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End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End ( 始まりの終わり 終わりの始まり Hajimari no Owari Owari no Hajimari?) is the fiftieth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twelfth episode of the third season.


Detective Tsukauchi and Gran Torino visit All Might.

The Police Force investigators hold a meeting regarding the current state of their pursuit of the League of Villains, recapping the incident that had occurred just recently to begin with. All For One may have been defeated, but the world lost the Symbol of Peace as a result, and the investigators imagine that it will only worsen their current situation. They conclude that Tomura Shigaraki, who was previously thought to be "childish and prone to tantrums", has suddenly had his focus drawn to altering society, and that they must approach his capture differently, keeping in mind his sudden change of strategy.

Naomasa and Gran Torino visit All Might in the hospital, where the former Symbol of Peace is recovering from his injuries. He tells his friends that the last embers of One For All no longer dwell within him. Even so, All Might comes to the resolve that he must go after Tomura Shigaraki, his view on the villain altered having learnt of his relation to Nana Shimura, All Might's predecessor. Gran Torino is surprised to learn that Tomura is Nana Shimura's grandson. Naomasa asks if either of them has had any contact with Nana's family, Gran Torino explains that, when Nana's husband was killed, she put her only son in foster care to keep him safe from her dangerous life. Nana also requested that Toshinori and Gran Torino have no contact with her family.

Gran Torino tells All Might his judgment is too clouded to pursue Tomura. Toshinori is unable to look at Nana's relative as a criminal and Gran Torino fears he will hesitate the next time they encounter. Gran Torino declares that he and Naomasa will lead the investigation for now, telling All Might to remain at U.A. and continue nurturing his students.

Endeavor refuses to accept he's the new No.1 Hero.

Izuku, Eijiro, Tenya and Katsuki regroup with Shoto and Momo, and turn Katsuki into the police. they're all released to go home half a day later. Shoto returns to his home where he is greeted by his sister. Their conversation is interrupted by a loud bang sounding from down the hall, and his sister informs him that it is Endeavour, telling him that he is free to see their father if he wishes. Shoto peeks inside the training room and sees Endeavor enraged about his new title of No.1 hero, the role given to him a consequence of All Might's failure. Endeavor lights most of the room on fire, angrily expressing that he refuses to accept a position that he did not earn.

Izuku returns home and falls asleep after reading reports on All Might's retirement. He wakes up to a message from All Might and he rushes to Dagobah Municipal Park. He meets All Might on the beach and his mentor punches him for coming to the front lines during the Hideout Raid. All Might tells Izuku that he's officially retired and can't keep his muscular form for very long at all, not before scolding his protégé for going against his wishes and rushing into the battlefield once again. Suddenly, All Might's tone lifts, and the man hugs Izuku, letting him know that he's proud of his young successor for escaping uninjured; he makes a promise to spend his life aiding Izuku in his path to become the next symbol of peace.

The next day, All Might meets with Nezu alongside Vlad King and Eraser Head. Nezu thanks All Might for saving Japan, before going on to talk about the speculation that All Might should not return to U.A. because he is weak and therefore an easy target for villains. Nezu sends All Might and Shota on home visits to introduce his plan to transform U.A. into a boarding school.

The Jiro family praises All Might.

First, they visit the Jiro household. Kyotoku Jiro disapproves of U.A.'s all dorm system because he doesn't believe it will protect his daughter, her injury having fueled his doubt. Shota asks that Jiro's parents allow U.A. to raise Kyoka to be a fine hero. Kyoka enters the room and reveals that her family had already agreed to the proposal. In fact, Kyotoku is a huge fan of All Might and was inspired by his heroic victory over All For One.

They leave and head to the Bakugo Household. On the way, Shota offers to buy All Might, because the former hero was the reason they didn't face more criticism from the Jiros. Mitsuki Bakugo immediately agrees with the all-dorm system, proving All Might's previous statement of, "the next family probably won't be so easy", very wrong indeed. Katsuki's mother smacks her son over his head and blames him for all U.A.'s troubles, caused by him being 'weak'. They start arguing with each other, Masaru's attempts to break it up being futile, and All Might is surprised by the strange dynamic displayed by the Bakugo family.

After calming down, Mitsuki explains that that she is grateful for U.A.'s dorm system because dealing with Katsuki's attitude is causing her trouble. His pride and arrogance have become a problem for her, which is the reason why she appreciates Shota's words to the media about how these traits were a result of Katsuki's desire to be the best. The Bakugo family bows, entrusting the teachers to help mold Katsuki into a hero. All Might nudges Shota and whispers that he will buy him a drink.

Katsuki asks All Might what Izuku means to him.

Katsuki follows All Might outside when the teachers leave. He confronts his mentor inquires about the relationship between All Might and Izuku. All Might only tells Katsuki that Izuku is just another student. However, Katsuki doesn't believe him and walks away. All Might thinks silently, regretting his inability to tell Katsuki the truth.

All Might visits the Midoriya family apartment alone. Inko and Izuku are nervous about allowing Izuku's idol into their home. All Might even notices all the collectibles Izuku has of him inside his room. They sit down and have tea together. Inko reveals that she's against the dorm system and wants to pull Izuku out of U.A. High School altogether. She explains that she's worried because Izuku has gotten severely injured several times since enrolling at U.A. High. Izuku looks up to All Might and Inko is worried this will lead him down the same blood filled path. Izuku is shocked by his mother's revelation and rushes to his room. He realizes this is the consequence for ignoring his mother's feelings up to this point.

Izuku returns with the letter Kota penned to him for saving his life. Izuku explains that it doesn't matter what hero course he attends because he's a hero for saving Kota. All Might transforms into his muscular form and bows before Inko and Izuku. He apologizes for allowing harm to come to Izuku and then reveals that he believes Izuku should become the new symbol of peace. All Might returns to his weak form and expresses his desire to raise Izuku to prevent him from walking down a blood-stained path to heroism. He asks that Inko look beyond the current U.A. and look to a future U.A. that's trying to change for its students.

All Might promises to protect and raise Izuku. Even at the cost of his own life.

Finally, All Might asks that she allow him to pour his all into Izuku, and even states he would give his life to do so. Inko is shocked by All Might's actions and falls to her knees. She asks All Might to live properly and raise her son. If All Might promises her that, she will allow Izuku to attend U.A. High again. All Might promises to do so and Inko asks that he take good care of her son. Izuku promises to not make his mother worry any longer.

At the special prison for villains named Tartarus, All For One is being transferred to his cell. He thinks about All Might's mistake, the fact that he didn't allow himself to die. Now that All Might's defeated Tomura Shigaraki's teacher, Tomura's hatred grows stronger and now he must become a leader. He has comrades now and he knows how to increase his party's ranks. All For One believes that Tomura will be fine and says that it's his turn now.

Anime and Manga Differences

  • The anime cuts the Hero Billboard Chart JP in which All Might announces his retirement, neither does Best Jeanist's health status be mentioned, nor Ragdoll being comforted by her teammates for losing her Quirk, with Kota watching the scene with grief. Best Jeanist and Ragdoll's status are only mentioned during the anime's break-bumper.
  • It shortens the scene when All For One is being transferred to his cell, cutting off the dialogue with the guard, and Stain is not shown as one of the prisoners in Tartarus.
  • Inko's internal monologue where she seems to talk to her husband about how much Izuku has grown is cut off.
  • Vlad King's words of thanks to All Might are cut off.

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