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Let It Flow! School Festival! (垂れ流せ! 文化祭! Tare Nagase! Bunkasai!?) is the eighty-sixth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twenty-third episode of the fourth season.


Izuku explains that nothing serious has happened.

Hound Dog and Ectoplasm surround Gentle Criminal and La Brava as the villain surrenders. Ectoplasm recognizes Gentle from his online videos, but Dog becomes angry because he senses a third person is involved. Seeing him dirty and scratched Hound asks Gentle what happened, he replies that he just tripped and fell, but Dog doesn't buy it as he smells one of U.A.'s students.

Soon after, Izuku arrives at the place. Gentle asks Dog and Ectoplasm to pardon La Brava as he claims to have brainwashed her into working with him. The teachers ask Izuku if he fought Gentle. The young hero replies that Gentle was trying to pull a prank on U.A and they just had a small disagreement but that everything is fine now. Snipe calls in asking for a status update. Hound Dog, though suspicious, reports back that there is no threat to U.A. and the Cultural Festival can continue without issue. Then, the teachers take Gentle and La Brava to the police station.

While being escorted, Gentle tells Izuku that he used to be enrolled in the Hero Course and became a villain when he dropped out of the course. After remembering the words Izuku said to him during their fight, he hopes that Izuku's feelings can reach others.

Izuku's delay worries his classmates.

Ectoplasm warns Izuku that All Might is worried about him and there is less than an hour left for Class 1-A's performance to start. Izuku panics after remembering he left his bag of items for the festival back in town. Ectoplasm goes with Izuku to find them as the young hero thinks about how Gentle was his toughest opponent so far, as he could have strayed from his path like Gentle did because they share similar thoughts and feelings. Along the way, he recovers the camera of La Brava.

Back at U.A., the students are concerned that Izuku won't get back in time, even Eri is worried about the possibility that Izuku is not going to dance, although Mirio reassures her. Thankfully, he arrives at 9:50 AM, and Yuga Aoyama, who was waiting for him at the entrance, gives him his suit for the performance. Ectoplasm also suggests that Izuku should clean up before the show.

It's showtime.

Many people have gathered to see and enjoy Class 1-A's show, although some of them, like Tsutsutaka and Chikuchi, are skeptical over how a musical performance can really be that good and worthy of so much focus. The show begins promptly at 10:00 AM as the curtains open to show Class-A. Eri and Mirio are in the audience and see Izuku on stage.

After a flashy introduction, Class 1-A begins their musical performance and manages to pump the audience with their singing and dancing. Everyone is pleasantly surprised by the electrifying show, even the U.A. upperclassmen who showed up simply to criticize them are unable to hide their enjoyment and start cheering and dancing with everyone else. As the rest of the audience cheer on, Kyoka thinks back to when she told her parents that she wants to be a hero instead of pursuing music full-time like them. Her parents were very accepting of her decision and told her to just do what she wants.

Eri is freed from Kai's "ghost" when she laughs for the first time.

The performance is so lively that it finally made Eri smile. Slowly, Overhaul's grip on Eri's psyche fades from her consciousness as she enjoys the musical. Mirio cries tears of joy to see Eri finally being able to smile. The show ends with applause and a great ovation from the audience.

U.A.'s School Festival continues with Class 1-B putting on its stage play with the audience enjoying it despite being a mishmash of several famous works. Izuku is reprimanded by All Might for having forgotten the calls on his cellphone. Toshinori is well aware of the situation from Hound Dog and Ectoplasm. Then, Izuku is scolded by Hound Dog for his recklessness during Gentle Criminal's intrusion before he is told to cheer up and have fun. All Might thanks Hound Dog who gets angry and shakes him.

Eri excitedly talks about Class 1-A's performance.

Izuku returns with his classmates to help them clean up the stage after their performance. Once there, he meets up with Eri and Mirio Togata. Eri excitedly recounts her impressions of the concert to Izuku, who can barely contain his tears of joy at seeing her so happy. Their conversation is interrupted when Minoru aggressively orders Izuku to help them.

As Class 1-A cleans up, some of the audience praise Class 1-A's performance. Tsutsutaka and Chikuchi, in particular, apologize towards Class 1-A as they had attended their performance with the intention of criticizing them. Katsuki smirks as he revels in his "victory" over the U.A. upperclassmen. Thanks to word of mouth, even some of the students who didn't personally see the concert received the feelings that the class had poured into their act. Class 1-A students thank them for their praise. Minoru tells them not to waste time and finish cleaning everything as soon as possible because the beauty pageant is about to start.


At the beauty pageant, the participants battle it out for the title: Itsuka shows her fighting skills, Bibimi parades in a vehicle modeled after her, and Nejire uses her Quirk to dance elegantly and gracefully in mid-air. After the presentations, the presenter will begin voting, and the results will be announced at the closing event. Until then, students in class 1-A are dedicated to enjoying the other events and attractions of the festival. At the agreed time, Nejire takes the victory after gaining the most votes, with Bibimi humbly accepting her defeat.

Eventually, it is time for Eri to leave. she is a little sad that everything is over, but Izuku manages to cheer her up by giving her a candy apple that he had cooked himself, much to Eri's glee. Shota Aizawa and Mirio escort Eri back to the hospital as Izuku waves goodbye to them.

The investigator tells Danjuro that he still has a second chance.

Meanwhile, at the Police Station, the investigators interrogate Manami Aiba and Danjuro Tobita. With the first, they are impressed by Manami’s computer skills and wonder if she would be interested in using her skills for the sake of the world, to which she replies that she only does it for Gentle's sake.

In another room, Danjuro is being interrogated by a gorilla-looking investigator. Danjuro tries to minimize Manami's sentence, by blaming himself for all the crimes, but the investigator, after reviewing Danjuro's record, notes that it's a good thing Gentle was arrested before he committed a really serious crime, offering him a chance to turn his life around. Danjuro can't help but cry at his words. The investigator asks him if he wants some tea and Danjuro requests Earl Grey tea but the investigator angrily states that he gets whatever they have.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime cuts Hound Dog sensing the fight between Gentle and Izuku and informing Ectoplasm about it.
  • The anime cuts multiple dialogues and comments during the musical performance.
  • The anime cuts Minoru using Pop Off and Dark Shadow playing the recorder.
  • After scolding Izuku and telling him to have fun, Hound Dog sends him flying towards the festival in the manga. In the anime, Izuku dodges the blow and runs away.
  • The anime replaces Obi-wan with Gandalf in Class 1-B's play.

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