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The High, Deep Blue Sky (空、高く群青 Sora, Takaku Gunjō?) is the one hundred and thirteenth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twenty-fifth and final episode of the fifth season.


Hawks worried about the Paranormal Liberation Front.

During the conference announcing the formation of the Paranormal Liberation Front, and Tomura Shigaraki as the Grand Commander, Hawks is among the celebrating crowd, realizing he is too late. Shortly before entering, he met with Dabi where he tried to pry him regarding what happened in Deika City. Dabi unzips Hawks’ duffel bag, revealing the body of Best Jeanist, smiling about how even if it’s not him, Hawks definitely killed someone, accepting him into the group.

Hawks laments how if he was fast enough he could’ve prevented all the deaths from occurring. He thinks about now with the backing of the Liberation soldiers willing to die for their cause, Feel Good Inc.’s control over the news networks, Detnerat’s resources and connection to the hero industry, as well as the potential of more High-End Nomus in reserve, Tomura now possesses as much, if not greater power to that of the Heroes. While conversing with some of the Liberation warriors, Dabi approaches Hawks to chat some more, while the Winged Hero thinks about he must get to the bottom of who the mysterious backer is, and inform Endeavor and the rest of the heroes, to prevent the end of Japan.

Sometime later, Tomura meets with Doctor Ujiko who talks about how his Quirk had evolved in the fight, allowing him to Decay not just what he touches, but what’s connected to it. He asks why he wants more power, which Tomura states is not just because the Doctor said he would, but also because of the damage done to his arm just from one full-out attack. He declares he won’t underestimate the heroes anymore and wants anything he can get to bring their world down.

After four months, Tomura's power will exceed that of All For One.

As Tomura gets into his seat, Doctor Ujiko explains how he was originally conducting research for All For One, since Quirks grew more complex and stronger as the generations went on, with the “hardware” not evolving fast enough to keep up. He had called it the “Quirk Singularity”, and that no one but All For One took him seriously, recognizing the need for body modifications to keep up with the memory of the enhancing Quirks. Tomura asks how long it will take, which the Doctor responds the procedure will be four months of hellish pain, but once it’s complete, he will have everything in the palm of his hand, including “One For All”, the one power All For One could never make his own, intriguing Tomura.

Back in the present, Class 1-A are outside showing off all the improvements they’ve achieved during their Work-Studies. Yuga destroys several robots with his new Navel Saber, Toru warps Yuga’s light to destroy more, and Mina arrives covered in Acid, which she dubs “Acidman”. The three had interned with Equipped Hero: Yoroi Musha, and how they had to come up with new combos and moves to keep up with their offense and defense. Mina goes to Eijiro, telling him her Acidman is inspired by his Red Riot Unbreakable, which he’s happy about.

Izuku demonstrates his improved technique for Blackwhip.

The rest of the class continue to show off what they had learned. Rikido and Mashirao learned about reading ahead with Shishido. Mezo and Kyoka improved their search skills with Gang Orca. Minoru, Hanta, and Denki learned quick and efficient teamwork with The Lurkers. Tenya learned manners from Manual. Koji learned communication skills from Wash. Fumikage learned overall improvement from Hawks Agency. Eijiro learned how to make the opponent lose the will to fight with Fat Gum. Ochaco and Tsuyu learned teamwork and decisiveness with Ryukyu. Momo learned prediction and efficiency with Majestic. Lastly, Katsuki and Shoto learned to level up their abilities and increase their speed with Endeavor. As Izuku prepares to show off, Toshinori Yagi thinks about how long it's been, and how he doesn’t look back to him anymore, smiling and cheering him on, as Izuku successfully unleashes a wide array of Blackwhip.

After the showcase, Katsuki, Shoto, and Izuku are each approached by their classmates congratulating them on how much they’ve improved. Izuku goes to see Ochaco, telling her he can now use Blackwhip and thanking her once again for what she did when it first emerged. Ochaco laughs it off, adding that the incident was what inspired her to add ropes to her arsenal, and even if she can’t use it like Hanta’s Tape, she feels like they both have improved, as the two happily fist bump.

Izuku and Ochaco thank each other.

In the teacher’s dorms, Eraser Head and Present Mic recover after the Oboro Shirakumo revelation. Eraser Head states that with everything going on, the Hero Public Safety Commission knows something, before asking Present Mic what he would do if he found out who made the Nomu, which he gives a sarcastic response to. They’re then approached by Mirio and Tamaki, who inform him that Eri's horn has started to act up again. They see her currently being cared for by Nejire, where Eraser Head uses his Erasure to calm her down, reassuring her it'll be alright.

Izuku, Katsuki, and Toshinori meet up in their conference room, where the latter congratulates the two on their vast improvements, before handing them a notebook containing information on the past successors of One For All. He states that he collected as many details as he could possibly get, but was unable to get anything from the second and third users, presumably due to the time period they came from. Izuku says that currently he can only use Blackwhip for about a second, so while it’s not as useful as what Hanta and Eraser Head can do, it’s a useful support Quirk, as well as adding that he hasn’t had contact with the past users since the Joint Training Battle.

The generations of One For All continuing to carry the torch.

Katsuki looks in the book where he learns the Blackwhip user is the fifth user, Daigoro Banjo, aka Lariat, who used the Quirk for capture and midair maneuvers. He notes that he and none of the other users appear to have strong Quirks, which Izuku tries to deny, leading Katsuki to bark back that he thinks all Quirks are amazing. Toshinori agrees with Katsuki, as All For One was someone who targeted anyone with strong abilities. The One For All users were ones who, in their dying moments, entrusted the power to the future; they weren’t “chosen ones”, but rather ones who were entrusted by those who were trusted. Katsuki says that makes sense, especially since they all died young.

Katsuki asks which Quirk Izuku is going to learn next, which Toshinori reveals will be the Quirk of his master, Nana Shimura: Float. Katsuki hysterically laughs at this revelation, to the shock of the others, saying that since he can already float with his Explosions, Izuku will be wasting time on learning this while he continues to get stronger at their work-study, meaning he’ll get ahead of him and “win”. Izuku anxiously replies that he’ll just have to improve faster, as the two once again argue amongst each other, with Toshinori smiling over.

Class 1-A throws a hot pot party!

Izuku and Katsuki return to Heights Alliance where the rest of their class is busy setting up a Hot Pot session. With all the food prepared, Class 1-A sit together enjoying and conversing with each other. They talk about how soon they’ll be second years, and getting new underclassmen, with Tenya reminding them that since there are still three months left, they’ll have finals to prepare for too, which Minoru yells at him for bringing up. Izuku thinks about how blessed he is to remember that he is actually here at U.A., with Toshinori as his teacher, and even being able to kind of talk normally with Katsuki.

Outside, Eraser Head approaches Toshinori, sitting on the bench, informing him that Naomasa Tsukauchi has told him to postpone his meeting with Stain for now. He then says that he will begin training Eri this week, which Toshinori says he will help. Toshinori tells him that he has decided to live, though the feeling of being powerless has started to well up inside him, especially with how much he sees the students improving. Eraser Head says that it is due to him being a workaholic for so long, and doing so much on his own, but that just by living and being here for them can spur on and inspire them. Toshinori thinks back to Nighteye's last words, and thanks him.

Toshinori resolves to keep living.

Meanwhile, Hawks continues to try and investigate Tomura’s mysterious backer, using the keyword “Hospital.” Elsewhere, at Jaku General Hospital, Doctor Ujiko greets a nurse, telling her that his “research” is going well and is just waiting for the finishing touches. Hawks thinks about how he’ll continue to gather information as he waits for the heroes to mature and prepare, greeting Twice and the League of Villains.

As Spring Break is about to conclude, Class 1-A learn that all of their Work Studies are about to do an expeditionary operation, all at the same place and same day. On that day, Burnin tells the interns that the heroes are at the foot of the mountain, and they’ll be evacuating the residents, as Izuku thinks about how the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front, that will shake all of superhuman society, is about to begin.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • Hawks using his feathers to eavesdrop on Tomura is removed.
  • The anime doesn't show Class 1-A eating cotton candy while watching their fellow students show off.
  • The classmates' reactions to seeing Izuku and Ochaco thank each other are omitted from the anime.
  • Toshinori's final lines after the class are removed from the anime.
  • Izuku noticing scribbled-out information in the One For All notebook is not included in the anime.
  • In the anime, Shota informs Toshinori about his postponed meeting with Stain at the beginning of the conversation, whereas in the manga it's at the end.
  • The anime includes dialogue of Doctor Ujiko talking to a nurse at Jaku Hospital, stating how well his "experiment" is going.
  • The anime adds a scene of Hawks continuing to go undercover and going to see Twice and the League of Villains.
  • Class 1-A realize they all have the same "work-study trip" while still in Heights Alliance in the manga. In the anime, they're all outside under the sakura trees.
  • Tentacole is mistakenly shown with the Jaku City Evacuation Team.
    • This is corrected in the home video release of the episode.


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