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All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A (全員出動!1年A組 Zen'in Shutsudō! Ichi-Nen Ē-Gumi?) is the eighty-ninth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the first episode of the fifth season. This episode is almost completely comprised of anime-original content.


The day after Endeavor's fight with High-End, Class 1-A is reminiscing about the event and the aforementioned hero's finishing blow on the Nomu. Shoto walks into the classroom and Izuku asks about his father's condition, to which the former says he is fine. Minoru remarks that Shoto should be proud of his father's efforts, to which Shoto offhandedly agrees.

Eraser Head enters the classroom and is taken aback by the fact that everyone is properly seated before being asked. He starts off class by reminding his students that while their hero licenses are provisional, they still have to act like heroes in an official capacity. He intends to push them harder to reflect that responsibility. As he goes on, an emergency alarm blares throughout the classroom. A robotic voice alerts the class of an emergency drill and says that hypothetical villains infiltrated the school through Ground Beta. The voice asks Class 1-A to put on their costumes and to head towards the location.

Class 1-A ready themselves to take on their new challenge.

The class arrives at Ground Beta and notices that there is smoke billowing in the distance. Anima, Earphone Jack, and Tentacole use their Quirks to assess the area. Tentacole reports that a building is ablaze and collapsed by the river. Ingenium, Shoto, Tsukuyomi, Sugarman and Can't Stop Twinkling form a team to extinguish the fire. Anima notices that there is a civilian being swept away by the river.

Froppy and Grape Juice form a rescue squad to rescue the civilian. Creati makes a cart to transport both squads, and Ingenium takes off towards the designated area, towing the cart full of heroes simultaneously. Deku, Pinky, Creati, Invisible Girl, Tailman, Cellophane, and Uravity follow behind on foot. Katsuki heads in the other direction, dragging a drowsy Chargebolt along with him. Red Riot follows Katsuki and asks why he is not cooperating, to which the latter replies they are looking for villains. The group of three head towards a deserted car. Earphone Jack, Anima, and Tentacole stay behind to relay new information to the teams.

Mirio posing as a bystander that needs saving for the students to complete the exercise.

The extinguishing and rescue squads arrive at the building, and Shoto quickly extinguishes the fire with his ice. By the river, Froppy alerts the team that she found the civilian (Mirio Togata) being swept away. To prevent Mirio from being crushed by an upcoming collapsing bridge, Grape Juice and Froppy are thrown towards the bridge by Dark Shadow and a powered-up Sugarman respectively. Grape Juice stops the falling rubble with Grape Rush, and Froppy grabs Mirio with her tongue.

After the rescue, a second explosion goes off by the building. To prevent the fire from spreading, Uravity touches Pinky to allow the latter to float, and Cellophane snags Pinky with his tape, launching her towards the fire. Pinky uses her acid to melt a ditch around the fire, and Can't Stop Twinkling shoots the building, causing it to collapse on the fire and deprive the flames of oxygen. Shoto creates a larger structure of ice to fully snuff out the fire.

Nejire posing as a villain while holding Mina hostage.

Earphone Jack alerts the ground team of a villain in the nearby area. Deku's team is hit by a blast of energy and a floating Pinky is snagged by her tape by Nejire Chan, who is playing a villain. On the opposite end is Suneater playing another villain. Despite the role he was given, Suneater gets nervous and starts to walk away.

Nejire Chan reminds him that he needs to play his role property. Shoto, Ingenium, and Tsukoyomi run over and tries to retrieve Pinky, but Nejire Chan blasts them with her Nejire Wave, with Shoto shielding the group at the last minute with a wall of ice. The ground shakes, and Mirio "accidentally" falls back into the water. Froppy, Grape Juice, Ingenium, Shoto, and Tsukoyomi head towards the river to rescue him.

Katsuki takes down Tamaki with one single blast from his right palm.

Suneater, in order to not disappoint Miro and Nejire, engages in combat with the remaining students, and sprouts wings, chicken feet, tentacles, and a clam shell. Uravity presses her fingertips together and removes Pinky's weightlessness, causing Nejire Chan to be dragged down in the process.

Nejire Chan notices that Invisible Girl jumped down at the same time, and the hero uses Warp Refraction to blind the villains. Cellophane binds Nejire Chan with tape and Creati pins her down using a net gun. Pinky is saved at the last minute by Invisible Girl. Tailman tries to fight Suneater on his own, but is grabbed by the villain's tentacles. Tailman signals Deku to attack, and the One For All user powers up for Smash, but then deliberately misses Suneater at the last moment, and asks him to surrender. When asked why, Deku replies he could not bring himself to hurt him. Suneater pushes Deku back and lunges to attack him.

Endeavor recalls his encounter with Dabi after his battle with High-End.

In the distance, a speeding car, powered by Chargebolt with Red Riot on the hood heads towards the group. Red Riot is blasted forward and headbutts Suneater in the back with a hardened skull. From the distance, Katsuki launches himself from the car, blasts himself forward, and quickly pins down a spooked Suneater with an explosion. Although the drill is over, Katsuki angrily blasts Suneater with a large explosion for being a villain, knocking out everyone in the surrounding area. A disgruntled Eraser Head asks a Mini Transport Robot to take Katsuki to the faculty lounge.

At night, Enji lies in the hospital at night, dreaming about the events after his fight. During that time, Hawks catches him when the hero stumbles after flashing his victory pose, and Dabi approaches from the surrounding smoke. That same night, in an unknown warehouse, Dabi and Hawks meet up to discuss some unknown business.

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  • "Team Rainy Day" featuring Kyoka, Koji, and Mezo doing reconnaissance while Hanta, Mina, and Ochaco do a team attack was first mentioned in Episode 80.

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