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Tomura Shigaraki: Origin (死柄木弔:オリジン Shigaraki Tomura: Orijin?) is the one hundred and twelfth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twenty-fourth episode of the fifth season.


Tenko left all alone.

After the deaths of his family, Tenko ends up wandering the streets alone. He hoped that someone would stop and help him, but nobody pays him any mind. One woman stopped to talk to him, but after seeing his disturbing face, she tells him that a hero or the police should arrive soon to help, before leaving. He believes nobody helping was his punishment for killing his family, and wonders if his itch would’ve stopped if someone had reached their hand out to him.

Eventually, All For One found and extended that hand to him, taking him in. He tells him the reason for his itch is his innate desire to want to destroy, and that he should embrace it. Later, Tenko is assaulted by two hoodlums in the street, he nearly fights back but ends up stopping. The itch continues to get worse, leading All For One to tell him not to worry about anything and just let his heart do what it wants. The increasingly anxious Tenko says that he doesn’t know why he feels this way, but he wants to kill the two men, accidentally destroying one of his father’s hands as he goes to grab the rest of them.

The birth of Tomura Shigaraki.

That night, Tenko, now clad in the hands of his family, confronts the two hoodlums and promptly kills them with his Decay. Doctor Ujiko asks All For One about Tenko’s lost memories, with the latter staying they still remain within him, and that he’s become unstable with them locked away, with even Decay being subconsciously held back from its true power. However, All For One is fine with that, as the next “Symbol of Fear” has taken its first big step forward. In the aftermath of killing the men, Tenko thinks about how he feels both sick, and at peace.

All For One congratulates Tenko on his job well done, granting him as a present the four hands of the men he killed, and a bonus to make up for the one he destroyed. With all the hands equipped, All For One christens Tenko’s rebirth with the name “Tomura Shigaraki.” Asking what it means, All For One explains “Tomura” comes from “tomurau” the verb for “mourn”, as he will become someone who brings about mourning, and that "Shigaraki" is his last name.

Tomura destroys Re-Destro's Stress.

Back in the present, Tomura remembers everything about his past, and how much more peaceful he felt after killing his family. He declares that he doesn’t need a future and the League can do what they desire, destroying the remaining hand of his father. Re-Destro comes at him with Stress: 100%, which Tomura easily rebuffs, Decaying away the Stress energy around them.

Tomura tells him that destroying whatever he wants is fun, as Re-Destro responds that his power has only one purpose, to liberate the people, however, he finds himself with an unusual pulsing feeling in his head when he sees Tomura; that his Stress is somehow receding. Recalling moments from his past as the members of the Meta Liberation Army tell him his purpose is to carry out Destro’s will, he presses a button, releasing several armor pieces that attach to him: the Burden-Amplifying Steel Pressure Mechanism: Claustro, allowing him to push his Stress output to 150%.

Meanwhile, Gigantomachia continues his rush toward Tomura. Seeing the beast heading for Re-Destro’s location, Geten leaves his fight with Dabi to follow it. Elsewhere, Twice and several of his Doubles are running, carrying Himiko and her Double, trying to meet up with everyone. Mr. Compress realizes how dangerous Gigantomachia is right now for them, calling up the Doctor to warp them out of there. Ujiko claims that using Warping too much gives Johnny tonsillitis, adding that it is too risky to warp the League away now since the Meta Liberation Army could still track their location. Mr. Compress asks if he’s okay with letting “All For One’s successor” die now, which Ujiko responds saying that he must be driven into a corner.

Re-Destro attempts to crush Tomura with Claustro.

Following Gigantomachia, Geten thinks back to Re-Destro’s words to be wary of Dabi’s flames, apologizing for making him worry, sending out his ice dragons toward Gigantomachia, which are almost immediately destroyed, with him also knocked away. Trumpet and Skeptic each rush their way to Re-Destro’s location, while a Twice Double and Giran flee.

Re-Destro in the Claustro suit comes at Tomura with a punch, but he simply Decays it, forcing him to leap backward. Repeating the motto of the Liberation Army, and the desire for free use of Meta Abilities, Re-Destro looks back to Tomura and realizes that he is a man who has been liberated from everything. Putting his hand to the ground, Tomura starts to Decay, which effects the leg of the Claustro suit, forcing Re-Destro up into the air. Thinking back to All For One’s words of encouragement, Tomura continues Decaying, as the damage spreads further and further around the city, declaring all will be destroyed, as his hair becomes pure white.

Tomura's true power.

The Claustro suit is destroyed, with Re-Destro forced to escape on the fleeing debris, as Tomura continues to manically laugh over all the destruction around him. As the dust clears within the crater Tomura has left behind, Gigantomachia stands still in awe, while Re-Destro has managed to survive. Tomura approaches him, realizing he had landed during the Decay and cut off his legs to prevent it from spreading, taunting him that he was the one who came looking for a fight.

Trumpet and the remaining Liberation soldiers arrive to the crater, as Trumpet calls on them to save their grand commander, only for one menacing stare from Tomura completely negating his Incite and causing them to be frozen with fear. Re-Destro tells Trumpet and the warriors to stand down, once again thinking about Destro’s will, and realizing if someone is to lead them to liberation, it should be the man who laughed off the weight that was restricting him.

"The Meta Liberation Army is yours."

Bowing to Tomura, Re-Destro tells him the Meta Liberation Army is his to command if he so desires. Gigantomachia starts to tear up, seeing Tomura reminding him of All For One, accepting him as his Master’s successor. Hearing Re-Destro’s proposal, Tomura recalls Mr. Compress’ words regarding their financial trouble, and remembering he is the CEO of Detnerat, meaning he must have money to spend.

One week later, as the events of Deika City is spread throughout the news, the story, manipulated in part thanks to Skeptic, becomes that the citizens were faced against a threat of 20 members of a criminal group, and that the residents put their lives on the line to defend their city with no heroes present. While some believe that the Quirk use of untrained civilians made the damage worse, others couldn’t stop talking about the heroism of the residents.

The League relaxing after the battle.

In the aftermath, the League of Villains have been recuperating at the Meta Liberation Army’s home base, dining on sushi. Dabi points out how Mr. Compress didn’t do anything during the scuffle, which he rebuffs by saying he was great at running away. Twice crazily mourns over the death of the Himiko Double, which the real Himiko tells him is creepy, as he continues to overreact. Dabi wonders what happened if he supposedly got over his trauma, which Spinner notes the forced treatment might have made it worse.

Skeptic and Trumpet arrive to take the League to their basement. Skeptic argues with Twice since they paid for their food, medical treatment, and doctoring the footage, while Twice reminds them its thanks to them Re-Destro is here and not in a hospital. Trumpet tells him to stop, since Re-Destro still chose them, and any word from him is as good as word from Destro.

Introducing the Paranormal Liberation Front!

The group enters the underground chambers, where Re-Destro and Tomura are providing a speech to the Liberation warriors present. The League notice that Tomura has one of his hands still on his face, which Himiko believed all of them had been destroyed, as it turns out one somehow survived. Re-Destro states that while he believed the League was an obstacle, he has now realized that are the new form of liberation that they should follow, formally introducing Tomura as the new Grand Commander of the Army for its rebirth.

He declares that the Meta Liberation Army and League of Villains will unite under a new name, which he and Spinner came up with, which Tomura announces: the Paranormal Liberation Front. As his 9 new lieutenants arrive on stage alongside him, he clarifies that while the new name pushes aside the name of “villain”, and allows the “meta framework” to be interpreted more broadly, ultimately the message is the same, and they’ll do what they want.

Tomura ready to receive more power.

After the speech, Re-Destro overly graciously applauds Tomura for his efforts, before being dismissed, to Trumpet’s slight disgust. Tomura falls down in exhaustion, as the League members check up on him. Doctor Ujiko responds on the earpiece, having heard everything and congratulating him on the new name. Tomura responds that he got Gigantomachia to listen to him, with Ujiko saying that now that his memories and Quirk have returned to him, as promised, he will grant him power.

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Battles & Events

Anime & Manga Differences

  • The League first noticing Gigantomachia's arrival in the city is omitted from the anime.
  • In the manga, Tomura's hair turns white shortly before Re-Destro attacks with Stress 100%, whereas in the anime his hair is shown white during Deika City's destruction.
  • Trumpet and his followers fleeing from Tomura's Decay is not seen in the anime.
    • Spinner tagging along, as well as his narration, is also not included.
  • The scenes with Skeptic running toward Re-Destro and Twice taking Giran to safety happen before Deika City's destruction in the anime, whereas these scenes occur as Tomura decays the city.
  • While fleeing from the destruction, Rikiya falls because of the shockwave. In the manga, he falls because flying debris hits him.
  • The flashback to Chapter 220 about the League needing money, is included in the anime, even though it wasn't originally adapted in its episode.
  • In the manipulated footage of the battle, the former U.S.J. villains, Victor and Chomper, appear.
  • Spinner commenting on Re-Destro's flattery of Tomura is removed.
  • Doctor Ujiko's last request for the League, referencing the events of Heroes: Rising, is removed from the anime.


  • During its original airing on Toonami, this became the only first run Season 5 episode to air the complete Season 5 opening sequence as opposed to the shortened version shown with all other Season 5 episodes.

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