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Gold Tips Imperial (ゴールドティップスインペリアル Gōrudo Tippusu Inperiaru?) is the eighty-third episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twentieth episode of the fourth season.


Here’s a peach!

It's Saturday so everyone in Class 1-A is rehearsing on their day off. The Band team plays the instruments, the Stage team discusses the effects they should use for the performance, and the Dance team practices the choreography in front of the Class 1-A rooms under Mina's supervision. Mirio Togata and Shota Aizawa arrive to introduce Eri to the class, although first Mirio prepares a "grand entrance" to surprise Class 1-A, Izuku Midoriya notices his presence. Although his surprise is ruined, Mirio still does the "entrance", which is popping out his butt from a bunch of bushes. No one pays attention to him.

Izuku, Ochaco, and Tsuyu are glad to see Eri again. Shota informs Izuku that principal Nezu has given permission for Eri to attend the festival, although he advised him that he should bring Eri to the U.A. very early so she could adapt, since due to her being separated from society for years, suddenly thrusting her into a big social event like a school festival might be a bit too much for her. After some of the students introduce themselves to Eri, Mirio states that he is showing Eri around U.A. and invites Izuku to join them. Izuku accepts and Mina suggests taking a break.

Izuku and Mirio take Eri on a tour around U.A. High School.

Mirio and Izuku give Eri a tour of the school, where she meets other students and sees how they work hard, preparing for the school festival. They accidentally come across Tetsutetsu, Neito, and Yosetsu while transporting a dragon model. Neito boasts about Class 1-B’s play and rants arrogantly against Class 1-A’s concert until he is knocked out by Yosetsu, who apologizes for Neito’s behavior. Yosetsu clarifies that it is generally Itsuka who punishes Neito, but at that time she is too busy with the beauty pageant. Mirio apologizes to Eri for showing her U.A.'s bad parts.

Izuku wonders why Shota didn’t say anything about a beauty pageant, which reminds Mirio that Nejire, who was last year's beauty pageant runner-up, participates in said contest, and takes them to the equipment room, where at the moment she tries on dresses and participates in a photo shoot, assisted by Tamaki and her friend Yuyu. Once there, Nejire is wearing a sexy dress, causing Izuku to become awed by her "body proportions" during her shoot. Nejire is determined to win the beauty pageant. She hopes to beat Bibimi Kenranzaki, who won the previous pageants since this is her last year at U.A.

Mei reveals her newly created "baby" to Deku.

Next, Izuku, Mirio, and Eri go and see U.A.'s Development Studio, where they meet Mei Hatsume, who is working hard building a giant combat suit, and refuses to waste time bathing. Izuku and Mirio are impressed by her dedication, and Mei clarifies that it is because the School Festival offers a greater opportunity to highlight for the Hero Department during the U.A. Sports Festival. Mei asks Izuku if the Iron Soles she created work out for him, but before he can reply, the combat suit explodes, to Mei's surprise and annoyance of the Development Studio’s members. Izuku hurries Eri to their next destination.

The three continue with the tour, seeing other students working hard on their respective projects for the festival until they decide to go to the Lunch Rush Cafeteria. Mirio and Izuku ask Eri her opinion and she says she's motivated by the school's determination and she wishes to see how it ends. Izuku and Mirio are happy that Eri is feeling excited.

Nezu and Midnight are questioned about the upcoming Festival.

Principal Nezu and Midnight, who were eating in the cafeteria, join their conversation. The principal is also exited at seeing the festival, although Midnight shows his concern due to the Police Force's issues with the event. Nezu tries not to give it any importance, and a memory of him shows the chief of police warning Nezu to cancel the festival due to the increase in crime and that the U.A. is usually targeted by villains thanks to its prominence, but Nezu refuses to do it, arguing that it is precisely in difficult times when students need the festival. Midnight comments that Nezu managed to convince the chief of police to agree, assuring him that they have reinforced security and agree to suspend all activities if the alarms sound, even if it is a false alarm.

Midnight leaves after wishing Izuku his best at Class 1-A's performance. When Eri asks about it, he tells her that Class 1-A will be doing a dance party with live music performance and promises Eri that she'll have a great time at the festival, before he returns to his class.

Izuku is requested for the effects team.

A week passes and Mina tells Izuku that he is fired from the dance team. Izuku is shocked, but fortunately, Mina is just tricking him and clarifies that he has been asked to join the effects team instead since they're worried that people will eventually get bored of Yuga being the disco ball and Koji suggested the idea of the Aoyama-ball moving in all directions, so Izuku is requested to maneuver Yuga during the performance. Eijiro apologizes to Izuku for doing this; Izuku decides to go along with their new plan, as long as he can keep his promise to Eri about dancing during it at some point.

The next morning, at 6:30, Izuku is training under the supervision of All Might to shoot wind pressure attacks with his fingers. Izuku is struggling with successive movements when using more power and asks All Might if he knows any tricks to help him. All Might doesn't have any helpful suggestions since he was able to master One For All almost immediately. The only advice he can give him is the same one he gave at the beginning: create an image in his head.

Izuku training his fingers.

Suddenly, Toshinori hears a noise behind him and catch a flying ball that was flying at him and Deku from behind without turning around. It turns out to be one of Mei's inventions, who is testing her machines out in the woods. Mei apologizes and when she sees Izuku, she informs him that the support item he requested is similar to one of her inventions and is customizing it for his use, to which he thanks her, and it might be available before the culture festival.

As Mei leaves, Izuku explains to All Might that he requested an item to help him with his new move. All Might surprises Izuku by revealing that once he also used support equipment, but since it wasn't effective for him, he chose to fight relying on his own body. All Might tells Izuku he approves the usage of items, as long as he doesn't rely too much on them, and return to training.

Izuku desperately searching the internet.

In Heights Alliance, Class 1-A is having a night off. Momo praises Kyoka for being able to improve Denki's ability to play the guitar in just one week. Kyoka mentions that the tea she is preparing smells very good and Momo reveals that she has received special tea from her mother "Gold Tips Imperial", and prepares some of it for her classmates to try.

Ochaco asks Izuku if he wants some tea, but she is surprised to see Izuku obsessively searching online with his phone to find images or videos of All Might wearing the items. Izuku accidentally clicks on a video about tea starring Gentle Criminal, where he announces that his next video will be about society receiving a wake-up call. Izuku notes that Gentle is a villain famous for his online videos who has managed to avoid being arrested for it, and wonders what he’s planning next.

La Brava reveals she's found a way to hack into U.A. High School's defenses.

Meanwhile, Gentle works hard planning for his attack on U.A. This worries La Brava because he hasn't even paused for a tea break in a week. As La Brava goes to fetch some tea, Gentle comments that there is a growing discontent towards heroes among the people because they lack situational awareness. La Brava is concerned with the idea and asks what about the students. Gentle reassures her by telling her that with the infiltration, they will become stronger thanks to said infiltration. La Brava gets goosebumps from Gentle's response.

Gentle decides to check on his computer the route they will take on. Gentle goes through a long spiel about the way to get to a lonesome house that is actually a café where he can enjoy 90-minutes of teatime, drinking "Imperial Golden Tips" tea. He vows that they will infiltrate the U.A. To achieve this they must rub themselves with dirt and leaves to mark their scent and thus avoid being detected by Hound Dog, who will be responsible for patrolling the perimeter. And to surpass the U.A,'s Barrier, La Brava will use her hacking skills to infiltrate the U.A.'s internal network and disable the sensors.

La Brava hugs Gentle.

Gentle is glad to have a partner like her and remembers when he started his criminal activity. At first, he struggled with using social media and his video only had few visits, all of them being harsh comments, until one day she came to his place after hacking his account to get his address, proclaiming to be his fan and eager to help him carve his name into history. Gentle says that at first, he was afraid of that situation, but thanks to her help and computer skills his popularity increased.

Gentle ensures La Brava that he will make the U.A. infiltration a success to not only secure the future of the world but as a response to her feelings. Crying tears of joy, La Brava hugs Gentle, proclaiming her love for him, to which Gentle replies he loves her too, and vows to succeed in the infiltration.

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  • In one scene, Kyoka's blue shirt has the words: "Deep Dope" on it, but in the second shot, "Deep Dope" was mistakenly spelled as "Deep Dooe".

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