

Class 1-A at Ground Gamma with their winter costumes.

Later, Class 1-A students gather at Ground Gamma. Many are eager to start training and several of them are wearing winter versions of their hero costumes. Izuku comments on Katsuki's, to which he asks annoyed if he has any problems with it. Izuku then begins to praise how his new hero costume benefit his Explosion Quirk, which annoys Katsuki even more, demanding Izuku to stop. Mashirao comments that Izuku is the one who has made the most modifications to his costume, bringing up the glove upgrade that Mei made for him before the U.A. School Festival.

As Deku talks about the upgrades to his gloves, Ochaco recalls when Mei fell on top of Izuku in an embarrassing position. This memory makes Ochaco blush and immediately punchers herself in order to force it out of her head, to Mashirao’s shock.

Class 1-B arrive at Ground Gamma.

At that moment, Class 1-B arrives at Ground Gamma, with Neito Monoma announcing their presence loudly, proclaiming that they will surpass Class 1-A. He taunts them by showing a questionnaire according to which, by two votes, the students who attended the school festival preferred the Class B's play over Class A's Musical Performance. While Neito is bragging about this "achievement", Itsuka walks towards him to smack him in order to stop his gloating, but Eraser Head is faster and chokes Neito with his cloth straps to silence him.

Eraser Head and Vlad King ask the students to behave as they have a special participant for the exercise. Eraser Head explains he is a student who wants to be transferred to the hero course: Hitoshi Shinso from the General Department Class 1-C.

"I will become a hero to help others with my Quirk".

Izuku is glad to see him again. Some students comment that he is wearing binding cloths similar to Eraser Head, as well as his mask. Yuga comments on Hitoshi's Brainwash Quirk, with Mashirao saying how troublesome it is in a first encounter. Mineta remarks that Izuku managed to escape the Brainwash during the sport festival tournament, although he says it was just pure luck. Still, Izuku remembers that when Hitoshi brainwashed him was when he saw the OFA vestiges for the first time, and with the dream he had that night, he wonders if there is any connection.

Eraser Head asks Hitoshi to say a few words to Classes A and B, and Hitoshi formally introduces himself to them, telling them that he wants to transfer to the Hero course to become one. And being so far behind everyone else, all of them are now obstacles that he must overcome to achieve that goal, as such he's not here to make friends. Everyone applauds Hitoshi’s speech.

Vlad King and Eraser Head decide to form teams by draw.

Vlad King begins to explain that the exercise will consist of four-member team battles between classes A and B, with Hitoshi participating twice in one team from each class. Some students comment that this will be a slight advantage for the team that has him, as they will have one more member. Vlad King counters that it may actually be more of a handicap since Hitoshi lacks experience. He also clarifies that to obtain victory in each game, at least four members of the opposing team must be locked up in prison within 20 minutes. If the time ends before that, the team that has captured the most opponents wins. Katsuki comments that with the victory's conditions, Hitoshi will be a dead weight for his lack of combat experience. Denki berates Katsuki for his comment, but Hitoshi says that Katsuki is right.

Eraser Head and Vlad King then have the students draw lots to create the teams, of which the results are:

Izuku is excited to see Hitoshi fighting again.

After which Hitoshi draws to find out which teams he will be a part of, with the result being he will participate in the first match as a member of 1-A team, and in the fifth match as a member of 1-B’s, Ochaco points out that this will be a rematch between Izuku and Hitoshi, something that Izuku is looking forward to.

All Might and Midnight arrive to watch the competition. Midnight asks him who he thinks will win, and All Might reveals that although 1-A has more experience, 1-B has actually improved a lot more, due to them staying out of trouble and steadily improving their skills. Vlad decides to be the commentator and the first round begins.

Jurota ambushes Class 1-A.

Team 1-A advances across the battle ground, with Tsuyu activating her camouflage to go ahead without being spotted. Denki asks if he should go separately so he can use his Quirk without putting them at risk, but Eijiro advises against him as he would be on his own in case of trouble. Denki then shows concern about Ibara because her Vine Quirk is powerful and can counteract his electricity. Hitoshi points out that they should try to neutralize the heavy hitters like Ibara's first. Denki commends Hitoshi but He replies that action would be obvious to anyone, and Tsuyu clarifies that Team B are probably also thinking of doing the same with Denki or Hitoshi. Some pigeons arrive and inform Koda that Ibara is ahead alone, spreading her vines to feel out her surroundings.

Hitoshi manages to trick Jurota to brainwash him.

Team 1-A decides to go after her, but at that moment they are ambushed by Jurota with his Quirk activated, and he takes down Tsuyu and Eijiro with his Roaring Rage Super Move, surprising the rest of the team members. Jurota explains that they had foreseen their plan, so they had used Ibara as bait in order to attack them by surprise. Kosei Tsuburaba, who was riding on the back of his teammate, then uses his Quirk to capture Koji in a soundproof Air Prison.

Things are looking bad for Group 1-A, until Jurota hears "Kosei" cheering him on, and he responds, falling to Hitoshi's brainwashing. It turns out that Hitoshi's support mask had mimicked Kosei's voice, allowing him to use his new special move: "Persona Chords".

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