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Vestiges (面影 Omokage?) is the ninetieth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the second episode of the fifth season.


Dabi tells Endeavor to not die on him before retreating.

At night in the hospital, Enji lies awake and reminisces about his encounter with Dabi. When Dabi emerged from the cloud of smoke, he surrounds both Endeavor and Hawks with a wall of blue fire. Endeavor recognizes Dabi as the man who murdered Snatch. Dabi, not recognizing Snatch, asks Endeavor if they can talk, as well as if he can pick up the High-End Nomu. Endeavor tries to walk, but stumbles over from exhaustion. Dabi then produces fire around his arm, and lunges towards the pair of heroes. Suddenly from above, Mirko dives down, kicking and shattering the ground between the two groups. Dabi then calls for Ujiko and starts to warp away, but not before telling Endeavor not to die, hoping he'll meet the No. 1 Hero again.

Hawks angry with Dabi for changing up their plan at the last minute.

In the present-day, that same night, Dabi and Hawks meet up at a warehouse. Hawks brandishes a feather against Dabi's neck, asking the villain why he didn't tell him about High-End's unfathomable strength prior to their plan to release it out into the public to test its abilities. Dabi responds by asking why Hawks brought the No. 1 Hero instead of someone less significant. Hawks justifies his actions by mentioning Endeavor's severe injuries. Dabi justifies his by saying he doesn't trust the No. 2 Hero just yet, and further asks why the hero allied with the League of Villains if civilian casualties were kept to a minimum during the fight. Hawks says he still needs to maintain his public reputation. Both individuals part ways on a sour note, with Dabi saying they'll keep in touch.

After their meeting, Hawks remembers the Hero Public Safety Commission's request to make him an associate of the League of Villains in the first place. The commission came up with the idea after assessing the Kamino Incident, noting that the situation became as dangerous as it did due to the lack of intel on the League. They requested Hawks to carry out the mission due to his skills in espionage, as well as his emotional indifference to the League's activities. Back in the present-day, Hawks visits Endeavor in the hospital and silently apologizes to him. Dabi is standing out by the warehouse and suddenly remembers Snatch. He wipes away some blood leaking out of his cheek scab, saying he's so far gone that he forgot about the hero.

Hawks resolves to make his dream a reality, even if it meant getting his hands dirty.

The next day, Endeavor checks out of the hospital, with Hawks tagging along. Hawks tries to cheer up Endeavor about his injuries, though the latter brushes it off and says his injuries are his own responsibility. Endeavor shifts the topic to High-End, and wonders why it came after the pair of Heroes so suddenly. Hawks covers himself and says their status must've been a lure for the bioengineered human, and "theorizes" that the Nomu are used as bait to catch Heroes. Hawks decides to contact the search party investigating the League of Villains to try and investigate his theory, though Endeavor warns him of the potential dangers. Both heroes eventually reach a train station, to which they say their goodbyes and go their separate ways. Hawks once again thinks back to his meeting with commission. The hero asked if the undercover spy plan is necessary, to which the president responded it is to cut of any of the League's potential escape routes. After thinking about how he was scouted by the government as a child for his then heroic actions, Hawks accepted the mission, saying he'll get his hands dirty if it'll make other people comfortable.

Natsuo refuses to forgive his father even after the latter proved himself as the number one hero.

Later that same night, Enji makes it back home, while Fuyumi, Natsuo and Shoto, who is visiting from school, were having dinner. While Fuyumi is excited to see her father, Natsuo and Shoto act cold towards his return. Fuyumi nervously tells her brothers to be nicer, but Natsuo angrily thanks his sister for the food and starts to leave. Enji stops Natsuo before he leaves, and asks his son to say what's on his mind. Natsuo questions why Enji suddenly cares after everything he did to his family over the years. Natsuo leaves, and Fuyumi starts to tear up after thinking that her family's situation was finally starting to get better.

On TV, a recap of Enji's fight against High-End is playing, with the broadcast focusing on the hero's efforts and current public perception. Shoto says that while the hero part of Endeavor is being looked upon favorably, the father part of him needs work. While he agrees with his brother for not forgiving him right away, Shoto decides to keep an open mind, knowing from personal experience how a small action can change a person. Enji reflects on his conservation with Toshinori about becoming a suitable symbol as the No. 1 Hero, and decides he's not gonna push his family for forgiveness. The hero decides to take small steps to improve his familial relationship, even if he feels its too late. Enji apologizes to Fuyumi, and goes outside to talk to Natsuo.

Izuku visions a strange dream involving the previous One For All users.

At U.A. High School, Izuku collapses in bed after a hard day of Quirk training. In his dream, he wakes up in a void next to Nana Shimura and a line of unknown individuals. He thinks back to a similar vision during the Sports Festival, and instantly recognizes them as the rest of the One For All vestiges. He then notices that most of his body is covered in a fog, and he's unable to speak and feel his legs. The vestiges disappear, and Izuku is suddenly in the presence of a confrontation between All For One and his younger brother: the first user of One For All. The first user is trying to talk his older brother out of his criminals actions from giving and taking other people's Quirks. All For One mocks his brother, and says that his actions are necessary in the growing Quirk society. To demonstrate this, he materializes two individuals. One has a fang Quirk that made him ugly and disowned by his family, and the other is Quirkless, who was attacked by a gang of Quirk users with no ability to defend himself. Against the first user's wishes, both ask All For One to do his work. The villain touches both of their heads, making the fang user Quirkless, and giving the Quirkless user an ability that made him grow root-like spikes out of his body. Both civilians thank All For One, and say they will help him if asked as a way of repaying for the villain's services.

Izuku tries to reach out to the first OFA user but suddenly awakens at the middle of the night.

The first user tries to attack him for adding two more pawns to his collection, before an unknown bodyguard pins the former down. All For One tries to coax his little brother into aiding his efforts, saying that all he's doing is evening the playing field between those with and without Quirks. The villain says he will continue his plans and cultivating his following, and forcefully gives his brother a Quirk despite his objections. Izuku then gets sucks into a white void. The first user approaches him and says that he wants to show Izuku more of the past, but notes he isn't strong enough to handle it. Izuku and the first user reach out and touch hands, with the latter telling him it will be fine, and that he's not alone.

Izuku then wakes up in a cold sweat to the glass on his sliding door cracked, and a rush of One For All's energy traveling through his hand.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • With the exception of Endeavor and Hawks, the anime does not show the reactions of other characters with Dabi's presence.
  • The anime cuts the scene of Mirko sniffing her leg after kicking the mysterious substance that warps Dabi.
  • The anime cuts the flashback that shows Recovery Girl using her Quirk to make Endeavor heal faster.
  • The anime doesn't show the scene of All For One interfering in a confrontation between people with and without Quirks.


  • This episode is the first medium to depict All For One's eye colour before his disfiguration.

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