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Japanese Hero Billboard Chart (ヒーロービルボードチャートJP Hīrō Birubōdo Chāto Jeipī?) is the eighty-seventh episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twenty-fourth episode of the fourth season.


Eraser Head and the Big Three taking care of Eri.

As November comes to a close, Izuku, Ochaco, Tsuyu and Eijiro meet with Shota, Eri, and the Big 3 in the lounge. Shota informs them that Eri is transferring to U.A. since she cannot stay in the hospital, and he goes outside with the students while Nejire is taking care of Eri. Shota and Mirio explain the reason for that decision: Eri’s mother abandoned her and her grandfather, the Yakuza leader, is still in a coma.

Also, Mirio reveals that Eri's horn is the source of her Rewind Quirk, and has started to grow a bit. To prevent her power from going out of control again, Eri will be monitored by Shota in the teacher’s lounge, with Mirio will also assist in her care, and welcomes Class 1-A to visit her once in a while. Tamaki gives some hope that one day, once Eri controls her power, Mirio will get his Quirk back. After this, Shota orders his students to return to their rooms because they have visitors.

The Pussycats visit the students.

At Class 1-A's dormitory, the students are relaxing. Fumikage suddenly sneezes which Denki believes that he has been mentioned in a conversation and assumes that a fan mentioned him. Ochaco believes that Fumikage would have some fans because he interned under the Number 3 Hero: Hawks, Fumikage doubts this because he believes that it is still too early for him to have fans.

Suddenly, the visitors Shota mentioned arrive, it is the Wild, Wild Pussycats, which makes everyone happy. Izuku notices that Kota is also there, and greets him, mentioning that he still keeps the letter that he wrote to him. Mandalay shows Izuku the new shoes Kota bought which are the exact same kind of red shoes he wears, much to Kota's embarrassment.

When Rikido asks them the reason for their visit, the Pussycats announce that they’re coming off their hiatus. Ragdoll is going back to work, although as an office lady of sorts, since her Quirk was stolen by All For One. The Pussycats received a message from Tartarus regarding the villain. All For One talked about how he has a little bad habit of taking up any good quirk and hoarding it for himself. Mockingly, the villain claims that he would like to return them, although for that he would have to use his Quirk. It is under investigation to uncover the quirks he has taken.

The Pussycats announce that they are going to come back to work as heroes.

Momo asks why they have decided to return now, and they say it is because of the Hero Billboard Chart JP. Due to their period of inactivity, they have dropped a lot of positions in the ranking but still have fans who are waiting for their return. By mentioning the Billboard Chart, students are eager to watch it, as it will be presenting the new official rankings – the first without All Might – shortly.

It is time for the broadcast of the JP Hero Billboard Chart, this announcement is being held at Kamino for its importance. The announcement of the top ten Heroes begin: Ryukyu is ranked number 10 after dropped a rank. The Equipped Hero: Yoroi Musha is number 9. Number 8 is the Laundry Hero: Wash. Kamui Woods is ranked 7. Shield Hero: Crust is ranked 6. Number 5 is the rabbit hero, Mirko. At Number 4 is the Ninja Hero Edgeshot. Number 3 is Best Jeanist, despite his absence due his injures after his fight with All For One. Number 2 is the winged hero, Hawks. Lastly, the number 1 hero is Endeavor, now sporting a new version of his costume.

After the introduction of the top ten, the Public Safety Commission President says that it is a critical moment now that it has been approximately 3 months since All Might retired, and therefore there are rumors that the society lacks an icon of peace, which is why they've gathered together the ten best heroes to carry on society's peace. As the president speaks, Hawks tries to whisper to Endeavor about the feel of being number one, but the flaming hero just glares at him.

Hawks leaves a unique impact on the top Pro Heroes.

The top ten Heroes give their comments one by one: Ryukyu honestly says she does not feel worthy to be in the top ten, because there are lives she could not save and promises to strive and become a hero worthy of her rank. Her words move the hero Crust, who tries to cheer her up. Yoroi Musha says their mission has not changed, Wash just shouts their name. Kamui teamed up with Edgeshot and intends to continue to doing his best. Crust regrets not being at Kamino to help All Might. Mirko warns anyone who is wrongly scheming that she is coming for them. Edgeshot says that he is not here for fame and that he will continue working to keep the peace.

Hawks feels annoyance by the generic phrases and speeches of the other heroes and interrupts Edgeshot’s speech, questioning the other heroes if they think they will make someone happy with their speeches. His controversial comments silences the stadium. Hawks takes the microphone and flies above the podium. He gives a speech about how the approval rating system is the most important of all and questions why the Heroes who are less accomplished that him are playing safe with their words instead of saying something more heroic-like.

"Just watch me."

Some of the Heroes in the stadium agree with Hawks' comment and the Number 2 Hero passes the microphone to Endeavor. Remembering what All Might advised him, Endeavor says one thing: "Just watch me". This surprises everyone in the stadium while Hawks is the only one who claps.

Backstage, Endeavor is mad at Hawks who says he just wanted to shake things up and provide a bit of impact, and he was actually trying to help him. Hawks reveals that he was never a fan of All Might but even he was surprised to see him retire when he did. He believes that having a symbol of justice is important, so they need a new leader. Wondering if Hawks is serious or mocking him, Endeavor asks him why he doesn't become this leader, to which Hawks admits that he preferred to be in a lower rank to have more freedom.

Endeavor mad at Hawks.

After hearing his reply, Endeavor bluntly states his displeasure for Hawks and ends their conversation, telling him to apologize to everyone else as he walks away. Then Hawks tells Endeavor the reason he wanted to talk to him is because he wants to team up with Endeavor, since there are apparently Nomu activities in his home area. This catches Endeavor's attention.

Somewhere, in an unknown building, Dabi enters a warehouse where there is a huge Nomu, referring to the creature as High-End and saying that he has high hopes for it.

In Kyushu district, a man called Teruo Hazukashi plans to get revenge on the company where he was working for three years. He complains about dealing with his surroundings that forced him to be sensitive, but after being spurred on by a copy of Destro's autobiography book, he wants to liberate himself. He strips down naked to trigger his Quirk Shame, which increases his power as he becomes more embarrassed. He’s taken out in a breeze by Hawks as he is casually walking and chatting with Endeavor.

Hawks is super popular.

Hawks is telling Endeavor about a restaurant to eat at so that they can discuss business. As they walk, Hawks uses his feathers to assist and rescue. He saves a dog from being run over and and helps an old lady to climb the stairs. These actions turn out to be very popular, since many people approach him to ask for autographs or to take photos with him.

Endeavor overhears a fan of his being too scared to approach him for an autograph, so he heads over and offers it. It turns out the be a hardcore fan that dislikes his new persona because the "real Endeavor isn't supposed to give fanservice", thus, he is heartbroken and runs off claiming that he changed.

Endeavor and Hawks chat in the restaurant.

Later, while eating lunch at Yakitori restaurant on the top of a building, Hawks laughs at Endeavor's experience. He also mentions Shoto, as he wanted to offer him to intern with his brand. But after what happened, he’s glad that he got Fumikage instead since Shoto failed the provisional exam. Otherwise, his brand would be damaged.

His carefree attitude starts to anger Endeavor, who demands that he tell him about the rumors of the Nomu. Endeavor surmises that he must have some proof about there being other Nomus for him to take such an interest in. Hawks casually replies that all he's got are rumors, and Endeavor angrily starts shouting for the staff to bring the check.

The High-End attacks.

Hawks asks Endeavor to calm down, and explains the situation to him. Hawks has been working with the police to discover the origin of these rumors, and although they have not yet discovered anything, the rumors do not stop spreading around the country instilling fear in the civilians, and it will cause everyone to lose their minds. Hawks uses the random villain he defeated before as it reflects that notion. He basically asks Endeavor, as the Number 1 hero, to verify the rumors and show the citizens that there is nothing to fear. Hawks wants to create a world where Heroes have more time on their hands than they know what to do with.

Suddenly, they notice a dark figure in the sky approaching at full speed towards where they are. The waitress arrives to bring them tea but Hawks immediately pulls her away, just as the High-End's head crashes through the glass windows, asking who is the strongest. Endeavor orders Hawks to evacuate everyone as he deals with the Nomu. He attacks with Jet Burn to punch the monster back outside. Then, he goes outside and uses flame jets to float in the air, challenging the creature to face him.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime doesn't show Kamui Woods wearing his new hero costume during the Hero Billboard Chart JP.
  • In the manga, Mt. Lady is asked about her relationship with Kamui Woods on the red carpet, whereas in the anime she's asked while she's in her seat at the event.
  • Dabi is actually shown when he goes to see Hood whereas, in the manga, only his foot was shown. The scene also cuts out Hood's response to Dabi's command.
  • The anime shows some of Teruo Hazukashi's backstory.

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