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Sad Man's Parade (サッドマンズパレード Saddo Manzu Parēdo?) is the one hundred and tenth episode of the My Hero Academia anime and the twenty-second episode of the fifth season.


Skeptic's puppets restrain Twice.

Twice is assaulted by Skeptic’s "Twice" puppets, which are being controlled by him in the tower through his Meta Ability. Twice struggles as two of the puppets restrain him, while the others attempt to kill the unconscious Himiko. In the tower, Giran is surprised to learn that Twice is there, as Re-Destro and Skeptic explain that they are taking advantage of his psychological trauma in order to break him. With his mask ripped off, Twice continues to freak out as he worries about splitting, as well as seeing "himself" trying to snap Himiko’s neck.

Jin thinks back to his past, recalling a moment when he was sixteen where he accidentally ran over a man with his motorcycle, resulting in them getting a broken arm. Even though Jin was going the speed limit, the officer informs him he may get a criminal record because of this, but also tells him that he can pick himself back up after this stumble. However, it turns out the man he ran over was an executive with one of the clients at Jin’s workplace, causing him to be berated by his boss and fired.

"You're just bad luck."

Due to his parents dying when he was in middle school, and never being close to any of his relatives, Jin was truly alone. The only ones he could talk to were his Doubles, who comment on his natural bad luck, while he just wanted to be with someone he could trust and who trusted him. He decided to indulge, creating more Doubles of himself, having fun committing all sorts of crimes, until it reached his biggest mistake, when his Doubles turned on him leaving him alone once again, unable to trust himself.

Having gone insane because of the incident, a bag-headed Twice meets with Giran, and explains how his Doubles tend to disappear if they receive damage requivalent to that of a broken bone. Giran notes that all of his crimes have put him on the national wanted list, and that his Quirk could potentially take down a country if used properly. Looking for some purpose, Giran informs him of a new group starting up, one that could use him.

Twice overcomes his fear and awakens his Quirk's true potential.

Back in the present, Twice breaks free of the puppets, running toward Himiko, only to be punched and restrained once again. Skeptic orders the puppets to break his arms, and to go harder on Himiko who is slowly starting to wake up. However, Twice realizes that even with his arms hurting, he’s not disappearing, meaning he is the original, crying tears of joy. Declaring he’ll save Himiko, he knocks the puppets out of the way, as Doubles of himself begin to sprout from around him, telling the Meta Liberation Army to fear his Quirk.

Twice explains how his Quirk lets him make two things out of one, that he can make two at once, the more he makes the more fragile they become, and can’t make more until the first one disappears. He recalls attempting to duplicate the Quirk-Destroying Drug, but due to not knowing the exact data of how it’s produced, he couldn't replicate it. Now that he’s gotten over his trauma and wanting to make it up to the League who accepted him, Twice watches over Himiko, while sending out his Doubles, who proceed to make more and more Doubles of themselves, storming the streets in a Sad Man's Parade.

Sad Man's Parade!

From above the tower, Re-Destro sees the hoard of Twices, surprised he’s overcome his psychological trauma, noting it as a rare failure for Skeptic. He, however, disgustingly responds that he’s only ever failed once and he’s just preparing for his next move, heading down the tower. Giran laughs at this as now they no longer have the superiority in numbers, while a black spot on Re-Destro’s head starts to grow bigger, stating they will persevere in quality.

Dabi and Geten continue to battle, while Mr. Compress runs from the Liberation soldiers seeking help, only for them to see the streets now all covered in Twice Doubles. Mr. Compress is baffled by Twice overcoming his trauma, which he explains was overcome through "love and courage", something that Mr. Compress jokes as being the origin of a hero story, even though Twice is a villain; the Double asks anyway if it’s weird for a villain to want to save their friends.

While fighting the soldiers, the Twice Double declares that he’ll make more Doubles of his friends too, enough to have a whole "Villain Prefecture", though Mr. Compress reminds him to tone it down and leave some of the Liberation soldiers for when Gigantomachia arrives, who’s not set to arrive for another hour. The Doubles are then destroyed by an ice wall by Geten, leaving Dabi to wonder how much ice is in the city. Geten clarifies that he doesn’t just control ice, but can control the temperature of all water into ice, declaring that in the Meta Liberation Army’s world, the power of your Meta Ability will be linked to your social status, summoning large icicles all over the city which destroy many Twice Doubles.

Geten annihilates Twice's army.

Dabi laughs off Geten’s proclaimation, while he notes how his body looks and smells burnt, and is able to figure out that Dabi’s been burning his skin anytime he uses his Quirk, meaning he won’t be able to fight for long. Seeing how strong he is, Mr. Compress figures he would be good to throw Gigantomachia at. Meanwhile, Doctor Ujiko, who has been listening in on the fight, notes that it would be sad for All For One for them to die here, so prematurely awakens Gigantomachia, who begins speeding toward their location.

Tomura and Spinner continue running toward the tower, only to be cornered by more Liberation soldiers. As they start to attack, the two are saved by more Twice Doubles, with Tomura asking them to help clear a path to the tower, since the boss and Giran are supposedly up there. The Doubles start attacking and making their way over, with Tomura noting while they need to leave some soldiers for Gigantomachia, they need to kill the boss, lamenting he can’t forgive them for playing with people’s hearts.

Trumpet suddenly appears in a political van, proclaiming to the Army how they must show how to use their Meta Abilities to surpass evil and defeat the League of Villains. The civilians suddenly become more energetic, blasting away the Twice Doubles. Spinner notices that anytime he speaks the civilians get more energetic, wondering what they can do so as not to tire Tomura anymore.

Twice creates Doubles of the League.

Meanwhile, one of the Twice Doubles manages to reach the top of the tower, threatening Re-Destro as he creates Doubles of Tomura, Dabi, and Mr. Compress to fight; Re-Destro is impressed he made it given how many soldiers there were stationed. The Double reminds the rest that they are just clones, before running toward Re-Destro and is immediately destroyed by the latter’s finger. As the black splotches become more prominent on his face, Re-Destro tells Twice to not make anymore Doubles or he’ll kill Giran. The League Doubles go to fight in his stead, only for Re-Destro to suddenly enlarge his hand, swatting all the Doubles away.

One of the Twice Doubles manages to quickly duplicate himself before vanishing, who goes to help Giran, mourning over seeing his fingers have truly been cut off, while Giran apologizes for failing to protect them. Re-Destro prepares to kill the two, only to be attacked by the Tomura Double, who survived the previous attack.

Re-Destro fights the Tomura Double.

While he enlarges himself and starts to fight, Re-Destro tells the Tomura Double a story of a woman who gave birth to a child with a Meta Ability, back when the world was still in turmoil, resulting in her and the child being faced with tremendous abuse. At one point the woman declared that her child just had a "Quirk" and wanted a world where they could live freely, and was promptly killed by those who opposed Meta Abilities.

The Tomura Double recognizes the story as the Mother behind the term "Quirks", and Re-Destro continues that as heroes and vigilantes became more prominent in society, the government looked for ways to rectify their situation, using the mother’s pleas as a baseline, to promote the diversity of Quirks. However, all it resulted in was the suppression of people’s abilities, and the mother’s son, Destro, believed it wasn’t true freedom, so started the Meta Liberation Army so Meta Abilities could truly be called "Quirks."

Re-Destro prepares to fight the real Tomura.

Re-Destro declares that as Destro’s descendant, he will make his dream a reality, and that a group of thugs won’t be able to stand in his way. The Tomura Double turns to the Twice Double and tells him to watch out for Giran, as when he was initially swatted, he spotted the real Tomura making his way to the tower, and being also him, knows what he’s about to do next. Sure enough, Tomura touches the tower, decaying it instantly as it all comes crumbling down. Out of the rubble, an enlarged Re-Destro survives, as Tomura faces him down, asking if he is the boss.

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Anime & Manga Differences

  • The anime starts off with Twice already restrained on the ground, omitting the brief scuffle after Skeptic's puppets remove Twice's mask.
  • In the manga, Twice arrives at the tower with a man defeated beside him. In the anime, Twice is seen arriving alone.
  • When Jin mentioned that his parents died, it was not specified that they died in a villain attack like in the manga.
  • Re-Destro comparing Twice to Miyashita is removed, as the latter isn't in the anime.

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